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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CW = Swearing, Violence, Abuse, Kidnapping, Manipulation, Murder, Omegaverse, Male Pregnancy, Discussion Of Abortion, Rape, Smut, Self-Harm, Mentions Of Suicidal Ideation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nightmare x Fredbear (Main) Nightmare Bonnie x Fredbear (Side) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOOK #1 In the "Fading Darkness" Series ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fredbear was just chosen to be the mate of a hyper aggressive and possessive bear, forced to live with him and the ones that follow him as their leader. As Fredbear tries to adjust to the sudden change, Fredbear uncovers an old secret about his supposed lover. Intrigued, he follows along to try and put together the pieces of a puzzle that would reveal the true reasoning for the dark bear's actions. However, not everything will be so easy, for old dangers are coming back to try and finish what they had started.

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"Today's the day, my love~ Our life together shall start today. You may not realize it, but we're meant for each other.. We're going to bring on a new generation... I know you'll come to realize soon." The dark bear whispered, staring down the golden bear's back with a smirk, taking a sip of his wine afterwards. He had been coming every day for months now, just to watch him for hours. Learn to read his movements, observe him, learn more about him. It was strange how he knew so much about him; Unless you knew who he was. Nightmare. One of the most well known suspects to a long series of murders and crimes, despite never being yet proven to be guilty. He was a leader, though not in a good way. He led a dangerous gang, having overthrown their previous leader and having forced him to the bottom of their hierarchy. He had many connections; And his members were skilled in the stalking of new or potential targets; Whether for crime, or in Fredbear's case, for the sake of their leader knowing more about the one he would make his mate; Whether through violent force, or not.

FredBear was enjoying his work as a waitress, He took orders for people and helped around with his coworkers. There was one In particular that he loved very much and was very close to, A lot of people thought they were together but many people also didn't know FredBear was Indeed gay and an omega so of course they wouldn't have anything like that exactly...Though his friend always warned him about this man that has come months everyday and always asked for FredBear to serve him, At first FredBear didn't think bad of it maybe he just liked his service? But after it become a constant thing and he could feel the stare of the males eyes on his body and lower body he couldn't help but start to feel uncomfortable...He went to the back meeting with his female coworker again "That man is here again...I can feel his stare, I'm uncomfortable..." The omega told her worried for his safety.

"At this point I'm about to file a report for harassment and stalking from him." Katherine said with a pout, leaned against the wall with a frown at the male that was indeed still watching from afar. Though she was still scared of him herself from the time he had slashed her muzzle, she was still defensive when she saw the stranger staring at Fredbear. "I doubt he has good intentions."

Her gaze traveled to Fredbear's. "You know who he is, right?" She asked, unsure if the omega understood who exactly it was that wanted him to serve him every day.

FredBear titled his head at the question, "No...I don't...Who is he exactly?" He asked, Though he knew Katherine was an alpha he was scared because if she was nervous around the bear than there was definitely something wrong with him right...? Alphas were known to be able to sense danger better than omegas so that worried the boy. He tried to tell his boss about the problem but it seemed everyone just shurgged it off and didn't want anything to do with it.

"That's Nightmare. He's the biggest suspect in that series of murders that have been on the news recently. And.." She hesitated to tell him. She didn't want him to feel like he was in more danger than he already was. "Personally, with how he's acting towards you... I wouldn't put it past him." She continued, deciding against letting Fredbear know the truth of her injury.

Nightmare's eyes narrowed at those words, his hearing making work of the distance between him and the female. He bared his teeth at her for a few moments, enough to make her ears lower and make her take the warning that he would hurt her again if she continued the conversation any further of the accusations against him.

FredBear listened to her but the truth made him even more scared, A suspect to murder was looking at and stalking him? But why..."What does he want from me though..." He said as he noticed her ears go down, He reached up touching them "What's wrong...Has he done something to you before?" He asked putting them up playfully to make her feel better "You can tell me the truth, I'm your best friend..." He said softly looking at her eyes, He was clearly worried and scared but he always had a kind heart putting others before himself.

"We..." Katherine took Fredbear's hand and led him to a more secluded place in the diner.

"He..." She sighed in defeat. "I lied about this, Fredbear." She gestured to the marks on her muzzle. "He.. Slashed my muzzle and threatened me that he'd do worse if I got 'too close' to you again." She closed her eyes sadly, feeling bad about lying to her best friend about what had happened to her.

He followed her, but the truth made him whine In fear not for himself but her...He hugged her tightly "I'm so sorry..." He muttered he felt like it was his fault even though it wasn't since he didn't even do anything but be stalked by someone he didn't want to be stalked by..."Katherine...Let's leave, Let's take the rest of the night off and go to your place I don't feel safe here anymore. I'll find a new job tonight, And if we have to we can just move far away together okay?" He said, He didn't want his best friend to get hurt anymore because of him but he also didn't want to do this alone.

"I wouldn't, if I were you." The other bear had followed. He came up behind Fredbear, a knife pulled out from his pocket. "It will only escalate further, my dear..." He grabbed hold of him and pulled him against his chest, weapon pressed against his throat. "I don't want to harm her anymore than you want me to. However, if you try to leave now I will slit her throat right here. If both of you want to live, my dear, let me show you our future." He had one arm hooked around the golden bear's waist, knife still aimed at his throat while he took out a syringe filled to the brim with a heavy sedative.

"Think of something nice, darling... 3, 2, 1." He pushed the needle through Fredbear's skin, injecting the liquid into his body and staring at Katherine's watering eyes with a glare while waiting for it to take effect; Keeping Fredbear tight against his body.

FredBear waited for her reply only to feel himself be pressed against a more warm bigger body than he was used to making him tense up clearly terrified "Kat...Katherine..." He shuttered as he saw the knife aimed towards his thoart, Tears flooded the scared omegas eyes as he listened to the alpha that had a hold of him. It wasn't until he saw the syringe that was pulled out that he started to squirm a bit, "No...Stop it!" He cried out, He was scared of needles but in this case scared of what was in it by the guy who had complete control of it...When he felt it be pressed into his skin he couldn't help but let out a loud yelp, He kept his eyes on Katherine trying to stay calm for her sake but as everything started to tilt and turn black the omega started to shut down rather quickly. "You...Ba...Bastard..." The omega said as he finally passed out in the stronger arms of Nightmare, His knees caved in but due to be held tightly he stayed up with his head down and his ears flicking a bit by his nerves.

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