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She is radient, takes my breath away. She is looking at me with a seductive innocence. I cannot resist.

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The Door Frame


Even in relaxed clothes she takes my breath away. She is standing in the door frame, leaning against it. The curve of her hip is a silent invitation. The black velvet top is hugging her in all the right places, making it impossible not to let the gaze linger. Her tanned toned stomach makes me want to touch it, to follow the muscles with the tips of my finger. Brushing slightly against it in a way that I know will make her shiver, will send goosebumps over her skin. Leading down to the black joggers she is wearing. I have seen her wear those so many times and every time my breath hitches, not being able to focus on anything but her round butt, longing to run my fingers over it. Squeeze it. Because it is mine.

“Do you like what you see?” Her tone is flirtatious. A seductive trap, full of the knowledge that she has my entire being wrapped around her small, deliciously wicked finger.

I cannot help but give her a small smile, my gaze not leaving her body for a second. Tracing my way back to her beautiful face; the full, raspberry pink lips, the delicate nose, the softness of her cheekbones to finally interlock with her eyes. She has green eyes. A shade of green that makes you think of the forest, a dark mischievous forest in which you want to get lost.

“I’m not complaining.” My voice is sounding a bit unsteady in comparison to her soft rasp. She raises an eyebrow, a slow smile spreading on her face. A smile that wipes my mind clean. A smile that lights up the world, creating an explosion of feelings, making my nerves flutter in excitement.

“Come here.” I beg softly, barely whispering. I am desperate to feel her, not entirely trusting my body.

“You did not say please,” she pouts. I would melt for this pout. I slowly walk toward her, take in the widening of her eyes, hear how her breath fastens, know that she is ready.

When I reach her, I glide my hands down her arms, interlacing our fingers. I am raising her arms above her head and push her against the frame. She releases a quiet moan, her eyes flutter shut. I look down on her features, take in the fragility of her neck, follow it upwards with my tongue. Her head tilts sideways, asking for more, a silent plea to caress her in the fullest. Instead, I let her go. I take a step back for a split second to enjoy seeing her craving for more, craving for me.

Missing my touch, she opens her eyes, seeing me stare at her with longing, with desire. With her hand at my cheek, she pulls my face closer to hers. Traces my lips with her tongue. Impatiently, I kiss her, press her back against the frame. I need to touch every single part of that beauty. I let my fingers glide through her wavy red hair, grabbing it at the nape of her neck. Pulling it slightly, a muffled moan escapes her.

She pushes me toward the other side of the door frame. My naked skin shivers at the contrast of my warmth on the coldness dark metal. She kisses me deeply, passionately, letting her hands explore my body. Tracing over my chest, gliding further down. Now it is my turn to gasp for air.

Her mouth follows. Kissing my body, softly biting my nipples. Her lips kiss their way further down, leaving me breathless with closed eye. My hands are entangled in her gorgeous hair. My back is arched, pressed against the door frame. I feel her fingers exploring, feel her tongue joining them, licking me. Stealing away the last part of my consciousness. With every movement of her fingers my moan gets louder. The sound gets deeper, fuller. It turns me on when she is moaning against me, fully aware of my arousal, fully aware that I want to give myself to her, every part of me.

I cannot take it anymore, the sweet torture of her tongue, as she kneels before me, as she fully undoes me.

She inches away from me, sucking on her finger, tasting me, savouring me while holding eye contact when she stands up. She takes my breath away.

My hands wander up her arms turning her around to stand in the same spot I was in a mere second ago.

My body squeezes her against the metal. I choke her while letting my tongue glide into her mouth. Kissing here deeply. Caressing her gracious body, her luscious breast fitting perfectly into my hand. Her hard nipple rubs against the smooth, enchanting velvet of her shirt. I want it gone.

As if she reads my thoughts, she pushes me away from her, taking any remaining fabric off her skin. She is stunning. Every inch of her body is perfection. Her eyes do not leave mine as she undresses. I lick my lips in anticipation of what is to come, in anticipation of getting a taste of her, devouring her, hearing her, taking her.

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