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This story starts with two people who were in the deep words in love. Until a accident happened. and all the lies come back to haunt us all. Read to find out what happens and what this lie/lies could be?

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The day we met

i closed the door. i quickly ran to wash up i was closing the place up tonight and needed it to be squeeky clean. i saw a guy at the front looking parched. we were closed but i decided to just give him a drink. i polished the floor and ran to the door. i stared at him and he stared back oh how lovely he seemed. i quickly opened the door. "hey. i know your closed but i just couldnt bear to leave. your so beautiful." "thanks but thats not why you came here." i said while putting on a smile. "well your right i indeed am thirsty. do you have slushys. "you forget this is a cafe. we dont sell slushys but maybe a iced coffe. "sure sounds good." he then handed me the money but i refused. "its on the house" "really? thank you so much." "your welcome" i said while cleaning some nearby tables. i thought he was perfect with his ocean eyes. i imagined myself with him. you shall know i do indeed go to school with him. he was always so sweet i mean what could he do? lots of stuff but hey im getting ahead of myself. back to the story shall we? when were younger we always think of a perfect fairy tail on how life plays out. not about what the future holds. and that can base this story. we got married we were in love. you may ask why am i skipping ahead. youll see when the truth unfolds. "hey babe!" my husband said while opening the front door after a long day of work. "hey! are you ready for are honey moon". "ive started packing already" "oh honey that sounds great ill get my card and we can plan a dinner resavation." "that sounds lovely!"i said with a smile. "hey so you know your beatfriend abby could come along." i was happy they had gotten along so well since we first met it just was a little weird i might say because he had also invited her to OUR honeymoon... but maybe im just getting ahead of myself. being parnoid like he always says. so i keep quiet i mean were getting married i should be happy right? 2 weeks had passed and we were getting ready to drive to our honeymoon. abby couldnt join us in our car because it was packed with gifts from our wedding. "WAIT!" i said while we crashed into the back of a different car. i sighed. "atleast were safe. "are you okay? "in fine.." i said while sweating tears." "just frightend." well maybe get some water i have to get this car to move were in the-" but before he could finish a car came crashing through making our car go upside down. "AH....." and he died. i tried everything i could but he wouldnt wake up. someone help." i screamed!

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