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It's a following book of The Hybrid. Jr returns as a Prince with guidance from The Almighty as The seals are broken and the world ends.

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Emily was pushing the basket around and had Elena holding on to the basket as they walked through the store. "Mommy can I have some cereal?" Elena asked as she held on to the basket and walked with her mother. "Yes sweety, what kind you want my love?" Elena studied the cereal for a second and pointed at the cookie crisp. Emily smiled and looked at the box, "This was your daddy's favorite kind." Elena looked at her and asked, "Do you miss daddy mommy?" Her mom shook her head and started to tear up. They got to the check out and Emily paid for the food and walked out the store with her daughter in hand while they crossed the parking lot. She opened the door put her daughter in. She closed the door and walked around and put the groceries in and pushed the basket to the cart receiver and went to her car. She climbed in started the car and headed home. When she got home she got Elena out and the bags and went inside. She threw the keys on the kitchen counter as Elena asked if she can watch TV. Emily said yes and turned to put the groceries away and ran right into Jr. She looked at a man she loved more than anything and had Faith in God that she'll see him again. Her eyes teared up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and started crying.

They laid in bed that night for hours and just looked at each other while their daughter was passed out in her room. She was over excited to see her dad and she kept on climbing on him like a monkey and holding his hand and running around. Trying to wear his shoulder armor. She was funny. Called her self the Truest Princess. She was beautiful. Emily and Jr laid in-between the sheets as and Jr wrapped his arm underneath her underarm and pulled her on top of him and he kissed her. "I have to go," He said and stood up and put his garment and armor on. He went to his daughters room and kissed her on the forehead. He came back into the room and Emily stood there in tears but with total Faith. She knew what journey Jr was on and she had total Faith in it. She had total Faith in God. Jr looked back at her held his strong image with content and walked into the Heaven's.

When Jr stepped back into the realm of God he was faced with the purity that set forth a new beginning. He gained the ability to subject Lucifer's faces of pain and conquer the wanna be god for good. It started with the Print of Faith. What the Print was designed for was it places the Print of Juniors thumb, on the forehead of Lucifer's faces of pain and when Jr is under the eyes of God praying or his Faith is focused under the Eyes of God the strength of Juniors Faith will drive the faces head's crazy and they constantly attack each other. Before Jr went to Heaven he seen the Virgin Mary appear in front of him and She had ten eyes and they curved at the bottom and the Eyes curved upward and She looked at the beauty of Juniors soul. She flashed through different images of Juniors life and seen he was a good person. She seen how beautiful his soul elevated when Her eyes locked on to it. She seen the beautiful wonders that were to come about for this young man and all the great things he's going to achieve now that he walks with God.

"Watch out!" Jr scram as he shot directly at an Archangel's grounds and took a hit for him. Jr dropped got back up and struck the demon as lightning force speed hit him twice and channeled his Faith and hit him with an elbow which dropped the demon to his face. Jr circled him then got on top of him and started striking him. Jr grabbed the back of his head and one of Juniors face of Faith drug him up wards and Jr brought a kick down hard on the demons face and taking his head off. As another shot from different directions and Jr attacked with the help of God's Archangel's. The battle lasted for a year, which turned out to be about 30-40 years for humans. It was a stretch of good fortune as the battles main subject of leadership was in a turmoil with the Print of Faith imbedded in his head as well as his executioners. The battle could've of been easily won but as God has told Jr about balancing out the good and evil. Jr shot off directions of takings through souls they'll collect through out that year. The gathered more through the balances on Earth. Their Faith meant more then what people stood on, they needed to spread the word quicker. When they got to the Heaven's Palace of God. The Palace was lined and feathered, with different material's and feathers. It was stoned and bricked perfectly while and lavender, that stood with Royalty. The inside was lined with gold and beautiful as can be. Had the sent of rain and smelled of that of Sanctuary. They stood strong as God looked at time and rewound it with the motion of His finger and it restarted at the beginning of the year and He told Jr and a King of one of God's armies, Ahab, 'They value too much!' , God boomed in the walls of His Palace. The walls shook and stood firm. 'It's coming to this decision', God motioned His hand over the worlds view and showed the lives of those who suffered damnation when the world ends. The values of people's individuals morals came to light and people scram around as demons came to drag their soul's to hell as the others were collected by God's Angel's and the Holy Spirit as Jesus Christ towered the landscape of the world and no faces could be hidden from Him God's Ray's of Faith burned those who sinned against Him as the first seal broke and the Titled Waves of God's Tears flooded the Earth. The world filled with screams and shouts as the second seal broke and thunder hit the live plants that killed off the oxygen and people of the damned was for once silenced. The third seal broke and the shouts of Angel's erupted with roars as the realms of Heaven and hell broke open and a war was erupted in the sky's.Bodies of demons rained from the sky when the quakes of he forth broke open the seal and swallowed the bodies of demons and the water washed away the sins of those who committed sin and had little faith. The fifth seal broke and the sky darkened for the judgement was due and the sixth and seventh seals were broken when those were damned and the last was the seal of Harmony and Peace, fueled The Heaven's through Faith for God's Garden was rebuilt. The Angel's danced and sang in the Garden of Eden and God's glory blessed through sun ray's of Love. The course of sin was channeled no more as the world stood cold and The Almighty stood content and so did His Angel's as He valued His Creation. 'This is just another story in parable', He said as the walls of The Palace of God trembled and Jr and Ahab stood waiting for command. Jr eye balled the course of trail and said, "I got a plan Father."

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