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Renee Michelle Calhoun is a 34 year old woman who have a big heart for teaching children in preschool, she loves her job so much and she’s been a teacher for 25 years now, she was on her way to the library to see what book she wanted to read tonight, as she was looking through the books, she saw the librarian 37 year old Samantha Willow Parker looking straight at her like she knew her from somewhere but she doesn’t, or does she? Renee keeps going back to the library to only receive a an envelope from the assistant librarian, in the envelope was a letter that was written for Renee, she reads the letter knowing that she have a huge crush on her, weeks and months later both Renee and Samantha confessed their love for one another, they’re a happy married couple with kids of their own

LGBT+ Interdit aux moins de 21 ans.

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Chapter One~ New Love?

Renee’s Pov: “Let’s see if anyone can remember their alphabets” Renee said as she smiles at her students, one of the kids raised their hands and Renee called one of them up front which was a 3 year old girl name Paris Mitchell and she smiles as she says her alphabets in front of the whole class and once she was done, everyone clapped and cheers then Paris goes to sit down on the carpet with her friends then Renee went over the daily lessons and doing work with the kids then she knew that it was time for the kids to go home as all of the parents came and get the kids when one of the women winked at Renee then she leaves with her husband and child which made Renee shivers down her spine and the woman somewhat have a deep secret to be with Renee for the rest of her life but Renee knew deep down that wasn’t going to happen as long as she stays professional and stay professional for the rest of her life, she gathered her things, clocking herself out and started going to her car and drives straight to the library which is only a few miles away from the school, she parks in the parking lot and gets out locking the car door then she goes inside as she greeted the librarian once she walked in and decided to go choose a few books on lesbians when she can feel the eyes of the woman all over her body, somehow the librarian had a deep crush on her every since Renee first walked into her library on the first day, she couldn’t stop thinking about her but she was scared to confess to her that she ended up writing soo many letters throughout the nights and never gave them to her until it was time to do so, she started doing some work on her computer when Renee walks up to the front desk “Hi, I’m checking these books out to take home” Renee said as the woman smiles at her professionally “Alright, do you have your library card?” she asked as Renee go through her bag and get the card out then handed it to her “It’s nice to see you again Renee, how is everything going with you?” she asked as she smiles “Everything is going good so far just been busy with the kids and my family” Renee said as the girl smiles at her “So how are you Samantha?” Renee asked as Samantha smiles “I’m good, keeping the library going and running” she said as Renee smiles “Will catch up with you later whenever I can” Renee said as she gets the books and leaves the library as Samantha watches her leaves the building as she goes to the back sitting at her desk and wrote a letter to her as Renee said bye and left without looking back, Renee had a feeling that she could not describe only she herself wrote a letter to Samantha in the car before heading home Renee got home as she put her bag down when her dog Neko came running to her as she picked her up and smiles “hey girl, missed you today” she said as she put Neko down as she goes to fix her dog food and water bowl then head to the living room as she sits on the couch to read a book that she borrowed from the library, she only read a couple chapters before she stopped reading and head upstairs to go to bed, she felt her dog Neko curled up on the bed next to her, she went to sleep for the rest of night accidentally dreaming about Samantha who have been friends with for 19 years since childhood, they haven’t seen each other in years and they lost contact until they crossed paths again weeks later right at Samantha’s library which Samantha took over from her late parents, Renee loves to read and write since she had a dream of being a writer someday after she graduated college but she decided to put her writing aside and focus on her teaching career, then two weeks later it was Saturday and Renee was heading to the library to see if she could do some writing on lesbian love story since she already have an idea in mind of what to write, she gets in her car with the three books that’s she’s returning back, she got out of her car and goes inside only to be greeted by the assistant librarian Molly Anne Meadows who happened to look at her “hey Molly… Samantha here?” She asked as Molly looked at her “she’s on break but she had something for you” she said as she handed her a letter which is very long:

Dear Renee,

Where do I begin here…. I can’t stop thinking about you every time you come into the library every night when you get off from work, I have a big confession to make…..I have a huge crush on you and I can’t stop thinking about you every night and day, you are so beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, fabulous, and attractive the way you move is so attractive the way you walk and talk is so attractive, I can’t get you out of my head since I really wanted to be with you and I hope that you would accepted me more than just a best friend of 12 years, I love you more than just a friend, I want us to be a couple but only if you accepted me

With love.


