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I needed to be rid of my family and yet I choose to dispose of them all...

Horreur Horreur gothique Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.
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There as a tap at the window. I looked up and saw a shadow in the window I sighed and got out of bed; my family where drinkers especially my mother I let her in and claimed back into bed. All she did was drink and smoke. Oh, how I lothed then all how I would adore there screams and how there lives where in my hands. There are 5 people in all in my family I 14 am the youngest then my 2 bothers who are 16 and 17 then my father who is 33 and my mother who is 40. First to go will be my mother being the only girl in the family other than my mother, I knew that she will be my easier kill. She was horrid to me, and just say around all day and smoked her cigar and all ways have a wine glass in her hand. So when it was time to feed the chickens in the barn I want to te stable my brothers where in town to get grosheries and my bother Tim who was 16 left the axe sitting on the bench so I generally lifted it up and walked back to the house, My mother was quite started to see me in the correct way with an axe but she was so drunk she waved me off saying "go feed the chickens you little brat" Those where her last words I had moved closer to the couch and before she could mutter a word I swond the axe over my head and brought it down killing her instantly her eyes starring at me it bothered me so I took them out. It was quite simple I just reached my hand into her head and took her eyes and walking out I fed them to the pigs picked out the feed for the chicken and fed them then walked back in and then I ran out of the house to the market. I made up a story as I whent when I found my brothers I told them this "I was feeding the chickens and then I came into the house and found mother dead! I ran over to see her and I got her blood all over me. There was no scream though I don't know what happened" they listened and then dropping the bag of apples the ran to the house and called Pa. Pa came home completely out of breath then to add to the stress I broke down in tears and ran into my fathers arms "Pa! she-she is dead it's all my fault! I should have seen the merder" my Pa held me close and said "no you did welll feching your brothers, it's alright now go get changed" Sniffling I walked to my room and changed cloths. Now the real fun begain.

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