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Ava and her friends find themselves caught in a world where ancient gods and goddesses clash with modernity. As a mysterious contest for the "best looking mob float" sets the stage, Ava and her friends uncover longstanding secrets about their true identities - they are The Ones, descendants of powerful deities with unique elemental abilities. When a malevolent force threatens to tip the delicate balance between the overworld and the nether, it's up to Ava, Hugo, Petra, Cristan, and Ellie to harness their extraordinary powers and save both realms. As friendships are tested and loyalties challenged, the group must navigate forbidden romances, family revelations, and the looming specter of war. Brace yourself for an epic adventure filled with heart-stopping action, unexpected alliances, and profound sacrifices. Will The Ones rise above their differences to unite against the forces of darkness, or will their world be torn asunder by the impending conflict between the overworld and nether? Dive into this gripping fantasy where destinies collide and the fate of all hangs in the balance.

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The mundane routine in my village no longer satisfied me. I needed adventure: exploring new places, learning magic, battling mobs and bosses. My parents were concerned about my safety, like they were with my grandmother, but she encouraged me to follow my heart and not let anyone hold me back. I was determined to pursue my dreams and prove them wrong. The world of Minecraft was rapidly evolving, with new developments like Harry Potter books and iPhones. It amazed me how much the world had changed, from using paper to texting. I eagerly anticipated the introduction of new vehicles, such as motorcycles, Toyotas, and Handas. Nothing was going to stop me from living my best life.

I was outside sketching flowers with my cat Oscar, who has a stunning ginger-colored coat, when a poster flew into my face. Without hesitation, I quickly pulled it away and read it aloud, "Best-looking Mob machine gets to go to Mob Con!" My excitement was through the roof, and I immediately put my sketchbook away in my chest bag and sprinted to Ellie's house. Oscar followed me, running along the fence and eventually climbing up on my shoulder. When I arrived at Ellie's house, I shouted her name and waved the poster at her. She appeared at her window and squinted at the poster for a few moments before breaking into a massive smile and rushing downstairs with her bag. "We've been waiting for this day since we were twelve, and now we're fifteen!" she exclaimed as we bolted along the sidewalk. We headed towards the neighborhood where Hugo and Cristan lived. "Well, Hugo is fourteen, but you get my point," I responded confidently. We went down some steps and found Hugo walking his dog Poppy. I called out to him, and he came over to us with Poppy wagging her tail in excitement. I told him the good news, and he was overjoyed. Poppy seemed to understand what we were talking about because she started barking and running in circles. We still had two months to prepare, but we knew we had what it takes to win the competition. Ellie and Cris trailed behind us, and we all smiled as we thought about the exciting opportunity ahead.

We walked through the forest, heading towards sign-up. I was so excited for the event. I have been dreaming of this event for years.

“Hey!” I shouted, making everyone stop and face me. Oscar climbed down from my shoulder and rubbed himself on my leg. “We need to get ready for the competition so let's get some little materials,” I affirmed. Everyone smiled at me firmly as we turned our backs and headed into the forest.

I thought this would be a perfect time to practice some movies my grandma showed me and gather materials. My Grandma had made a book with all of her moves from when she was an adventurer. I punched trees and gathered wood, making my punch and grip stronger. I used trees and my leg support to do a run on a cartwheel, I charged at the tree and ran up halfway. I missed my chance to grab the apple and landed on my back. Oscar gives me a cat face that says don’t give up! You will be the first adult teenager from Greenwood Village of Minecraft to win a chance to Mob Con. I got up, walked backed a bit, and charged at the tree again. Run up halfway, and miss the apple but I do a cartwheel backward landing roughly but better. I charge at it again and halfway up it misses the apple and did a cartwheel backward and landed perfectly, squatting not too much. Apart from my training, I make my Diamond Pickaxe stronger by hitting on the strongest tree I know. Can’t cut me down. I did push-ups with rocks on my back, sit-ups, and running up dirt walls and trees. I decided to play a little and I got a stick and used some spells my Grandma showed me. I knew only witches who could do spells. None in my village anyway.

We all meet up at four p.m. all coming back stronger and we head towards our tree house to gather more materials.
“I think I overworked myself,” Ellie wearily said, slumping on our couch. We all chuckled and sat down to rest for five minutes, then I realized that sign-up ends at five p.m. “GUYS. We need to go! Sign up ends at five!” I shouted, sliding down the ladder. The others followed and Oscar jumped from the tree house to my shoulder. We ran as fast as we could and finally at four forty-nine we saw that there were three groups in line. I sighed in relief and we all walked in line, Poppy was still wagging her tail from the run, and Oscar was taking a nap on my shoulder.

