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A man named Harry Watson decided to paint his house that day, and in order to do so he had to take off his clothes, so that he didn't have no paint on them, as he was told by his wife Jane. Now taking off all his clothes, he pretended to put on some extra clothes that were invisible to the eye, as he got the painting the house. Then as he painted the house, his neighbors and friend where all fascinated by the fact that he painted the house very well until it took young boys and girls, even a girl name Julia to point out that Harry was painting his house naked. The truth finally came out that the attention from the people both men and women and wife in the neighborhood is not on the house that Harry painted, but how he looked when he painted the house, and that was completely naked.

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Outside Painting

There was this guy name Harry Watson that was living in a house with his wife Jane, which was in desperate need of painting, as he spent most of the time looking at the house every time he came home from work from his job at Home Depot. One day him and his wife Jane came outside, as they both saw the house together as the wife saw what her husband had saw. "Harry honey, this house really is in desperate need of a paint Job" said Jane his wife, as Harry said to his wife "Your right Jane dear, I must paint over this house and make it look good" as his wife looked at him saying to him, "Harry dear, that is a good idea, but remember dear, if you are going to paint the house make sure you don't get your clothes all dirty with paint" as she didn't want any paint to come on his clothes.

The next day came as it was his off day, the day that he is going to paint his house, as he got out of bed saying good morning to his wife. He got up, took a shower, took breakfast that his wife cooked, kissed his wife and hopped into his truck going to Home Depot to buy some paint to paint the house. Three hour later after Harry had bought the paints, he came home ready to paint the house. The wife then came out of the house as she saw her husband come out of the truck with the paints to paint the house.

"Whoa honey!!, you are home and ready to paint the house" said Jane as Harry came to the front of his house ready to paint. "Ok honey ready to paint the house," said Harry, as he went into the house to get his roller brush and paint brush. Then as he came out of the house all ready to paint the house, his wife saw him with his clothes on and reminded him, "Harry honey remember, you shouldn't get any paint on your clothes," as Harry then said "oh yes dear, Thanks for reminding me," and as Harry said that, he took off all of his clothes Infront of his wife including his underwear, and pretended to put on his other clothes. "Ok honey ready to paint the house" as he stood in front his wife with nothing on. Then as Harry stood there in front of his wife, his wife looked at him from head to toe and said, "I see you are all dressed up to paint the house" as Harry told her "Oh yes I am, now let me get started on the house" as his wife laughed looking at him.

"What is so funny Jane" said Harry, as his wife told him, "Nothing Harry" as she looked at him and went back into the house. Harry with the paints and paint brushes, started on the house, as he started to paint the front of his house first.

There Harry was painting the house as they were people both men and women that pass by to see him painting his house. "Hey morning Harry, I see that you are painting the house" said a lady name Mary, "hey Morning, Harry painting the house I see," said George, her husband as they both saw Harry painting the front of his house. "Good morning, Mary and George, yes as you can see, as I'm looking to do the whole house" said Harry to the couple with paint on him. "Well Harry keep it up" said Mary as Harry told them "Thanks, well, I got to continue on painting the house, bye," as the couple continued to walk down the street as they told Harry bye. Harry with the rolling bush in hand as he finished painting the front of his house, now started to do the right side of his house, as he painted the right side of his house, dipping the rolling brush in the paint, painting it. Then as Harry continued painting that side of the house, Bill next door and his daughter was outside as they both saw Harry painting the right side of his house. "Morning Harry, you are doing a good job on the house painting it" said Bill as his daughter Karen said "yes Mr. Watson, you doing a good job painting the house" as Harry painted house while the father and daughter looked on "Thank you Bill and Karen, doing the best that I can do" said Harry as he painted the house. Then as the father and daughter looked on at Harry painting the house, Bill's wife Megan then came out to see what her husband and daughter were looking at next door.

Then as Megan came out to her family to what they were looking at, she saw Harry outside still painting the house. Then as Megan saw Harry outside painting the house, she said, "Hello Harry it looks to me that someone is doing a good job on the house with the painting, keep up the painting, it looks really good" as Harry still painted his house as he told Megan, "Thanks Megan, I do the best I would and work my hardest at it" as Harry continued on painting. Then as the family looked on at Harry painting the house, Karen the daughter looked at Harry's body and his private parts as she asked "Mom! Dad!!, is it me, or do I see Harry here painting his house naked?" as she saw him with no clothes on. "Karen Leave Harry alone, don't you see Harry is busy painting his house" said the father Bill as he didn't want to believe his daughter. "Dad, I can definitely see Mr. Watson's schlong and scrotum" as Karen told her father what she is looking at. "You have to believe me, I can clearly see Harry's schlong in plain sight, it's right there" said Karen as she pointed at Harry's penis. "That is its Karen go back in the house and leave Harry to be painting his house" said Megan the mother as Karen obeyed her parents and went inside the house. "I'm sorry about our daughter's outburst" said Megan, as Harry then said "that is quite alright" as he continued painting his house as the couple told him bye and went back in their house.

