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Jungkook never imagined that he was on the desk of his annoying boss, he even came to hate him. But maybe some things will change after that unusual encounter.

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“Did you bring my coffee yet?” Taehyung asks with a frown; looking up and down at Jungkook; the omega who had a twitch in his eye from moving around the building so much.

“Uhm, yes, anything else sir?” he says with a tired tone of voice, actually he was about to explode, he wanted to go home and not have to see her boss's face again, he would go on vacation.“Shit, you squeeze like hell..Shit you squeeze like hell

“I need you to bring the papers I asked you for a few days ago, come on, don't delay.”

Jungkook let out a heavy sigh, walked as fast as he could to the office door and left slamming the door making the screeching sound resound very loudly. Taehyung smiled at that.

Sometimes Taehyung could be a disgusting, perverted, joking, annoying guy and a very beautiful alpha too, everyone in the company liked him for the kindness with which he treated them. But Jungkook no, he hated him to death.

Taehyung knew what was coming, he knew very well that Jungkook would be upset so why not play him a little game where he would end up submissive to him? he wanted the omega just for him.

Such a cute omega deserves to be satisfied one night.

After several minutes of finding the papers and organizing them one by one, Jungkook went to the office and handed it to Taehyung but he wasn't at the desk. Although Jungkook knew very well that he was there in the office because he could hear the tap in the bathroom running, he sighed, staying still, he was very patient.

“Would you like to stay a little longer?” The alpha whispers in his ear, causing chills all over Jungkook's skin; who has rosy cheeks from the groping on her buttocks.

“What does this mean?”

“You haven't been waiting for this for a long time kookie? I know you want this just like me”

Jungkook denies, his pheromones desecrating the entire office in embarrassment. He knew it very well but he wouldn't accept it, his pride was bigger. Taehyung tucked a lock of long brown hair behind the nervous omega's ear.

“Come on beautiful, tonight let's just be you and me”

Jungkook tried not to breathe heavily but it was impossible for him, he was nervous and the alpha was getting closer to him. Taehyung was looking at him with such an evil smile that Jungkook was melting for giving himself over to the manly and attractive alpha in front of him.

“You smell so good, pretty...” he says burying his nose in the minor's neck; who sighs heavily at the contact.

At that moment Jungkook realized what was happening (and what would probably happen next) and he had no choice but to push the alpha using all his strength.

The older man was stunned by that, and by the next strong slap he received from Jungkook who had let out his instinct.

Taehyung turned to stare at him, Jungkook released fear pheromones, Taehyung was always a respectful alpha but when someone hit him he couldn't take it. Jungkook's wolf lowered his ears in fear of the deep eyes of the alpha who was stalking him, who was looking at him with great tension.

“Apologize or I'll make you regret it” whispered the alpha, gently taking the omega by the arm, who soon struggled with fear.

“You are used to everyone being weak in your presence, obeying you, but I won't do that”.

Both were in a duel of glances where no one stopped seeing each other for a second, the tension began and the pheromones were on the surface in the office, the walls became narrower.

And they couldn't help it, neither of them expected their lips to come together in a voracious kiss, Taehyung shamelessly put his hands inside the omega's pants and kneaded his buttocks. Jungkook gasped at the touch and put his hands into the older man's neck, sighing and stifling a few moans about the kiss, both hot, the alpha's cock was tightening in his pants.

The omega's dripping hole was not far behind either, he was squeezing very hard looking for more contact with Taehyung's fingers that were rubbing on the outside of the wet hole.

“¡A-ah!, ¡H—hyungie!”

“Do you like that baby? hmm? Do you like how you alpha fingers your slippery hole?”

Their tongues were playing a war over who dominated whom, as they ended up gently pushing and then forcibly starting again.

“A-alpha, I want more, p-please more”. Jungkook whispered in a gasp looking for more friction against Taehyung's fingers, the alpha's long fingers sank completely along with another one, all three fingers roughing Jungkook's hole.

“¡A-ah!” “¡O-oh!, ¡Y-yes!” “Ngh” “Aaaah, Uuh” “Uff” “so open only for me, baby”

Jungkook almost melted when he felt his hole drip down his legs so hard that he had to hold on to the strong alpha who was smiling at the younger boy's submission.