“Hey Ava!” A familiar voice called to me, it was Petra. She was a red-haired girl my age, who wore a beanie hat and liked to wear black ripped jeans and red hoodies. “Can I still join your group, my group signed up without me,” she mocked. I smiled, “The more the merrier.” Petra smiled as she got behind me. The group of three signed up as we walked up, “hi, you are our last group which means you don’t have to pay so we’ll skip the paperwork. You also get free extra materials. Now please enter a name.” The lady said with a smile. “The Ones,” Petra smirked softly. “Okay, ‘The Ones’. Okay you can start tomorrow!” The lady said quickly moving out. We all walked back to the tree house, I watched as the sun went down. The breeze in my brown hair, which was lying peacefully on my pink flowered sweater, made me feel some sort of way I couldn’t explain. But I went back to reality when it was my turn to go up the ladder.

Hugo was the last person to climb up the ladder, I was laying on my bestie Ellie. Tired as a sleepy pig, Ellie was on her phone scrolling through her photos. Hugo was reading one of his books with Poppy in his lap, and Cristian making carrot cake. Criston was fond of baking sweets, but mostly tasty meals. We enjoyed the sweets more, Petra was practicing with her enchanted sword, her fighting skills tearing up our dummies. Her hair stayed behind each time she charged, never getting in her face.

I saw my grandmother's parrot in the distance. My Grandma lived on the other side of the world. She lived in the forest with the rest of the village in front.

I would say it's Harry Potter style but instead of an owl, it's a navy blue parrot. I got up and walked sleepily towards the big box, the parrot left and I unboxed the inside of the box. It was a rare Minecraft magic wand, all of the magic elements combined, making any type of spell. It also came with a spell book, half filled with spells and the other half blank pages. “I’m no witch. I can’t even use magic.” I removed the book from the box with potions, not like the ones we use today, transformation potion, shrink potion, inside down potion. All of these potions are a spell in the spell book just in potion form.

“So your grandmama gave you a magic wand and a book?” Hugo asked, flipping gray blond hair. “Magic’s been a part of my family for generations until my mom stopped performing magic and hers just slipped away. When she found out that I had powerful magic she tried to get rid of it, but since my magic is so strong, it's permanent. I just can’t tap into it. You know that.” I clarified. “Well, I have a bit of magic in me,” Petra added, twirling her sword on her index finger. “The Rengason family has a little magic ever since my great great great great grandmother got hit with a world eating wither.” Petra bragged. “Nishomi! Yah!” Petra shouted, a wave of energy blasting from her sword. I dogged but a strain of my hair got cut. The energy blast cut the wooden board, slicing it in two. Petra put her sword behind her, disappearing, brushing her hair out of her eye.

“How-how did you do that?” I asked, amazed. The strain of hair that got cut off disintegrated. “Practice and I can only use magic through an object.” Petra stated, taking off her hoodie, showing her black sweater, and she took off her ripped jeans showing her short, short, shorts that were covered by her long black sweater dress. Her black socks rolled up unevenly and her white Converse.

“Dang. It's hot in here,” she complained. I rolled my eyes and started making weird possessions with my new magic wand. “Ha!” I yelled, pointing my wand at Ellie who was paying no attention.

“In the world of Minecraft, you happen to be my best friend,” Ellie said, not looking up from her phone. “Agreed,” Cris agreed with her, him not looking from his book. I scoffed, “whatever.”

“Cho cho si naw khin no,” I mocked in Shoni Lina language. It was an ancient language evil witches knew. That's why my mom tried to block my magic.

Petra put her sword back on her back and walked over to the open door. “Where are you going?” I asked, putting both hands on my wand. She didn’t turn toward me, but I could see a smirk growing on her face. “Let’s just say…you’ll know when to find me. When you need me” She hopped down, I quickly ran towards the entrance and looked down. No sight of her, weird. I thought to myself, I turned around to see Ellie get up and put her phone in her bag. “I gotta go home, parents are getting worried.” She said listlessly, “okay see you later.” I answered as she climbed down. Hugo and Cristan began to pack up too, “see you.” I smiled, “bye.” Hugo waved.

