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Mildred "Miles" Ford moved to Detroit 5 months ago, her father married someone younger than him, and she has to deal with the mean girls, possible heartbreak, friend loss, new emotions, the normal things a teen would experience. What could possibly go wrong? She'll just have to let the days, weeks, hell even monthes take her forward. Read "Livin' in the 80s" & see through the eyes of Miles on her adventures of her middle school years in the 1980s.

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And the Loser is...

"Huh! Jesus..."

Milie shouts as the bell rings. "Dammit Ozzy we talked about thiiiiisss, wake me before the bell rings."

Ok, ok, ok we are not using third person. I'll tell them my story. The name's Mildred Ford, but call me Miles. So yeah, the first dialogue is true, but the next part is more EXCITING! Starting...

"Get over here dumbass!" "Never, hahaha!" We ran through the town, into alleys, football tracks, even bars. Me & Ozzy have been friends since 2nd grade. We had our ups & downs, but She & I were like glue.

"Ok, ok, stop...stop...I'm o-out of...breath..." "And the award for the biggest loser is... Mildred!" "It's Miles & you got lucky. I let you win!" "Yeah right! Hahaha!"

We laughed for a minute, brushed off the dust from our clothes & went to the nearest diner: Nora's Nutmeg Coffee & Sweets.

the next day

"Got plans for the weekend?"

"Yep, I'm all free if ya need me Miles."

As we talked, I felt a sense of bitchery coming up and... stepped on the foot that would've tripped me.

"Ow! What the hell Mildred?!" "Well, I knew I smelt a whore. Hello Cinica."

Cinica Trued is a grade-A bitch who has hated my guts since I moved here. You see, I was never born in Detroit, I used to live in Salem. We had to move because my dad married a woman named Vicky. She's a high-school teacher in Crestford High. I go to Calamay Middle School, so I never see her a lot.

"You really don't have a life, huh Mildred?" "Number 1: I go by Miles & 2: what the hell is your problem with me? You've hated me since I fucking moved!" I've never known why she disliked me when I got to Detroit.

End of Part 1

Made-up words & meanings

Bitchery- A sense of a bitch near area.

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The Author "The Author" is a pen name I use. I'm the writer of "The Tragedies of Heatherwood", "Livin' in the 80s", & the new addition to my walls of books, "Dreamboy." I'll be working more on Dreamboy as TTOH & LIT80s are kinda forgotten now.

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