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Quark found himself at some place which was recognizable as well different at the same time. Now while being stuck between these people to whom he doesn't know. Quark have to comprehend the situation at hand while try to work his way back home.

Science fiction Voyage dans le temps Tout public. © Sahil Paradox

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Year 2090, suddenly the sky grew darker as the clouds start to appear. Concurrently somewhere at city's outskirts that same darken sky instantly became so white as if nuclear fusion might have occurred. Within that eye blinding light was a rectangular human sized box, Which fell straight toward a river located at a well known Holo-Park. Within seconds people gathered around and took the box out. To their amazement a 23 yrs teen was laying unconsciously. No one knew what to do or who to contact when suddenly a girl, around 21 yrs recognize him. she describe him as the only son of his father's close friend who's also a scientist. After trying her best to convince everyone she brought him back to her house. She wasn't faking it instead she did knew him the only problem here was that the son she was talking about has just been born a week ago. the moment Quark opened his eyes, the first person he saw was a beautiful girl looking upon him. He abruptly stood up and went to corner as he looked around. He had no idea what had happened or where he was, the girl try to make him comfortable as she passed some water and fruits for him to eat. Quark knew if the place around him was unrecognizable then it might be because he might have been kidnapped. Slowly minutes turned into hours but the situation remained the same as he was reluctant to talk with anyone even though it was his savior, but he didn't knew that. During dinner time the girl went back to him to ask for dinner, suddenly Quark's vision start to became blurry might be because of his poor vigor. As the girl entered the room she found him unconscious again but this time his pulse was abnormally fast. She notified her family and asked them to contact a doctor for his checkup. After the full and thorough checkup Quark's report was not what everyone might have expected, he was suffering from selective amnesia along with some few swelling on his joints which might had occurred while he was stuck in that box. He was prescribed some meds for his minor injuries while the amnesia problem was considered to be left alone, doctor thought that some rest might jogged up his memory back. According to him he might have suffered some head injury while in box that had lead to his amnesia. Quark woke up after being unconscious for straight two days. This time again he found himself beside that girl, it was as if he was having déjà vu. After gathering some strength he asked her regarding where he was and how he got there. The girl explained him everything from the beginning, after listening her story he then asked why she helped her. She smiled toward him and said why wouldn't she as they have been friends since his birth. At this point Quark was so much wrapped up in stuff that now he was not able to think straight. She offered him a tour around the town in case travelling might jogged up his memory. He reluctantly accept her offer as it was the only way to know what was happening with him. After taking a short walk near the Holo-Park he came to realize that except that girl beside him no one else knew who he was. That made him think if she knew him from way before why wasn't his parents been informed, but he knew it wasn't the right moment for him being paranoid. Quark even though acting all well but in reality he was falling apart with all these questions in his mind. The only reason for him to keep up this hoax was that he needed to know what actually happened with him. On his way back he came across well known Research Corp. that was managed by a guy named Harold, he was in his 45 yrs and for some reason Quark's tour didn't include him. The girl took him back to her house and they had dinner surprisingly she didn't let him meet her family as if she was worried of something. A week passed but now everything was becoming a bit clear to Quark, still there were some pieces missing in this mystery of his. That piece was know to be the box he fell with, which he luckily found in the basement of the house while he was looking for any clues he could found. It wasn't some ordinary box rather it tend to be a pod for interstellar travelling. But now the question was why would he be in that pod in first place. Finding himself caught up in this situation Quark was now getting scared as minutes were passing. Even if he want to know something regarding his peculiar circumstances, no one knew him and the only person who knew him was behaving suspiciously. Knowing that he could depend on no one, he took the matter into his own hands by secretly looking for information regarding that place. While sneaking out during midnight he stuck his leg in time clock which was placed in attic as there was no way he could escape through the main door. As he fell his eyes incidentally stuck at the clock there was noting out of the ordinary as it was showing around 1:48 am, but looking a bit closer he was dumbfounded as it was showing September 21st, 2090. His body gave up and he just lay there for sometime while collecting his thoughts as he knew he was from year 2113. Where his dad was working on some confidential project while he was working on some college project regarding Time-Mail. That moment he realized that something might have gone wrong while he was working with his father. Now as he kinda knew what had happened with him, another major stumbling block was going back. If his thesis was right and he did time travelled into past even his dad might not be able to help him. Next morning he looked into his pod and try to comprehend it's workings as much as he could. He decided to came clean with the girl who was helping him as now he really did need her help to convince his dad to reconstruct the pod through which he came. The moment he told her, there was a bright spark in her eyes as if even she didn't knew who he really was. This time it was her who got lost in her thoughts while looking at his clueless face. Eventually without uttering a single word she went downstairs in her room, Quark lost all the hope he had left for receiver her help as he knew how absurd his story was while being real. Later she came back but this time she brought a piece of paper, a kinda letter. It was a letter from someone whose name was also Quark, he looked at the letter and realized it was the same letter that he sent for the first time when his Time-Mail worked. While being reluctant and delighted at same time he asked if she was Elaine, to which she happily nod. It was the first time when he was euphoric since he came to that time. they talked for hours and realized that except his mails she received a very mysterious letter from someone just a day before he got stranded. Which was the real reason for her to help him in first place without knowing the whole truth. That same evening he asked her to deliver his pod along with his written notes to his dad so that he could reconstruct it for him. he could notice the sadness that covered her face but being rational she agreed. It was no easy deal to convince Harold to help her without any question but being his close friend's daughter helped her case. It took him around half a year to make that pod work as the material was different from their time, Harold decided to work with the material provided in pod only. During those months Quark and Elaine got very close, almost inseparable even though both of them knew at some point they will get separated but even that thought couldn't separate them. When the pod was received by Quark, Elaine told him that even Harold was not able to make it work due to some reason. At that moment he installed the power core which he took out when he recovered his pod. It was a very tough journey for Quark but due to some reason he got helped from the same person he fell in love with just through his Time-Mail. At zero hour he decided to take Elaine even if it creates problem for him. The moment he reached back he realized that everything that happened was because he was stuck in paradox that he created.


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