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This is the story of nami kuchina's daughter is minato so naruto's sister she is older than naruto so she has minato's last name It's a nami x Itachi I warn you

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Presentation / Anbu

(I let you imagine what it looks like)
Name: namikase
First name:Nami
Age:18 years old
Prefer:itachi's friend is naruto
Hates: when you face evil to the people she loves
Chakra: katon raiton followingon yoton
Love at first sight: Itachi
Rank:genin soon enbu
Team genin: Itachi is shinshui (he is not dead)
Anbu team: Fû Yamanaka and Nonô Yakushi

Hello my name is nami I am part of the anbu but today I am going to leave the anbu I am going to the anbu district I am going back is going to master danzo's office I knock is he says

Danzo: enter

Me: hello danzo master

Danzo: hello what is this visit worth to me

Me: I quit the anbu

Danzo: is why that

Me: I'm tired of being under your orders to be called the heartless killer and I'm tired of killing people because of you

Danzo: I'm sorry but you can't leave

Me: fine
I do mundra is said

Me: katon the stunning fires (invented technique)

Danzo: how dare you it's good you're fired by

me: cool goodbye

Then she leaves the district of the anbu is removed her mask is camouflages her mark

Then she goes to the office of the hokage she enters the building is toque

Tsunade: enter

Me: hello master tsunade

Tsunade: nami what are you doing here

Me: I wanted to tell you that I left the anbu

Tsunade: okay very well come see me tomorrow you will go back to your old team if they want

Me: thank you master tsunade

Tsunade: nothing you can dispose of

Me: good bye

Tsunade: goodbye

continuation to the next chapter

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