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A lone town deep in the woods… Far away from salvation…. Trying to survive each night….. for there’s danger that lurks in the darkness……. BE AWARE

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When darkness falls

pinewood creak; a small town far away from civilisation deep in the woods in the 1920's.... This town is known for its miraculous healers but for night time everything changes.

As the moon rises high in the sky, the townsfolks of pinewood creak locked themselves away in their homes; hoping that they would be safe from the dangers that venture outside on a full moon night. For it was on such nights that the creatures of the forest roamed free - the werewolves.

Sitting by the window unaware of the dangers outside. Gael; the yougest son of the Nelson's family plays recklessly with his toys as the rain gushes through the window, Gael then giggles wipping away the raindrops from his face. He then puts one out of his plenty action figures he have in a small box on the floor beside him on the window side, walking it along to the legde, pretending to fire at the rain drops. Suddenly a high pitch howling coming from the depps of the dark wet foggy woods frightens Gael, dropping the action figure out the window. Ohh no! Gael cry; stretching through the window to retreive the toy. Sticking out his tough determinedly.

Geal!! Get away from there!! Mr Nelson shouted as he run towards the window. Before Mr Nelson could say another word he stand still for a moment terrified of the sight he sees infront of him. Flipping hell! its the beast! He cried out in his mind. He started moving faster towards the window hoping that he would protect his son intime.

storming towards Gael not realizing the horror which had taken place before his eyes... The massive creature in the form of a wolf but body like a human, dark hairy furr, long sharpe claws and fangs and piercing nasel green eyes. The creature launches towards Gael in a flash, graded him by the neck, ripping him apart limb from limb spilling blood everywhere. Jacob stood there motionless watching the wolf like creature devour his son; suddenly the beast stops, looks at Jacob then looks at his wife and daughter standing in the corner of the room shaking in fear. Jacob quickly realize that the creature is going to attack.

heyyy! over here! Jacob shouted to get the beast attention

The beast quickly turns to Jacob groulling as Jacob hold a pump rifle towards the beast aiming for its head. Bang, bang. Jacob shoots at it... brusing it on the ear.... before he could take another blow at it the beast launchs at him drives its claws through Jacob's shoulder then storms off out the window leaving Jacob stunned by the attack. Darn it; I sweared i had that DYAM thing. How could i have missed. Jacob said in disbelief.

Looking back at his family... seeing them in fear he quickly went over to comfort them.

A few weeks had past since that rainly night of the attack on the town....No one knew how the curse had come upon their town, but they knew it had been there for generations. The townsfolk still terrified of those strange beast; because they knew everynight at moonfall the beast will come; especially the Nelson's family.... Night by night Jacob fought to keep his family safe while he mourns his sons death. But he knows that he must go on so he could focus and unsure his family's safety.

Since then, everyone tries their best to protect each other and repear the damages being done every night.

however everyone is trying their best to prepare for tonight, for tonight is the fullmoon in which the beast will get stronger; transforming into something like no other, craving for flesh, ripping apart anthing in sight. Thats the moment that Jacob have been waiting for. The chance again to come one on one with that vile creature that killed his son.

Soon its was night fall, the sky is gloomy and wet with little drew rain. A precher then quickly came out of a small wooden cabin build as a church ringing a small hand bell to alert the towns people that its time to get inside. Everyone started packing up their stuff to quickly get inside while Jacob stood and watch them then stirred into the depps of the woods; awaiting the beast to return..... Standing at the front door with his pump rifle, paying no attention to the people out side moving rapidly to the safety of their home he look back at his wife Martha and his daughter Emily sitting by the small fire side trying to get warm.

It has been awhile..... fog filled the towns air making it hard to see anything but still the place is quiet. The trees are motionless, not even a sound of the wind nor the birds sing. Its as if something had scared them off.

knowing this Jacob thought that the creatures must be near; Jacob suddenly feel weary and his eyes were blurry as if he is about to lose consiousness.... the moon begins to come out as Jacob glances at it, lost in it's glow; then suddenly he hears tromping, like a herd moving at massive pace coming towards him but when he look outside nothing was there. What the heck! How could this be?! Jacob said to him self. I swear i hearrrrd......Ahhh! Jacob squiled in pain holding his head... his wife saw him in discomfort and quickly run to him asking him whats wrong. He then complains about the terrible pain he's feeling in his head. Martha then took his hand wanting to comfort him as best as she can but before she could do anything else Jacob hands started to grow larger as thick dark brown hair cover his entire arm. Martha shivers in disbelief trying to understand whats happening while she trys to pull away from the monstosity unfolding in front of her. At this point Jacob fully transformed into one of the wolf like creatures in the woods..... In this moment Martha is on the floor crawling, trying to get away from the monster before her eyes while he wasn't paying attention to her. Little did she know Jacob was watching her all along. Even though he is confuse of whats happening, his senses are extremely high and sensitive. With out thinking Jacob lanches at Martha, grabbing her leg with his enormous hand, gragging her on the wooden floor, ripping apart her long peach colored dress, brusing her beautiful dark colored skin..... finally he stops , hovering over her wanting to stop this madness he's doing but sadly he have no control over his body, all he could feel is rage. He then raises his hand... picturing the sight of sinking his long sharpe fang in to her, ripping her from limb to limb, blood splattering everywhere.... Hmmm he grinned in his mind lushing over his desire... YES! he screamed out in his head; aiming to take the attack on his wife...... NOOO!! Please dont hurt mom! Please. Jacob's daughter crys out. Stunned by her little vioce speaking out, he quickly turn around to see his daughter standing right behind him, tears flowing down her small cheeks, unable to control her emotions. Seeing this Jacob heart melts, he then slowly gets from over his wife, holding his head voilently, piercing his claws into his flesh, trying to rip off the skin that know difine who he is. Excausted he finally stops; looks at his only family he have left in this world (Long ago the creatures killed Jacobs mother, father and siblings; only he servives). After taking the last look at his family he turn to the window, jumps though it, speeding towards the woods.

Running deep in the woods, not knowning where to go; the moon goes down as the sun starts to set. Jacob wailing in pain; changing back to his human form. from a distance he could feel something watching him... finally he change back into his lusious image of a human. Nude and cold Jacob decides to squat down by a large oak tree; then he saw a man and a young boy coming out from the bushes towards him...... About to get up and run away they stop him... Wait! we only want to talk.... You're just like us. A werewolf.... Are you may have called it the creatures of the night. Stunned Jacob wonder what to do but before he could do anything the boy shift his face in to the wolf proving that his telling the truth.... From there on the took Jacob to their villiage in the woods, teach him their ways, showing him how to control his shifts.

He lived with the werewolfs over the past few year... trying to find his way.. knowing that he could never return to his wife nor daughter but still when to see them from a distance he watched. Heartbroken.

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