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Luisa Noceda begins her new semester at Hexside Academy with her friends Erich, son of Willow, and Penelope, daughter of Boscha. Everything seems fine at first, however, a mysterious evil soon emerges when Palisman goes missing. Is it the return of Belos, or something even worse? Lumity

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Chapter 1:The Good witch Luisa

r (Hexside Academy, Principal Collector’s office. )

Luisa Noceda, Erich Blight, and Penelope Wormwood all sat in the principal’s office.

The door behind them opened and the three students gripped there chairs as they heard every step their principal took until he sat down.

Penelope tried to say something but Principal Collector put up his finger to silence the student. The Collector’s Palisman, Ghost jumped onto her master’s desk. She rubbed herself against his arm and purred as he scratched her behind the ears. Ghost then laid down on the desk.

Erich always found it strange that his aunt Amity’s first Palisman, Ghost had changed partners, that was unheard of in history-“

Erich’s thoughts were interrupted when Principal collector began to speak.

“So instead of waiting until tomorrow with the rest of your classmates, you three decided to go ahead and sneak into the Palisman paddock and get yours early, Eh?”

The three looked away.

“We weren’t going to take them, Sir. We were just gonna see if we matched with any of them.” Luisa said.

“And why wouldn’t you?”

Luisa looked down, she didn’t want to tell her own Mother’s former student why she did it.

“Luisa,I’m waiting.”

“I….just couldn’t wait.” Luisa lied and she could tell her Principal and adopted uncle knew she was lying.

“Is that so?”

All the air in her lungs went out as she heard that familiar voice. She turned around and saw her mother, Luz Noceda herself along with Penelope’s mother Boscha as well Erich’s Aunt, Amity Blight.

The three looked at their family members before looking back at their principal.

“Oh did I forget to tell you three I called your parents?”

The collector then got up and ghost quickly turned into her staff form before The collector grabbed her, he stopped at the window and looked out at the fire that was slowly being put out on the quad.

“Normally I would punish you three for the Damage you’ve done to my school but I know your parents will punish you three a lot worse than I ever could so I bid you three good day.”

The collector walked out of his office leaving the three children with their guardians.

The three adults and three children looked at each other for a moment. Both groups were silent until Erich tried to speak up.

“Um Aunt Amity, I…”

“Nope,” Amity replied.

Erich sat back down.

Luz walked around and sat at her former pupil’s desk and faced the three.

“So you three thought you could just sneak a peak at the Palisman did you?” Luz asked.

The three looked down and all answered at the same time: Yes, Mrs. Nocada.

“ Penelope! I can’t believe you’d do something so idiotic. Do you realize what that’ll do to my business’s reputation?” Boscha said.

“Boscha, calm down. Let’s let our kids at least say their peace before we punish them.”

Boscha glared at Amity and then looked right back down at her daughter.

“Well? Tell us.” Luz said as she stared her daughter straight in the eyes.

“Tell us why you three couldn’t wait.”

Luisa sighed.

“Mom, this is all my fault. I’m please don’t punish Erich and Penelope. They were trying to stop me from doing this.”

“Finally the truth. You should have just let her get in trouble instead of getting involved.” Boscha said before looking down at her daughter.

“Boscha, open your fat mouth again and I promise I’ll have Choo-Choo here seal your mouth shut,” Luz said as she held up her Swan Palisman.

Boscha glared at Luz and then at Amity.

“Don’t think your blameless in this either, Amity. I heard about the fight your trouble-making nephew had with Mary’s son, Roland.”

“Roland started it,” Erich mumbled.

“Hush young man,” Amity said to her nephew before looking back at Boscha and rolling up her sleeves.

“What are you doing?” Boscha asked.

“I’m rolling up my sleeves so I can kick your ass, that’s why. No one and I mean no one talks down to my Nephew!”

“Stop!” Luisa said before getting out of her seat and facing the three adults.

“Before you punish us, at least hear us out on how this all started.”

One of Luz’s eyebrows went up.

“Really? Well go ahead, tell us.”

