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Title: Promise Me, Carter Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Bad Boys In Town Summary: "Promise Me, Carter" unveils a scintillating chapter in the "Bad Boys In Town" series, presenting a magnetic tale of passion and romance that delves deep into the power of love and a man's unwavering commitment to protect the woman who has captured his heart. Carter, the quintessential bad boy of the town, with his mesmerizing blue eyes and rugged allure, had a spellbinding effect on women, making them weak in the knees at his mere presence. His choice of companions was virtually limitless, until the moment he encountered Skylar. Skylar's innocence and exquisite beauty ignited a profound transformation within Carter, drawing him irresistibly towards her sweet smile and tender touch. In that instant, he made a promise to safeguard her at any cost. As their love flourished, Skylar uncovered a previously hidden facet of Carter – a man of compassion, tenderness, and unswerving devotion. Skylar couldn't imagine a life without him by her side, his presence having become an indispensable part of her world. However, their love story was anything but a smooth journey. A looming threat from Carter's past emerged, casting a dark cloud over their relationship and challenging the very foundation of their love. The adversary sought to dismantle their happiness, forcing Skylar to confront an agonizing choice – to stand unwaveringly by Carter's side or to walk away from a love that had become her very essence. In the pages of "Promise Me, Carter," a sizzling romance narrative unfurls, taking readers on an emotional rollercoaster filled with unexpected twists and turns, keeping them breathless until the very last word. This installment from the "Bad Boys In Town" series invites readers to immerse themselves in a world where love blazes brilliantly and surmounts all obstacles, showcasing the resilience of the bond between Carter and Skylar as it confronts adversaries head-on. From the Series "Bad Boys In Town"

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Prologue: Promise Me, Carter

In the heart of the city's darkest alleyway, where the flickering streetlights dared not venture, Carter exuded an irresistible allure. Leaning nonchalantly against a weathered brick wall, a cigarette dangled from his lips like a promise of danger. His eyes, an enchanting shade of piercing blue, scanned the bustling street beyond. In this seedy corner, he had carved a reputation as the ultimate bad boy, a magnet for women captivated by his rugged charm and devil-may-care demeanor.

But tonight, a shadow loomed over Carter's world. His attention shifted from the admiring glances of passing women to a group of men, their figures obscured by the shroud of darkness. They advanced with ominous intent, their faces hidden beneath ominous hoods, moving like specters through the night. Carter's exhale released a plume of smoke, his last drag on the cigarette. He extinguished it beneath the heel of his boot.

With a voice that dripped with danger, he offered them a challenge. "Hey there, boys. What's brought you to my little slice of heaven tonight?"

The men turned as one, their eyes locking onto Carter's, their expressions etched with recognition. One of them, lips curled in venomous disdain, spat out their purpose. "You know exactly why we're here, Carter. We've been chasing you for a long time."

A smirk danced at the corners of Carter's lips, his cocky confidence undeterred. "Well, congratulations, you've found me. But I doubt you'll enjoy what comes next."

In a sudden eruption of action, Carter sprang into motion. His fists became a blur of precision and power, a symphony of calculated brutality. The shadowy assailants attempted to counter, but their efforts were mere echoes in the face of the formidable bad boy. With each precise strike, they crumpled to the unforgiving pavement, defeated.

Crimson stained the asphalt, a brutal testament to Carter's skill as a trained combatant. Standing tall over his fallen adversaries, he taunted them with a sinister grin. "Looks like you underestimated me, boys."

However, the sweet symphony of his triumph was abruptly interrupted by a soft, trembling voice. At the mouth of the alleyway, there stood Skylar, her eyes wide with fear. Unlike those who saw only the veneer of a bad boy, she glimpsed the man she loved beneath it all.

"Carter, what's happening?" she implored, her voice a fragile melody in the cacophony of violence.

Carter, all raw masculinity gone, approached her with a tenderness that defied his earlier ferocity. He gathered her into his protective embrace, holding her close, as if to shield her from the darkness that had descended upon their world. "Don't worry, sweetheart. It's just some guys who thought they could challenge me."

Terrified, Skylar clung to him, seeking solace and reassurance in his strong arms. Her voice quivered as she uttered the words that hung heavy in the air. "Promise me you'll be careful, Carter. I can't bear the thought of losing you."

In that fleeting moment, his heart swelled with a love that transcended his bad boy facade. His voice, now softened by affection, carried the weight of his vow. "I promise, Skylar. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe."

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