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In my Book Show (Series), I figured that kids want to watch or read horror but parents won't let them. But, say hello to my family-friendly series (and also my first season in it), Kircus Kreeps. These are fun tales for kids to read about topics like; Clowns, Carnival Photos, Clown Possessions, etc. If you are wondering, most families are concerned about blood, gore, violence, profanity, etc. But may I tell you THERE ARE NONE OF THAT IN THIS SERIES. These are 100% for all ages. So come on down to the circus of terror and have the most frightening time of your life. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Note: I am open to new ideas from my fellow kids and adults. I will do my best to include everyone, but here are rules for ideas in my series: 1. NO Blood or Gore 2. NO Depictions of Violence 3. NO Satanism 4. NO Profanity 5. NO Murder Topics (Implied or Shown) 6. NO Weaponry 7. NO Discrimination or Ridicule You will be amazed at what I can do to make your prompts as frightening as possible, but not any gruesome activity. Finally, I want to know what you guys would like for my next series, whatever the popular vote is I will do. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this, I apologize if this wasn't what you expected, I always use my past works and build on them to make them better for my audience.

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The Clown Album - Season 1 Episode 1

It was a dark and stormy night when the Johnson family decided to move out of their old house. They had been planning this for weeks, and finally, they had found the perfect new home. But the moment they entered the house with their packed bags, they sensed something was wrong. The air was thick with an ominous sense of danger.

They started unpacking their things, hoping to distract themselves from the eerie feeling. While unpacking, they came across an old photo album that belonged to the previous owners. They flipped through the pages, admiring the family vacations and parties, until they came to a picture that stopped them in their tracks.

The picture, hidden on the last page, was of an eerie and sinister clown. Its eyes were unnervingly focused on the viewer, and its grin stretched to a point of disbelief. The entire atmosphere of the image was unsettling.

The family quickly closed the album and placed it away from sight, hoping to forget about it. Yet, as they settled into their new home, they couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching them.

One night, as they were trying to escape the house, the clown from the photo album made an appearance. They heard laughter echoing down the hallway, and when they turned around, the clown was standing in front of them. Its eyes fixed on them, and its wicked grin sent shivers down their spines.

The family's screams echoed through the silent house as the clown began chasing them in the dark. They scurried to the door, but it wouldn't budge. They were trapped, and the clown was getting closer and closer. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning illuminated the house, and they finally saw the clown's face fully. It was a grotesque and deformed version of the picture from the album.

In one last effort to escape, the family kicked the door open, and they shot out into the rain. They never returned to the house. To this day, people who live near the house, swear they can hear the creepy clown's laughter echoing in the darkness.

If you liked this story, I'm writing some EVERY TWO DAYS. I'm always open for some ideas from my readers. Also, I'm going to be writing some series for my books (I will label my book series as if it were a TV show, cause it's honestly really fun doing it like that).

Therefore, you are welcome to give me ideas on a topic of this series or something to look forward to in my next, have a frightful time!


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