This was good, once they heard what happened they would have to realize that while she and her friends were bad but it was for the greater good.

“Ok, so it started yesterday morning.”

(Flashback, Nocada residence, New Bonesborough)

Luisa’s bedroom lay surprisingly neat around it hung Willow’s autographed, Flyer Derby poster. Various books on Magical creatures lined her bookshelf and at the foot of her bed was a cushy Palisman bed.

Luisa came out of her closet,

in her Hexside Academy uniform, her sleeves and pants were the color of the Beast keeping Coven with a side track of the abomination coven. A tiny Abomination handed her a hair brush.

“Thank you, Maurice.”

Luisa outstretched her arm and Maurice went up her arm and her neck and melted onto her hair making a purple streak. She then got out her scroll phone and looked at the calendar, it was just one more day and she would have her own Palisman. She walked out of her room and downstairs into the living room.

“Well, you look happy.”

Luisa turned to see her mother, Luz Noceda. Luz had aged well. Her hair was shoulder length in a ponytail with slight grey steak like her mother had, she wore a Mint green colored Sweater with the words Witch with a Dark side, and she also wore dark cargo shorts and dark brown sandals. Luz was sitting near the dinner table with her swan Palisman, Choo-Choo.

Luisa smiled confidently and pointed at her mother.

“You would be correct, Mother. For I am one day away from meeting my Palisman/ Best Friend for life. I wonder what I’m gonna get? Maybe something strange but cool like a platypus or a Cassowary or maybe a grizzly bear. That would teach Roland to stay away from my crew.

“Luisa, that’s not what getting a palisman is about. It’s about your growth as a witch as well as making a true bond that will last the rest of your life. You have to be open to whatever it is.”

“I will Mom, I promise. It could be something gross like a tarantula and we’d still be the best of friends Evan with its gross four eyes and disgusting mouth fingers and-“

Luz tapped her fingers on her daughter’s back in the way a tarantula would crawl up a human’s back.


Luisa slipped and fell over. As she was getting up she heard her mother laughing.

“It’s not funny, Mom.”

Luz’s palisman, Choo-Choo whistled a few times at Luisa.

“Thank you, Choo-Choo.”

Luisa then lovingly rubbed the swan’s head.

“At least I have one ally in this family.”

Luz rolled her eyes. Her daughter had always been touchy. She then got up and kissed her daughter on the forehead.

“Ew Mom, c’mon I’m 13 That’s too old for my mom to give me kisses.”

“You are never too old to be kissed by your mamá. Now go to school and have a good day.”

Luisa nodded then grabbed her bag before walking out the door. Luz watched her daughter run down the street and made sure her daughter was out of the neighborhood.

Choo-Choo whistled a few times before he bent his long neck down and opened a small drawer that revealed a Palisman egg inside, this was no ordinary egg though. This was none other than String-Bean’s egg. Her beloved Palisman had been severely wounded shortly after Belos’s death. She had survived but unfortunately had had to stay in egg form ever since. Luz had waited so long for String-Bean to hatch but after so many years of waiting, she had begun to lose hope then one morning, she noticed a small crack in the egg, she brought it to Eberwolf as well as the Palisman expert, Astrid the Dwarf. They had both told her that the egg was close to hatching, it would need a willing companion to finally drive the snake changer out.

Luz was interrupted by her thoughts when she heard the whistle of her second Palisman, Choo-Choo.

Luz smiled then rubbed the swan Palisman’s chin. She was too old to take String-Bean back as her partner besides Choo-Choo got too jealous but she was sure Luisa and String-Bean would be the perfect team.

Choo-Choo grabbed the egg and flew it over to the couch before gently sitting on it.

Luz did more the chuckle but all out laughed.

“Choo-Choo, no. You're a boy bird, you don’t sit on the egg.” Luz said in between laughs.

“Since your so attached to that egg why don’t you bring it to Hexside and put it amongst the Palisman?

(Hexside Academy)

Luisa took a Deep breath before sitting down at the front bench. She was gonna pull out her water bottle out of her bag but couldn’t find it anywhere.