Renee couldn’t believe the letter that she had received from her best friend Samantha, she reread the letter repeatedly wanting to see her in person but she would have to wait until Samantha comes back from break, Renee smiles and goes up to Molly “I’m returning the three books Molly” she said as Molly smiles and takes the books from her and scanned her library card then Renee goes to the table and take out her laptop and put her earbuds in as she begins to type away on her laptop when she feels a tap on her shoulder then she stops the music and takes off her earbuds then turns around “Sammy” she said as she gets up and hugged her like she hadn’t seen her in years when she saw her a few days ago “Hey Renee….” She said as she smiles and pulls back “I see you got my letter from my assistant librarian, what do think?” she asked as Renee looked around packing her bag and took her hand taking her to Samantha’s office “Unlock the door please Samantha” She said as Samantha unlocks the door and goes in as Renee followed her closing the door behind her then she smiles at Samantha “Renee….what’s going on, are you ok? Why are you not answering my question” she asked as Renee puts her hands on her cheeks and lean in to kiss her as she wrapped her arms around her neck as Samantha wrapped her arms around Renee’s waist kissing her more then Renee breaks the kiss “I love the letter and I love you, I want to be with you for the rest of my life, yes I also have a huge crush on you since childhood, I wanted to tell you but I was afraid that it was going to destroy our long friendship, you mean the entire world to me I will always love you forever and always, you are the girl of my dreams, I believe it’s time for us to take this to the next level….” She said as she smiles and take her hand guiding her outside and smiles “Everyone…can I have your attention please?” Renee said as Samantha did exactly know what is happening or what is going on but she was ready to do the same thing “This beautiful woman Samantha Parker is amazing to me and I love her for who she is, so Samantha….will you be-“ she got cut off as Samantha got on one knee as well “My girlfriend….?” They both managed to say at the same time as they both look at each other “Yes definitely yes” they both say as they got up and kisses each other passionately and deeply as the crowd went absolutely wild cheering them on as they both pulled away from the kiss and giggled, Renee couldn’t wait to tell the staff at her job next week as she hugged Samantha and gave her number as she kisses her cheeks then everyone says congratulations to us as they both smiles “Call me when you get home will ya?” Samantha said as Renee smiles “Yes babe, I’ll call you when I get home, love you” she said as she started leaving the library then she received a text message from the person that she wouldn’t dare talk to in a million years:

Mom: I haven’t spoken to you in months….I know you’re hiding a secret from me….I know you’re dating a girl….get rid of her and come straight home, I already have found someone for you and you will marry the guy, I don’t care about your childhood friend/girlfriend, break up with her now and come home right now.

She looked at the text and deleted the text and went straight home to get her mom out of her mind, she took a shower and changed into comfortable clothes when her phone rang and it was Sammy, she sighs as she started talking to her on the phone “Hey beautiful, made it home?” she asked as Renee sighs over the phone “Yes I’m home…” she said as she was trying not to cry “What’s going on, are you ok love?” Sam asked as Renee sighs “No….I need to-“ she was cut off mid-sentence as she hears the doorbell rang “That’s the doorbell, I need to go” She said as Samantha sighs “We can talk about this tomorrow over breakfast” she said as she hang up the phone then Renee goes downstairs to the door “Who is it?” she said as she hears a familiar voice from behind the door, a voice that she refuse to recognize “It me darling, let me in” her mom said as she opened the door to her mom and the man which she supposedly think is the man that her mom set her up with “Mom…what are you doing here? It's 11pm….I just want to go to bed” Renee said as her mom shoved her aside going in the house “Did you get rid of the girl like I told you to do?” she asked as Renee shook her head no “Do it right now” she said as Renee shook her head no ”You can’t tell me what to do about my love life, I wish you wouldn’t be so nosey in my business, if I love girls then I love girls, I find guys tends to be controlling in the relationship” she said as she stands her ground “Since you’re against it….I suggested that you leave me alone for a long time and never talk to me ever again for the rest of my life and that is final! You hate it when I bring a girl over but you decided to ban me from bringing my friends over since childhood, mom I love Sammy and she loves me, she’s the love of my life and we were meant to be together whether you like it or not, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Renee yelled as her mom and the man was speechless then they both leave the house “I’m sorry….Renee” she said as Renee crosses her arms “I will never forgive you for anything….this is your fault and I can’t handle this right now so goodbye, we’re strangers now, I have disowned you as a mom please get out of my sight” she said as her mom including the man leaves the house then she goes inside and cries herself to sleep.

To Be Continued…...

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