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Our 1st kiss 💋 😘

Now the next part of my life began my love life ::----

Planet Delta a very high tech planet fullof robots, with no aliens no humans just robots where there was monarchy rule even at that planet robots can give birth to new ones . This planet was very advanced with so many gadgets and time machine also .

Now the story begins , after that missile attack on me i had been unconscious for more than 2 weeks even my body was highly destroyed my arcreactor was left with very less power and the elements from which it was made up of was not there it means i have to change my arcreactor in just one week or make a new one otherwise i would die .

When i woke up i found my self in a castle and that robot girl was sitting next to me , taking care of me .

I asked her where was I to which she replied that they were on planet delta and she was the princess of that planet.

I thought that i must asked her if she could help me to make a new arcreactor and did so . But i was still confused why I was feeling some thing , some attraction to her why . What is happening to me why i had protected her from that missile.

For 2 days we had been busy in making and testing different types of arcreactor on my body but only the hopelessness came to our hand . Finally an struck to me

What if I tried there power source to reverse engineering my Arcreactor and even fix its problems. But there was only one problem to reverse engineer it had to remove arcreactor from my body which means i would be shut off on removing it so i need a robot to do so .

Luckily the robo girl knew how to do it so she started the operation that took a total of 2 days to do it . While fixing my arcreactor she opened her Gpu and copy the folder of feelings in to my Gpu and even unlock my old memories . On 5th day of week 2 days before deadline i woke up .

Now i knew who i am where i am from and what was happening. Even I had noticed that my robo body has become more muscular and even i had become handsome .

Next moment i remembered of the robo girl , to thanked her for helping me . I started to find her . Suddenly i found a very cute, beautiful lovely and attractive robo girl was approaching me now i knew what had happened to me .

I am in love with her . But i couldn't gathered courage to propose her , i just thanked her for helping me and asked her name to which she replied that her name was

, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lice ....

I was totally gone at that moment . Suddenly proposed me that she loved me even she liked me from the 1st time she saw me in the spaceship . I couldn't control my self and kissed her replying that i love her toooooo muchhhhh .

But didnot go to far at that moment

. But moment i kissed her for the 1st time my lips touched her lips my current go through her and her senses go through me , sharing our breath would always remain in my cpu .

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