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Words Of The Same

A girl growing in the community and in the world, enjoying the growth of her accomplishments pertaining to academics. She is much like a baby still. Meaning that her mind is nothing but a sponge. She listens and learns from everything around her. Rather it be mathematics, history, language, and so on. She is especially vulnerable of learning superstitions, urban legends, and so forth. As she grows in this world she becomes of age to allow her skills to be useful as an applicant.

Because her growth seemed to be sublime and aced most of her endeavors. She seeked to embark this mission at the age of sixteen. She was hired right away, due to her pleasant attributes and succeeded every since. As perfect as this girl may have seemed. She still had her own personal struggles. As she worked and finished school she taught herself how to love herself humbly as she still reached for her goals.

Looking back she is unable to date a specific lesson. It is bad luck and unreasonable to say the very word never!

As she grew up she heard this more and more. The moral of the story was even there when her friends weren't with their parents or any adults. They fairly and frequently visited this topic. It was a saught after truth! Afterall, it was a lifetime old urban legend.

Years had passed as her and the world still follow such belief. At this point she has lived a full and what some may call a successful life. Looking back on her life, she believes that there is very little that she hasn't done! She honestly has no need for a bucket list, and fights to live out her accomplishments.

As she's almost forty years old. She amazes herself, because at this point her abilities are world changing. She takes pride in her endeavors, and often finds herself in deep thought.

One day she thinks to herself as she always does. If I will not ever do something? Isn't that I will never do that same thing. She ponders a while. Yes, ever can be infinite as never is the same. So she realizes that ever is never, especially if you won't ever do something!

She wishes the world to use this realization in the same format and grow from such ridiculous barriers. As she knows in order to use this analogy and mean it to it's best and actual term. You must be secure and mature enough to mean it no matter what!

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Viviandria Haddix Literature and Language has always been my "A"

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Alicia Forry Alicia Forry
Very nice!
September 23, 2023, 03:08
VH Vernice Haddix
Nice. Life has a way of enabling success by adjusting or eliminating barriers of Ever Never.
June 29, 2023, 14:31