“Great, I must’ve left it at home.”

“Wanna sip of mine?”

Luisa looked up and happily saw her best female friend, Penelope with a water bottle.

Luisa took one more deep breath then gladly excepted the bottle before drinking a generous portion of the water before realizing it wasn’t water, but a flavored sports drink.

“Eww, what is this?” Luisa asked.

“ It’s fruit punch sports drink, it’s better at hydrating you than regular water ya know.”

“I’ll stick with water over Sugars and high fructose corn syrup. Thank you.”

“ For your information it’s a zero with no sugar not to mention they stopped putting high fructose corn syrup in a few years ago so maybe check your facts before you start talking, just saying.”

Penelope handed her sports drink back to her friend, who reluctantly took it, and took another sip.

“Where’s Erich? He’s usually here before us.” Luisa asked.

“His parents are doing work in the colonies so he’s staying with his aunt again, he should be here any minute.”

As Penelope said this the two saw none other than their friend Erich Blight being dropped off by his Aunt Amity.

Erich got off his Aunt’s Donkey Palisman staff.

“Have a good day, Erich,” Amity said before noticing a food stain on her nephew’s cheek. She licked her thumb and then wiped the stain off of her Nephew’s cheek.

“Ugh, Aunt Amity, stop. Everyone can see us.” Erich said.

“Trust me, going into school looking your best gives a good impression on your instructors. That will help you when you get older, trust me.” Amity said matter of factly to her Nephew.

Luisa and Penelope waved and Amity happily waved back.

“See ya home later miss Amity.”

Amity blushed before flying away.

“Why was she blushing when you said that?” Erich asked as he walked over to his friends.

“Your aunt and My mom have been going on dates whenever I’m out with you guys or at the orphanage with Professor Eberwolf. The only reason I even found out was because they’re both not that great at hiding it.”

“ if you already know then why are they hiding it?” Penelope asked.

“ I don’t know, part of me thinks it’s because my mom thinks I won’t like that she’s with someone else besides, my dad.”

“Do you feel that way?” Erich asked in a sympathetic tone while trying to put a comforting hand on his friend's shoulder.

“Maybe a tiny part of me that does but a way bigger part of me knows that he would want her to be happy…I do too. Maybe I’ll bring this up after the Palisman ceremony tomorrow. Hey Erich, since you stay with your Aunt so much and if she moves in maybe you’ll be living with us too, we’ll be housemates.”

Erich blushed like Tamato.

“I ugh….”

Erich was interrupted by the school bell.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you guys at lunch,” Luisa said before running into the building and towards the Beast-keeping coven room. Erich was about to walk towards the Skald Coven room but Penelope grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back.

“What was that?” Penelope asked her friend.

“What was what?”

“Your half-assed attempt to comfort Isa. C’mon Erich, you gotta try harder with her.”

Now Erich was blushing again.

“I don’t know what you're talking about.”

“ Come off it, Erich. We both know you’ve had a crush on her since we were all in Diapers. Maybe you need a little help from Someone who knows about love.”

Erich looked disbelievingly at Penelope.

“So you're the love expert I’m assuming?”

“ you bet your sweet Bippy I am, if I got my mom and stepmom together, I can get you two together.”

The second bell rang and the two went to their covens Erich went to the skáld coven an offshoot of the Bard coven that used their magical abilities to tell great stories with their music while Penelope went to the plant magic coven.

As everyone went inside the school an unknown figure looked out from atop the highest tower on the school. The figure was a tall 14-year-old boy with pale blue eyes and bright orange hair. He looked down at the entrance for a moment before going back into the shadows. He jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he found the Palisman paddock there were several Palisman either resting or playing with each other, and none of them were paying attention to him. He turned back around and hid behind a pillar as he saw an enormous Swan Palisman flying into the paddock, it held a blue sack in its beak and gently laid in the middle of the paddock. The sack fell away and was revealed to be a Palisman egg. The teen boy’s eyes went wide as he saw it. He’d seen numerous Palisman but never one in its egg form.

