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When Dr John, Bell McVie's rival, teleports Bella to the future where he turns everyone to cyborgs, Bella and Mary form allies to stop him but there are just some things that must always remain in the past...

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Future Ostrandia

No one knows how the future would look like; only our future generation knows! Could it be full of robots, or hovering houses,or no schools at all and people turn to cyborgs or aliens finally pay a visit to planet Earth? Who knows? Well, I guess Bella McVie knows! Bella McVie (aka Cyprus) was a female hero and the sworn protector of Ostrandia until she died in 2036. It was widely believed she died from food poisoning in which Dr. John tried to save her( or did he) but the real story was kept a secret from the public....

"Where am I?" Bella shrieked as she woke up from her coma.

She was this clueless engineer in a whole new place she had never seen or heard of.

"Bella McVie!" a girl shrieked.

She turned around, it was a little girl on a real hoverboard with a robot accompanying her.

"Uh.. who are you?"

"I'm Mary and I can't believe I'm meeting Ostrandia's best and first female engineer live and in person! But... I thought you were dead."


"Yeah, Dr. John, reported that you died."

"What?! I'm not dead."

She was honestly confused. She was alive, talking with a little girl but the girl pointed out that she died.

"Really? Well this is very confusing. Anyway, since you're not dead, come to my house. Alexa please take us home."


Alexa, her robot, transformed into a hover car and took them to her house.

"I can't believe your house's floating in mid air!''

"Well, you're in the future now not 2036."

"The future?" Bella thought in her mind.

Her house looked like that of a sci-fi book. The table looked like that of Intergalactic Mission, the table hovered in mid air, along with the marbled coated TV and floor and her room was well floating too!

"You don't have any books?'

"They are all in my tab."

"So this is what year?"



Bella couldn't believe it! She had travelled forward in time by a century.

"I don't feel well." Bella complained as she got dizzy and then blacked out.

"Bella! Bella! Alexa, help!"


Alexa rubbed her hands together forming an electric charge and shocked Cyprus back to life.

"What happened?"

"You fainted."


Cyprus scanned the room; she definitely wasn't in the old Ostrandia again.

"So, what ever happened to Dr. John?"

"Oh he... he took over Ostrandia and he is starting to turn everyone into cyborgs. All because you died before stopping him but you're not dead."

"I know."

"Mary, Dr. John's current activity is moving towards here."

"Really? Alexa, activate hiding mode."


The house sunk underground and turned invisible.

"What's going on?"

"Dr. John's active again. I don't want him to turn me into a cyborg for his robot army."

"If only I stopped him...." Cyprus thought deeply.

"Shh... he's still there."


"Where's that little girl?" Dr. John growled in anger.

"Which one sir?' one of his cyborgs asked him.

"The one on the wheelchair. She's up to something with Bella and I don't want any one interfering with my plans. Find her."

The cyborgs marchd off( sorry flew off, because it's the future) in search for young Mary. They scanned every building except for Mary's house for it was hidden beyond sight.

"No sign of her sir."

"Keep searching. Teleporting Bella was good at first but I don't need her to get an ally against me."


"We have to stop Dr. John from turning Ostradians to his robot army!"


"You guys have a teleporter and a time traveller; I just need to travel back to 2036 to stop him and voila! Just need your time travelling machine."

"About that... it hasn't been invented yet."

"What?! You guys have an electric wheelchair, Alexa robot, robots, flying houses, and a teleporter but you don't have a time travelling machine?! This generation ain't smart at all!"

"At least we did much better than you guys!"

"Whatever. Anyway, how can I go back and fix this if the time machine hasn't been invented yet?"

"Well, there is only one but it's in Dr. John's lab."

'Great! Let's go."

"Hold up! We can't just go in there; we're the only humans left in Ostrandia; we have to find a way to get inside his lab which is in the capital city. Alexa, the teleporter please.''

"As you wish."

Alexa retrieved a teleporter from the closet.

"Are you ready?"



They successfully, unsuccessfully didn't go anywhere.

"What happened?"

"Oh no! I forgot to charge it and it takes a really long time for it to charge."

"Well... we don't have a really long time to stop John before he gets us; there must be another way."

"Hmmm... there is a Plan B."


"Yes; Alexa, where's Dr John now?"

"He is currently behind you."

"Very funny Alexa; you sound just like John." Bella mocked.

"That's because it's me you fool!"

They gasped; John was literally behind them. They were petrified rocks there, standing face-to-face with Dr. John and his cyborgs!

"You really think you could get away." he cackled.

I guess technology always has a way of stabbing you right in the back.

Bella stepped out in front to protect Mary.

"If teleporting you doesn't still hide my secret; get her cyborgs."

The cyborgs surrounded Bella, ready to attack like 60 lions getting ready to attack a bear! Poor Bella didn't know what to do.

"What should we do?" Mary cried as tears started to fill her eyes and become a waterfall.

'If I can find the teleporter, I can go back and fix this error' Bella thought.

Bella grabbed Mary's hand and whispered something inside her ear.

"Are you sure?" she questioned her still snuffling a bit.

"Yes I'm sure."

"Ok..." Mary replied reluctantly.

"Smoke bomb! And self destruct mode!"

In a flash, thick smoke covered the room like a fog found its way inside a house, a trap door opened and Mary and Bella fell inside, slamming it shut and found themselves somewhere in the capital.

"So the teleporter was there the whole time?" Bella asked annoyedly.

"Sorry." Mary replied but snickering a bit.

"Let's go."

Bella hopped on Mary's board as they zoomed off inside the lab in search of the time machine but that on its own wasn't an easy task. Cyborg guarded the place like their life depended on it (which it typically did) so Bella and Mary ran, hid and dodged any obstacle that came their way.

They finally entered the lab.

"Where is that time machine?"

"There it is." Mary whispered, gesturing to the left.

Finally, all their desires had come true except....

"Well, well, well!"

It was Dr John again.

"How are you finding us?"

"I am a better robotic engineer than you so duh!"

Bella rolled her eyes at that statement.

"What do you want John?" Bella shouted.

"Well, I wanted to get rid of you but you're like a stain on a white shirt that won't come off!"

"And I'm glad I don't come off. You ruined Ostrandia and it won't be long before everything is perfect again."

'Not if you don't have the time machine." he replied as the time machine flew in the air and landed at his feet.


Devilishly, he smashed the time machine and it shattered to bits.

"Now, there is no way of escape, army, get them."

The cyborgs closed around them, there was no mean of escape for them now.

With no way of escape, I guess there is no way of getting back into the past; whatever is in the past, definitely remains in the past...

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