I decided to pack up as well, I placed my spell book, potions, and wand in my chest purse and climbed down the ladder. Oscar was asleep on my shoulder again, as the night sky shone. I didn’t know why I liked night better, all of the scariest mobs come out at night.

As I walked towards the village, I started hearing groans but ignored them and pulled out my wand and spellbook. I turned to the first page to see a light spell. “Co-co nula?” I queried, as a small rock floated in front of me. Learning magic in Shoni Lina language was hard.“Conula!” I shouted, more confident but that just let the rock shoot up in the air. Zooming into the sky, “oops.” I whispered, turning to the next page. But I heard another groan but went straight back to my spellbook. “I-I-joco?” I queried, as something moved towards me. “Mmm,” I said, raising my left eyebrow. “I-joco!” I shouted, stopping in place with a firm face. A dirt block shot in my face which jolted Oscar awake. The dirt black slid down my face onto the ground. I sighed and flipped to the next page but stopped halfway when I heard Oscar hiss and tackled a creeper.

“Oscar!” I shouted, turning around. Oscar having trouble, I quickly scanned the book trying to find a spell that was useful. I stopped at a page and said it confidently as I could. “Kalota Otoc!” I shouted, my wand bolting upwards and shooting straight at the creeper who froze. Oscar jumped off and climbed on my shoulder. “Well, that was… unexpected.” I stammered as more mobs spawned, I knew that one spell couldn’t paralyze them all so I scammed the book again. I looked at one which was dark red, which probably meant it was dangerous. “Okay,” I said to myself, pointing my wand at the mobs. “Here goes nothing… Hanova Kalo!” I shouted, and with that blast all of the mobs died, but more mobs were just coming more and more. “Duck!” Petra shouted. I turned around to see her charging at me, I turned around and ducked and she used my back as as leverage. “DIE YOU STUPID MOBS! CANOLA!” Petra shouted, a bigger energy wave coming from her sword from when in the treehouse. But more mobs were just spawning and spawning, “we need to go!” Petra yelled, as she grabbed my wrist.
Oscar was using his claws to stay on my shoulder, because Petra was dragging us. “Jump!” She yelled, as we jumped down a hole and into a mine. There was some light ahead as we were running towards it, “stop!” She said, holding her arm across my stomach. “The bridge got cut off, so we're gonna have to jump.” Petra said, putting her hair on her left shoulder. “What!” I exclaimed, Oscar understood Petra and climbed in my chest purse. “We jump on three…one,” Petra began. “Two…Three!” As we jumped.

But it felt as if I was going in slow motion, my hair flying back and my purse dangling backwards. But something was off, I felt as if I was gliding and the air was protecting my fall, but all that stopped suddenly when my face hit hard on the water. Petra made a sploosh sound when she jumped into the water. I slowly sank down, and turned my back to the seafloor and saw the minecraft moon shining bright. I quickly returned to the surface when a trident scratched my hand. “Ow!” I muffled under the water. I quickly resurfaced, “it burns!” I whined, but Petra only laughed. “Well don’t do a starfish pose going down- Ow!” She yelped, covering her arm. “Some of these zombies are falling into the water and turning into Drowneds.” Petra complained firmly. She began to swim to the village, and I followed. Although, I still had some thoughts about what had happened falling down. It was like I felt a connection with the wind, like I was a part of it somehow.
“You good?” Petra asked, moving her wet hair out of her eye. I nodded, and we continued swimming. Though I wasn’t okay, I was confused. I’ve never felt that kind of connection before, it was… I couldn’t explain. Was it magic?

We made it back to the village, we snuck in through the river underneath the bridge I walked over every morning. Everyone was still asleep, which was a good thing because we didn’t need people wondering “why are there children sneaking around in the night?”

We crept around the corner, across from Ellie’s house who’s lamp suddenly turned on. I ignored it and me and Petra continued sneaking around. Petra dropped me back at my house, making sure my parents were asleep before helping me through my window and climbing down our apple tree quickly and vanishing into the night.

I took a quiet shower, which is hard when you like the shower on full blast but I had to deal with it.

But when I made it back in my room, stuff was floating all around me. My shoes, school bag, computer, desk and chair. “What in the bloody mary is happening?” I said quietly. Before all of it fell roughly on the floor. I knew I would have to clean it up the next morning, but the air was being a bit… quirky tonight.

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