One of the Palisman a pangolin walked up to the swan and made a grunting noise.

That swan made a whistle before flying away. He wanted to grab the egg and examine it but he knew he couldn’t, it would draw too much attention…he would be back though.

As the figure left the paddock String-Bean’s egg began to crack more.

(Deep below the school)

The figure finally reached the closest thing to a home he had ever known underneath the school. He opened the door and found his creator, Kikimora at work making a special salve.

Kikimora noticed her creation walking in and then turned away.

“You're empty-handed…I’m starting to wonder why I keep you around, Experiment 105.”

Experiment 105 stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to be a slightly altered clone of Philip Wittebane, one of the few differences was this Philip had bright orange hair, a gap in his front teeth like Hunter did, and had Heterochromia with his right eye being green and left eye being Brown.

Experiment 105 knew exactly why he was kept around, he was the only normal, looking one among the three of them. After Belos’s death, Kikimora had been severely wounded in a battle with Luz the Human. Nearly the Entire left side of her face was gone all that was left of it was an extremely thin layer of skin covering a practically visible skull, there were still parts of her head, where you could see a white skull. He hadn’t known how after all these years since that battle she was still alive, without dying from some horrific infection. Then there was his Twin Brother Philip. He and Philip had been created on the same day but their bodies had taken longer than expected to begin to age and grow, this was why he and his brother were only 14 years old in appearance however, just because they were twin brothers did not make them identical. Experiment 105 could pass as a normal 14-year-old boy and often he felt like he was but his brother Philip had not been so lucky, he had unfortunately inherited the genetic mutations that the original Belos had suffered from in his later life, he was often sick like there predecessor and was barely able to keep a humanoid form, which was why Experiment 105 came in. Since he looked normal he was able to go out and capture Palisman and bring them to his ailing brother. Secretly, he was happy now that he hadn’t grabbed the egg, his brother wouldn’t be able to resist feasting upon it.

“How is he ?” Experiment 105 asked.

“He’s not well. Your brother has been vomiting for nearly an hour. Why haven’t you come back with anything for him?!”

“There were too many people around, Kiki. I couldn’t just grab one off the side of the street while its partner wasn’t looking.”

“ Don’t give me your excuses! You’ve been lackadaisical lately. What’s wrong Experiment 105, getting soft?”

Experiment 105 got in her face.

“Stop calling me that! My name is Pep!”

“You haven’t earned a name.”

“And Philip has? He’s done nothing in the fourteen we’ve been alive but be sick and suck up to you meanwhile, I’m the only one who can get us food, water, and all the other stuff you need for your experiments. I deserve your reverence, not Philip.”

Kikimora scoffed.

“Your nothing like your father. You remind me more and more like his traitorous turncoat Nephew, The former golden guard himself.”

“I’m not like that!”

“Then prove it! Bring me Palisman for your brother.”

“Fine….let me see him first though.”

“Oh no you do-“

Pep pushed Kikimora out of the way! He made sure to touch the injured part of her face to cause the maximum amount of pain. He smiled to himself as he heard her pained squeal as he walked to Philip’s room.

He opened the door and found his brother, Philip laying on his cot. The smell coming from the vomit bucket made Pep want to gag but he kept it in for his brother’s sake.


Philip turned over to face his brother, he had the same basil-green scar running across his face and down his neck like their father.

“Pep did-“

Philip stopped talking and began to vomit violently into the nearby bucket.

“I couldn’t get you any Palisman….but I’m going out again to find you more.”

Philip stopped vomiting for a moment and looked up at his Twin.

“Thank you Pep.”

Philip then took a few deep breaths before talking again.

“I won’t be this sick weakling forever, Brother. One day I will be just as powerful if not more so than our father, Emperor Belos. When that day comes we will live like kings and-“

Philip stopped talking when he began to vomit again.

Pep rubbed his brother’s back before getting up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back with a fresh Palisman for you soon.”

To be continued

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