Harry as he finished the side of his house, he then proceeded to go to the back of his house and painted it. Then as Harry painted the back of his house, he used the roller brush as a quicker way to do the house. While Harry continued on painting the house, a boy next door saw Harry outside painting, as he looked at Harry's Appearance with eyes wide open, as he shouted, "Daddy there is a guy next door painting his house naked," as the father came out to see what his son was talking about. "Hey morning Harry, I hope my son here isn't bothering you" said the father, as Harry responded by saying "Oh not at all Ben," as the boy sees Harry in the nude. "Dad, you got to believe me, he is naked, and I can his manhood and scrotum" as the father had enough of what his son said, as he says to him "go in the house right now Brad" as the son said "but dad" as the father said "but nothing, now go" as the son went in the house. "The house looks good Harry as you paint it" as Harry told him "thank you," as he kept on panting.

There Harry was, as he painted the back of his house as he spent an hour painting it. Painting the house, he was visited by a young girl name Julia wearing overalls, a shirt and sneakers in the neighborhood as she came to the back of the house skipping very happily. "Hi Mr. Watson, how are you?" asked Julia, as she saw the house being painted. "I could see the house is being painted very well Mr. Watson" said Julia as she then started to skip around Harry as she looked at Harry's appearance. "Harry question," said the girl Julia, as Harry asked Julia, "and what is the question you ask?" as the young girl Julia then went onto asking him, "why are you painting your house naked?" as she then took one glance at his junk and then at his face to wait for and answer. "Julia, what foolishness are you asking me little girl?, I'm wearing my clothes as you could see," as the girls looked at Harry's body, and then at his genitalia, as she said to him, "well that is the problem, I see nothing but that winky and those two tennis balls without a racket," as the girl still glanced at his junk surprised at the delusion of Harry. "Why are staring at my privates young lady?," said Harry, as Julia looked at him and said, "I'm sorry I thought you had clothes on," as Harry then told here, "well I'm here painting if you don't mind," as Julia looked on Harry's nudity and walked away saying, "well see yah, I will leave you and your birthday suit alone," as she went away from the house.

On that same day, Harry had painted his house, and finished it. When finished the house he went out to the front of it, just to see to young ladies at the front of his house. "Hello Harry, I see that you have finished the house, and that your ding, dong is showing," said one of the ladies, as the other one said, "I see you have a lot of paint on you, I see you've worked hard on your house it looks good," as Harry then said, "why thank you ladies," as their attention went back on him. "Come on Chistine, don't see Harry's genitals showing," said Briea, "well Briea it looks like he need a shower from all that paint that is own him. Then as the ladies still looked at him, Harry standing finish painting his house then asked to the ladies, "don't you have some jogging to do, as the girl looked at him and said, "yes we are, but what we are looking at is way better. Then Harry saw Julia the same girl he saw earlier coming to the house again as she said to the two ladies Christine and Briea, "I see you two notice that Harry is naked," as the ladies looked at Harry and said, "oh yes he is," as Harry saw the other people that he saw earlier that day looking at him. "Look everyone, I've finished re-painting my house," said Harry as Julia then pointed at Harry, and told everyone, "Look everyone at Harry, he has no clothes on," as all the people then looked at Harry and started to laugh standing there thinking that he had clothes on, but didn't. Then his wife came out as she said, "What is all this noise out here?' as she saw the people laughing at Harry.

"Honey, what is so funny that everyone is laughing?" asked Harry, to his wife, "well Harry honey, it's because your naked out here," said Janet to her husband. Then Harry said to the people with his hand on his hips, "Well you all can laugh at much as you want, for I have finished painting my house, now if you would excuse me, I'm going inside to relax," said Harry, as he put away his paints and paint brush. Later in the evening Harry was reading a book on the patio, as his wife came out to the patio to him. "Honey, you have a guest," said Jane, as Julia came to the house. "Hello Mr. Watson," as Harry put down his book and got up from his chair. "Julia what are you doing here young girl," as Julia took one look at Harry's appearance as she said, "well I'm here because I wanted to take a look at the same thing that you were wearing today when you were painting the house, and that is nothing," as she took a look at his junk again. There was a gathering at Harry and his wife's house as people came over and laughed at Harry as he got embarrassed, as Harry still wore the same thing that he was painting his house in, and that was nothing.

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