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There are many strange things that you witness when you’re deep in the woods.

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My oddest job was on my first day

When I first got the job, I could have never expected the bizarre events that I would witness. After finishing my long drive to the site, I met up with the people I would work with for the first time in my long career. I can't remember all their names because the people I worked with changed quite frequently. although, I remember two of my first coworkers' names, Zach and Charles. Now that I was at the site, my first task was to load the logs the others were cutting down onto the truck with Zack. It was going smoothly but was beginning to get a little monotonous until I heard something strange. "Nasty iron hooks!" I thought I was just hearing things until I heard again. "Nasty iron hooks!" The voice was coming from where Charles left the tree topper before he went to use the porta potty. I asked Zach if he had heard it too. "Nonsense, you're probably just hearing things," Zach replied. I decided to excuse myself to use the toilet, but it was really just an excuse to check out the source of that sound. As I marched towards the source of the voice, I decided that it would be a better idea to hide behind a bush in case it was some crazy hobo or something. When I peered towards where the tree topper had been set down, I could not believe what I witnessed. I saw a little humanoid creature with its back facing me. As I got a better look at this thing, I saw that it appeared to be less than a foot tall, had curly red hair, dragonfly-like wings that were as long as the creature was tall, and appeared to be wearing a brown tunic with long jester-like shoes. That strange humanoid being was cutting the rope and picking up the iron parts of the tree topper. I wonder what this little imp could want with our tools as I hear it speak again. "Nasty little humans keep leaving their iron all over; if I see one more around in my home, they will be sorry." As I leaned forward to listen more closely, the creature heard the leaves of the bush. I tried to hide in the rustle and quickly turned away. I decided to make a break for it. The unidentified entity decided to follow, but thankfully, once I got near the company truck, that varmint decided to get off my tail. Zach began to grill me over why I had appeared to be fleeing something. I decided to lie and say that I found a bum messing with the tree topper, and was being chased by him after trying to intervene. Thankfully, Zach and the others did not question this story after they saw that the hooks had been taken off the tree topper and were now nowhere to be found.

This was the first of many paranormal instances I saw throughout my career.

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