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Chapter one

“Ah, the Riddle twins who would have thought, where the Riddle twins lead mischief and trouble follow” the voice came from Professor Snape as he walked to his desk. Mattheo “Professor” Professor Snape “you are to head straight to Umbridge’s office she’s asked for the both of you”. Tom & Mattheo went to the dark arts classroom.

Where Umbridge was standing in her bright pink coat, Umbridge “my office boys” she turned around going into her office, Tom and Mattheo took their seats facing Umbridge, Umbridge “just waiting for one more student to arrive then we can begin”.

30 minutes later, in the classroom annoyed footsteps could be heard on the stone floor the door opened with a bang. Umbridge “your late” /// “well that’s because one I don’t want to be here and two, I got caught and I don’t give a fuck”. Umbridge “SIT DOWN Y/N” Umbridge’s face flared a deep red y/n sat down unbothered by Umbridge’s outburst Umbridge “now before we begin what are you wearing” she peered at y/n with a judgmental look y/n with a straight face and a very condescending tone “well this is called a robe, these are called shoes and oh you’ll be surprised by this onea shirt and jeans are also known as clothes”.

Y/n pointed at each piece of clothing the sarcasm was evident, Tom and Mattheo laughed before looking at the girl talking back to Umbridge to see her covered in mud with a few leaves and sticks “wow what the Umbridge “why are you late” y/n “I was in the middle of doing something” Mattheo “what a mud bath” y/n flipped him off.

Umbridge “now you all know why you’re here, boys your punishment for stuffing another student in between the shelves in the library is too polish the trophies in the trophy room” Umbridge turned to y/n. Umbridge “Now you, I don’t even know how you managed to do what you did y/n I know because I have a brain unlike some and use it unlike others oh and might I say that’s some of my best work”.

Y/n laughed Umbridge “filling the Quidditch balls with what ever the vile smelling potion which happens to be somewhat lasting I still smell like it and by the way it stains and destroying school property” y/n “yeah that’s the point I think I did everyone a favour now we know when your closing in plus they weren’t the real ones”.

Tom “that’s where the smell is coming from” y/n smirked, Mattheo “oh the smell, can we evacuate the smell is getting worse” Umbridge “you have to polish the suits of armour in the dungeons I want to be able to see my reflection” y/n “aww what did they do to you, I thought I was the one being punished”.

Umbridge “you’ll be by yourself for that comment after dinner” y/n “that’s fine by me pinkie pie” y/n got up and left straight away Umbridge “you both may leave” Tom and Mattheo left going straight to the Slytherin common room where they noticed y/n heading upstairs to the dorms.

Tom grabbed a book clearly unimpressed Mattheo “why the face” Tom turned the page not looking at his brother “what face” Mattheo “I’m pissed but don’t have a good reason” Tom now looking at his brother with a bored expression Tom “have you ever seen her before” Mattheo “no I don’t pay attention to anyone other then our friend group”. Tom “clearly but I do and I haven’t noticed her” Mattheo “can you forget about it, forget about her” y/n “don’t start acting up you piece of shit”.

Y/n was fighting with a large rope net, y/n walked into the common room getting the net tangled y/n “FUCK OFF will you” Tom instantly turned around his eyes fixed on her Mattheo laughed at the sight y/n spun around wide eyed holding the net behind her back. Y/n “oh it’s you again” y/n was unimpressed Tom blinked not showing a response Mattheo “ouch” he put his hand over his chest pretending to be hurt y/n went to leave the room Tom “hold on where’s your net” y/n turned “what net” she held up a book.

Mattheo’s jaw dropped Tom “the net you was swearing at” y/n shook her head “umm I’ve had a book the whole time” Mattheo “no you didn’t you had a rope net” y/n “you are she gave the who are you look. Y/n “bye” y/n ran out of the common room Tom “why the face” he looked at Mattheo, Mattheo “bbut what how” Tom now thought it was funny.

