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See how effective it is. How it keeps itself in shape. How easily it vaults the tallest obstacles. It’s not like other feelings. It gives birth to the reason that gives it life. When it sleeps, it’s never entirely rested. Sleeplessness won’t stop it’s strength; it feeds it. HATRED

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Hatred, oh how it poisons the mind,

A fire that burns and blurs our vision blind,

A loathing that never seems to unwind,

And a feeling that stays with us, unkind.

It brews like a storm, a tempest that rages,

A force that tears through us, wreaking ruinous stages,

A curse that eats at our soul, for ages and ages,

Its destructive power is an affliction that engages.

Like a molten volcano that erupts in flames,

Hatred spews forth its venom and claims,

It destroys, it consumes, it annihilates without shame,

And leaves behind nothing but pain and inflamed.

It festers deep within, a poison that seeps,

It spreads like a cancer, never-ending and steep,

It taints everything, it slices deeper than we reap,

And leaves us with scars that no remedies can keep.

Oh hatred, how it renders us incomplete,

A monster that never seems to retreat,

A stain that never fades or admits defeat,

It's the worst of human emotion that we greet.

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