“Wait for me here baby”.

Taehyung had walked to the closet where he kept spare clothes, Jungkook closed his eyes from the strong spasms and sighed softly when he felt the alpha's hands again taking him to the sofa.

“Have you used a dildo? contest me”

Jungkook denies rubbing his eyes with his hands trying to regain his strength but choked on a moan when he felt something plastic enter him, so hard that his hole conformed so quickly.

He moaned so loudly when he felt the long plastic penis batter his prostate over and over again, his gasps became so low that he instinctively rolled over on the couch, lifting his ass into the air.

“What a needy baby” the alpha teases, and the scream that followed enchanted Taehyung so much since the slaps on the minor's butt resounded very loudly along with his gasps.

The drool fell on the sofa and dirty Jungkook's mouth so bad that even he didn't care, he was just concentrating on the tortuous sex toy so long and thick entering him. The omega moaned loud and loud as he grabbed onto the soft sofa, sighing at the moves Taehyung provided, he was mistreating him, and it felt so good, Jungkook felt glorious being full.

The alpha used one hand to bury the plastic penis in the omega and another hand to masturbate so skilfully before the omega's explicit scene that he loved it.

As cum shot out of Taehyung's penis he gasped hoarsely as his other hand continued to move the dildo into Jungkook's hole. He was writhing with pleasure.

Jungkook gasped loudly when he felt his semen shoot out as the dildo was pulled out of his wet interior, feeling empty, he was breathing heavily as his vision blurred.

“We're not done omega yet”.

Taehyung gave such a soft and affectionate kiss to the pretty omega, he continued like this while he cleaned the sofa and placed him face up on the sofa, looking at his pink cheeks, sweaty hair and body. The alpha was delighted with the omega's small breasts, pink nipples and that pretty waist that were driving him crazy at that moment.

“Fuck, you're making me so hard.”

Jungkook closed his eyes trying to rest but his eyes widened as if he had felt the worst in the world in his life, the alpha had put a pair of clamps on his breasts, he squirmed at that. Her eyes were brimming with tears and her cheeks were as red as her battered pink nipples.

“I'm going to eat your ass and those beautiful nipples that you love, I'm going to destroy you in just seconds”.

Jungkook moaned when he heard the commanding voice of the alpha, he felt a chill throughout his body and an erection was growing in him, he was panting looking directly at the alpha, who just smiled at him.

The older one pulled out a clamp causing a scream in the omega, it hit him firmly on the chest with a cry that fascinated the alpha. And his mouth attacked his rosy chest, his tongue played with it. They are sucking on the omega's breast her legs were on her hips and her fingers were going in and out of the wet hole.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at the pleasure, but he needed more, he was in need, his claws sank into the alpha's shoulders who, while sucking on the breast, looked at him confused.

“alpha...I need more please...”

Taehyung olympically ignored him, sucking on the breast again while burying his fingers deeper into the younger's wet and dripping hole, he was clenching his toes in pleasure. Jungkook sighed softly and moaned uncontrollably, he liked it as much as the alpha was touching him, he had never felt like this with someone.

But he was screaming too, he needed the alpha's cock, he wanted to be so penetrated and mistreated by the older man, he wanted to feel so full of his cum.

“H—hyungie p-please fill me up with your puppies, please, please alpha, I want you to leave me so full and battered, I'm open for you just fuck me, please a-alpha..”

And who was Taehyung to say no? Nobody was him.

Taehyung growled and yanked his fingers from the omega, another loud and painful gasp escaped Jungkook's lips, small tears in his eyes he grimaced.

“You're adorable” Taehyung flatters caressing the younger's cheeks.

Jungkook smiles happily at the compliment, he loved it when they said nice things to him and more if it was someone he liked. His back arched so fast as he felt the alpha enter him bottoming out, he covered his mouth with both hands and stifled a painful gasp as he clenched inside in pain.

“Tell me when you're ready”

Jungkook nodded taking his hands out of his mouth and placing it on the shoulders of the alpha who went down to his other breast, slowly removing the clamp and licking the reddish and pretty breast, He sucked it, bit it and pulled it when he heard Jungkook gasp, leaving hickeys all over the omega's small breast.

