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When stranded on an island, two enemies, Aaron and Everest must settle down and work out their differences in order to get back home.

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The Island

Everyone has a journey where we cross a stretch of water and then we are cut off from the rest of the world with no help: just your enemy as your companion.

"Wake up Everest, please wake up!" Aaron screamed as he shakes me vigorously.

I shot back to life.

"Oh good: you're awake."

"Get off me." I shrieked in terror as I pushed his hand away from my body. On my foot, I felt what felt like multiple bee stings at once.

"Oh my Gosh! My foot!" I screamed as I collapsed to the floor rolling like a pig in the mud in pain.

Aaron started laughing, thinking it was a joke.

''It's not funny!'' I cried.

He then became serious. He got out an ice block from his bag and placed it on my foot; I did get some relief.

"How does that feel?"

"Better, I guess," I mumbled.

After that issue, I picked myself back up and began to analyze the circumstances: we were stranded on a deserted island in the very middle of nowhere, and to worsen issues, I was coupled with Aaron, my enemy. Perhaps things can't get any worse. There seemed to be no sign of life anywhere on the island or at sea; I scanned the horizon.

"What are we going to do?" Aaron asked.

"Wait until help comes, meanwhile, I'll be looking for the treasure on the island."

"Not if I find it first."

We raced off in different directions, in search of the treasure buried by Captain Black Beard years ago. Legend has it that he buried his treasure on this very island we set foot on and I was going to find it first before Aaron did.

I came across dense bushes and thick trees coated with all sorts of bugs which is so not pleasing! I grunted in disgust as I continued looking for where he buried it.

"Finding this treasure must be worth it." I groaned.

Suddenly, a scream filled the air; it was Aaron.

"Ugh! What's going on scaredy cat." I teased him.

"Boa!" He screamed.

"Yeah right, and I'm Jennifer Lopez's daughter." I shot back.

But the boa was no lie. I heard hissing noises behind me. I turned back with horror plastered all over my face: it was a boa.

"AAAHHH!!" I screamed as I took to my heels and started running away. The boa slithered on the ground, aiming for my ankles. I kept jumping every time it tried to bite my ankles. Aaron and I sped so fast that we collapsed in a heap rolling away and crashing on a rock at the shores of where we landed.

"My head."

"My ankle."

Things weren't looking so bright for us.

"Well, I guess if YOU hadn't gone off, WE would have been all right," I shouted at him.

"Oh yeah? If not for YOU, our boats wouldn't have been wrecked." He shot back.

We argued back and forth vigorously until we could argue no more.

"I'm hungry." I groaned.

"Me too."

I looked up at the trees and I saw banana trees and coconut trees.

"Coconuts." I squealed.

I ran toward the coconut tree and shook it vigorously. One by one, coconuts fell. I used my pocket knife to poke a hole in the coconut and drank its sweetness out of it. Aaron ran towards the banana tree, shaking it vigorously and out fell the bananas. He peeled them with ease and started gobbling down the bananas.

"You have the appetite of a monkey." I laughed.

"Says the girl who's an animal.'' He shot back.

I was red with rage; being stuck with this boy was worse than being stuck in hell for eternity and that's just small talk.

I scanned the sea now: the sun was just getting ready for bed.

"I need shelter." I thought as I wandered deep into the thick forest in search of leaves, sticks, vines and logs. I came back thirty minutes later and started to build my shelter.

"What about me?" Aaron added.

"Go sleep on some banana tree, ape!''


He tore down the shelter I had finished making: this boy's a nutcase I tell you!!

"You'll pay for this!"

I hurled a stick at his forehead and missed by an inch. He then threw a rock at me and then a war broke out.

2 hours later...

We're exhausted from fighting each other.

"You know what? Let's just build something we can sleep in." I suggested.


We got to work on building ourselves a new shelter but this time with teamwork. Aaron was strong for a 14-year-old boy I guess and he was a major help; I guess people aren't so bad when you stop to learn about them.

"Finished." we sighed in relief as we were done building the shelter.

By now, it was raining so we headed inside.

"I'm so cold." I wailed as I started to sneeze using my hands to give myself warmth.

Then, Aaron took off his jacket and placed it on me. I blushed a little as I stared deep into his blue eyes in love. Was I falling for him? Of course not!

"Uh... thanks," I mumbled as I stared out into the open.

"I don't like us fighting Everest; I don't think the treasure's worth it."

I started to realize it now. Somehow, deep inside me, I didn't want to fight with him; I just wanted to prove to my dad that I was better than him and he didn't have to wish for a boy.

"I'm sorry, it's just that every time my dad always compares me to you and I hate it a lot so I always wanted to prove it to him that I was better than you." I sighed as I explained the truth to him.

"Hmm... well, I guess I don't blame you. Sometimes; I wish to be you."

"To be me?" I asked shocked.

"Not to be a girl silly! To have all the characters you possess. You're smart, brave and ready to show others who you are; something I could never do."

"I'm sorry." I apologized as I hugged him to warm him up. It was now a downpour.

"Let's rest."

I closed my eyes, my hands still on him to give him all the warmth he needed.

2 weeks later...

"It looks like no one knows where we are."

"I agree. I want to go home now. I have an idea! Let's make a boat.''


"You'll see."

I removed the sails from our boats then, I destroyed our shelter to use the vines and sticks. Then, I got logs and tied the sticks to the logs with the vine and then placed the sails on them.

"Get as many coconuts and bananas as we can," I instructed Aaron as he went off.

I then got two broad sticks as oars and then he loaded the cargo onto the boat.

"Let's go."

We pushed the boat into the water. We jumped on it and sailed back home. I cross my fingers; I hope we make it back home!

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