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A millenary legend of love and betrayal. Jealousy can destroy everything good in a person and forever change the fate of the world.

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Thousands of years ago, when the day shone brightly and the night was embraced by darkness, the beings that inhabited Caph were one. There were no wolves, fairies, wizards, elves, angels or demons. Those who inhabited the planet were energy beings called Gyons. They did not have a special form, and they were all equal.

Gyons could love but also hate, feel joy and sadness, pleasure and pain. All feelings were within them, but there was a balance. None were completely bad or completely good. They were a mixture of everything and nothing, never dominated by a feeling. They were mystical and eternal beings because although they could die, they would be reborn like the phoenix. Only one thing could harm them, "dragon glass," magical stones that were born at the bottom of the Yara River. No one knew where they came from, they were only sure they could not touch them without hurting themselves, so nobody approached that place. Caph was at peace for centuries, without anything disturbing the Gyons until one day everything changed.

Anhe and Jolk were two beings who loved each other. They were young and enthusiastic, and they were happy together. Brök loved Anhe and believed he was destined to be with her, and Jolk was his obstacle, the stone in his path.

Over the years, the love that Brök felt for Anhe changed to an obsession, and the envy that began to grow for Jolk ended up turning into anger and hatred. These feelings were fueled by every rejection Anhe had towards him.

Without anyone noticing, Brök gradually lost his balance. He was no longer a being like the rest. Now, the bad feelings had silenced the good ones. He allowed himself to be dominated by his darkness, and in a moment of despair, he devised a plan. He would go to the Yara River, where he would find what he needed to change his situation.

Assisted by gloves and tongs, he spent hours in the river until he successfully extracted a piece of dragon glass, which he discreetly kept in a small chest and hurriedly returned home. There, in total solitude, he worked for days on a weapon, a dagger whose tip was the magical stone that everyone feared.

One winter night, he arrived at Anhe and Jolk's small house. He entered quietly and found them sleeping in their bedroom. He watched them for a long time by their bed. He thought and thought about what he was going to do. He felt doubts, perhaps he should forget it. He began to regret it and had decided to leave when before leaving the room, he glimpsed an object that caught his attention. He did not know what it was. It looked like a small box with bright letters that appeared and disappeared constantly on it as if it were an advertisement. He took it in his hands and approached it. The phrase "A baby is on the way" appeared before him, and his calm vanished. Hatred was unleashed, and taking out his dagger, he went straight to stab Jolk, repeating the action relentlessly. The commotion woke Anhe, who was sleeping next to him. She screamed in desperation at what was happening and threw herself at Brök, trying to stop him. In the confusion, Anhe ended up becoming another victim. The dagger repeatedly pierced her body until her attacker finally stopped and left the place, leaving her and her beloved lying in their bed. Their eternal life had ended. For the first time, two energy beings had died and would not return.

The crime caused a stir among the Gyons. Nobody had ever done anything similar before, and they were scared and confused. Brök's actions completed his transformation. All goodness in him had disappeared, and he was now an evil being. His body reflected it. Horns, a pointed tail, and sharp teeth emerged from him. He no longer looked like the rest. The first demon was born.

Brök manipulated several Gyons, making them follow him, and soon, the world that had been one for so long was divided. The Gyons disappeared. They were no longer balanced beings. Now they were dominated by their feelings, feelings that changed their anatomy. That was how they lost the gift of eternal life and gave way to new races, each dominated by a different emotion. With the passing of generations, their differences became more noticeable, and the gap between good and evil became increasingly significant.

The angels who controlled the light decided that they had to protect the innocent. They called all the white magic beings they knew, and together they created a spell that they thought would be the solution to their problems. Caph became two worlds in one. Half of the planet was light, with permanent light and joy, and it would be the home of those who did not possess evil in their hearts. The other half was darkness, with infinite night, and it was the ideal place for those who were dominated by the worst feelings.

For a while, the solution seemed to work. Each side dealt with its problems and enjoyed its pleasures without ever having contact with the other half. But the desire for control of the darkness side was too great. Their ambition dominated them, and soon they declared war on the light side, giving way to eternal conflict.

Legend has it that the last Gyon that existed recited this prophecy before his death, "When the red light illuminates the night, and compassion and forgiveness make way through fear, light and darkness will be one. When pain clouds joy, and crying brings happiness, the union between two worlds will arise."

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Aura Rosa Grimán Civil engineer by profession and a writer by vocation. Fantasy, suspense and romance writer. I'm from Venezuela and I speak spanish and english. Hopelessly dreamy and a free spirit. I'm a proud ARMY. Borahae <3

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