After several more minutes Jungkook moved his hips giving him permission to move and Taehyung soon thrust into the omega's anxious hole.

While he sucked and touched both of the omega's breasts, he penetrated and abused the omega's weak prostate, he moaned loudly and his sweet vanilla aroma was very cloying for the alpha.

“More more, I want more, oh y-yes! U-uhm!! Alpha likes me so much!”

Taehyung stopped abruptly and Jungkook complained at the emptiness inside and the lack of attention from her breasts, he sighed softly trying to understand the alpha's sudden change.

Taehyung sat on the couch, his cock still red and raised as hell, so big, Jungkook was dying to have it inside him. Taehyung patted his lap indicating that he mount it, Jungkook soon almost jumped on top of the older one, with happiness.

The eager omega lined up the dripping cock in her hole and fell on her over and over again, enjoying the pleasure and feeling so full. Taehyung took his hips and helped him ride him so well, while he licked her breasts and bit them at will with a smile, enjoying the inside of the omega. He was intoxicated with the minor's soft, high-pitched moans, he was struggling not to fuck him against the wall.

“¡O—oh my!” Jungkook gasped as he felt he was reaching his climax, he kept riding the alpha's big cock as if his life depended on it, his little eyes rolled back in pleasure, so cute.

“Damn you're not going to cum yet” Taehyung whispered in his ear and pushed causing him to fall backwards on the sofa, Jungkook groaned trying to get up.

But it was in vain because Taehyung had grabbed another toy that they had on the floor of the sofa, a vibrator, had turned it on to 100 and put it on Jungkook's cock, he squirmed.

“Hyungie, no! it hurts much!”

The sighs were getting smaller, his vision was clouded by pleasure, his hole was getting so tight and its liquid was dripping out of itself looking for something to fill it, it was being very painful.

“P—please alpha, fuck me, I won't take it anymore..”

Taehyung smiled at what he said and I don't hesitate to play again for the minor's sanity, he had put the plastic cock back in him, Jungkook arched looking to feel fuller. He didn't feel satisfied enough with that, so he tried to pull Taehyung with his legs trying to get him to understand.

“hm? what's wrong sweetie? what do you want?”

“Your dick, I want your dick filling me all over, I just want your dick and not that fucking alpha plastic...”

That had been provocative enough for the alpha that without removing the dildo he entered the omega, Jungkook gasped at that, two cocks in him was something he never imagined.

Taehyung moved and at the same time moved the dildo next to him, Jungkook's wet hole opened too much before the attacks of both cocks, he felt in heaven with such pleasure, he couldn't take it anymore.

“h—hyung..this is so..”

And nothing else could be heard because Taehyung silenced him in a voracious kiss, Jungkook plunged his arms into the alpha's neck while their tongues fought for dominance.

Taehyung kept moving inside the omega, his cock fit perfectly inside Jungkook, but the dildo was starting to bother him, so he gently pulled it out and threw it to the ground. Smiling he continued to kiss his omega and his cock inside wet, he gasped hoarsely when he felt close, Jungkook moaned softly waiting for his hyung to fuck him like an animal.

And it passed, his attacks became stronger and stronger, his little Bambi eyes rolled back as he felt himself being manhandled a thousand more times in his prostate, his little mouth forming an “O” from how well he was being filled.

“¡A-h, U-uh, H—hyun..¡Oh TaeTae!”

“Shit, you squeeze like hell..” the alpha gasps, slapping the omega's buttocks.

“I'm going a-ah! Hyungie!”

Jungkook ran over his abdomen and the older man's abdomen, followed by Taehyung who gave more thrusts until he completely filled the omega.

Taehyung sighed heavily and kissed the omega under him so he wouldn't scream too much with the intensity of the knot.

Minutes later Taehyung came out of the interior of the minor with an evil smile when he saw how the semen came out of the wet hole and fell on the sofa, such a dripping and delicious hole. Just by seeing him, Taehyung wanted to make him his again, and he didn't stop since many things happened that night, including a bite mark on his neck.

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