Tom was interrupted by a guy “wow you both aren’t dead” Tom “shove off Draco” Mattheo “we didn’t get away fully we have to polish all the trophies in the school” Draco laughed before leaving for dinner with Tom and Mattheo behind him, in the great hall the three of them sat down, Mattheo “Draco have you heard of a student named y/n”.

Draco “yeah we have a few classes together but she’s my potions partner best in the class why” Tom “she was in Umbridge’s office with us” Draco laughed “no way where is she I want to know what she did” half way through dinner y/n sneaked in taking a seat next to Draco facing Tom.

Draco “is it raining” y/n “yeah pissing it down” y/n started eating “what Draco” y/n didn’t even have to look at him, Draco “your in trouble” y/n “why what have I done now” Draco “what ever got you sent to Umbridge’s office” y/n laughed evilly y/n “oh thatnothing” y/n laughed again Tom “some of her best work apparently” y/n “hey do you know how hard it was to pull that off and how much planning had to be doneno, no you don’t who ever you are so yes it’s in my top 10 of my best work”.

Y/n glared at him, Draco “god what’s that smell” y/n looked at umbridge who was stood behind Tom, y/n “oh what do you want pinkie pie” y/n folded her arms umbridge “don’t forget your punishment” y/n “listening and having to look at you, don’t worry I’m suffering enough”. Draco held his laugh so did the others Umbridge walked away the smell following her laughter erupted.

Y/n smirked as she watched Umbridge disappear Draco “what did you do” y/n tapped her nose “not telling you” y/n finished eating y/n “I better get scrubbing” y/n got up from the table when Tom nearly choked on his food Mattheo “woah what’s wrong” Tom “nothing”. He stood up leaving the great hall going towards the trophy room to make a start on his punishment, in the dungeons, y/n “hmm, she didn’t say I couldn’t use magic” y/n took out her wand using a spell to help speed up the process as the halls are empty no one could see.

Draco “cheating are we” he was leaning against the ball when y/n threw a wet sponge at his chest hard as soap splashed onto his face a little, y/n laughed. Y/n “Draco aren’t you supposed to be in the common room, what are you doing” the sponge fell on the floor with a wet squishy thud.

Draco “I was going to see if you needed help but clearly you’ve got it under control” Draco looked at the wet patch on his shirt then at y/n. Draco ”your dead” Draco picked up the sponge y/n “you wouldn’t” she raised her brow he smiled y/n ducked as he threw the sponge at her but it hit someone else .

A deep voice “Malfoy you’re screwed” y/n stood up turning to see who it was y/n “good luck Draco I’ve got cleaning to do” the deep voice “hold on you”, y/n started scrubbing the dirty armour y/n “what Lestrange” Lestrange “y/n is that water clean” y/n “yeah but just to be clear I didn’t throw the soaked sponge a you, Draco did so i did nothing to here to get soaked”.

Lestrange “every true I’ll let you get on with what your doing, DRACO” Draco grabbed a bucket and ran down the hallway with Lestrange following him, y/n carried on scrubbing waiting for them to be out of sight y/n stood up sneaking out of the castle going to the docks looking to see if she caught anything in her net.

Y/n “haha ohh yeah she’ll be out the doors soon enough with this one” y/n collected the green slim from the large water snails, in return y/n dumped a load of leafs into the water, putting the green slim into the bucket she brought with her y/n sneaked back into the castle and into Umbridge’s office setting up for the morning but before she could do anything she cast a sleeping spell on the cat plates so they wouldn’t tell on her.

Y/n spent hours quietly setting everything up it was nearly 3am when she’d finished setting everything up y/n moved in the shadows going back to the dungeons finishing up the cleaning when“where have you been” y/n turned around to see the tall dark haired guy that was in Umbridge’s office earlier.

Y/n “cleaning what else” y/n stood up “finished” y/n went to the common room tom “really i bumped into Draco and he said you’d gone somewhere and Lestrange was looking for you as well” y/n “i needed something from my room also toilet break” y/n started walking up the stairs tom “hmm” tom went to bed also, y/n changed before falling asleep instantly.

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