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Queen Esmeray was a Lovely, beautiful, and kind young lady. Even when she was 5 everyone knew she would grow up beautiful then any other lady alive. She was given the name 'elegance princess' which her friend found cute and Esmeray not so much. Even if Esmeray didn't want to become Queen and get married but she had to. She is the only child and the heir to the throne she has no choice. She knows why every lord wants her because of her beauty and not really for love. That's what Esmeray hates the most about men. But her life isn't going to be a good one after all the heartbreak she was going through. But then she decided to take a page out of her future husband's book and be cruel to other people. Her family, friends, and children couldn't stop her from being someone she isn't. But she was just seeing the world was even more cruel from taking the people she loves away from her. Her family was gone, some of her children were gone, husband was gone. The only two things that were remaining were her friend and her other children that are alive. Nothing was able to save her from her insanity no one was. Even if people did try they only end up dead in the end. People did believe that Queen Esmeray was taking what she did too far. But some people understand the pain and suffering she went through at such a young age. What do you think about Queen Esmeray? Was she doing the right thing or a good thing.

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Princess Esmeray

"This is the life of Queen Esmeray Perez and the many things she had done when she was alive. Many people say that the Queen did a lot of bad things to people. Some say she had the right to do what she did. Still to this day many people respect her even the people who are still alive to tell the tale" A voiceover said as it zooms on two girls.

It shows a beautiful young lady who is a teenager walking with her best friend. "I can't wait to get married!" Kalea said with a smile. "I know you can't wait Kalea I just don't feel like getting married right now" Esmeray said having a little smile.

"Oh please! You're the heir to the throne! Everyone knows you have to get married before you turn Queen" Kalea said as Esmeray head went down. "Oh...I forgot about that" Esmeray said sadness in her tone.

"You know....If you're lucky you might not get married so early. Maybe your father let you choose who you wanna marry" Kalea said trying to cheer up her friend. "You think so?" Esmeray asked as Kalea nodded her head.

"Yes! Your father is the best! I know he will understand" Kalea said as they walk in a room where Esmeray's father is at. "Your Majesty" Kalea greeted Esmeray's father. "Hello Kalea, Esmeray, I will be getting remarried" Esmeray father said as Esmeray eyes widened.

"I will be marrying...." Esmeray's father started but really don't wanna tell Esmeray or Kalea at all. "Father....Who are you marrying?" Esmeray asked her father. "I will be marrying Kalea Toussaint...." Esmeray's father said as Kalea eyes widened more.

Esmeray couldn't believe her ears for a minute as she looked at her best friend. Kalea looked at Esmeray shocked on her face as well. "Father....Why?" Esmeray asked her father who didn't want to say anything.

Esmeray then ran out of the room with tears in her eyes. "ESMERAY!" Kalea yelled as she ran after her best friend. "I know this was a bad idea" Esmeray father whispered. "Please just stay away!" Esmeray yelled as she closed the door in Kalea's face.

It goes to Esmeray on her bed crying her eyes out. As her guard knocked on her door "Princess you alright?" The guard asked. Esmeray started sniffling "Yes I-I am" Esmeray said as she dried the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"You don't sound okay Princess" The guard said as Esmeray gets up and walks towards the door opening it to see her handsome guard. "Be glad that you are handsome Alain" Esmeray said as she let the guard in her room.

"What got my darling sad?" Alain asked as him and Esmeray lay on her bed cuddling. "My father is marrying my best friend..." Esmeray said Alain eyes widened. "Really!?" Alain asked as Esmeray shook her 'yes'.

"I know so surprising" Esmeray said as Alain looked down at her. "We all know your father can marry whoever he wants. But he chooses your own friend to be different" Alain said as Esmeray looked up at him.

"It's crazy because we were talking about marriage before he told me" Esmeray said as she was getting suspicious of her friend and dad. "Maybe she already knows and just pretended" Alain said as Esmeray got up real quick.

"You're right! Because today was the only time we talked about marriage. But she told me that I'm the heir to the throne which is true. But she keeps saying my father is the best...." Esmeray said as her eyes widened.

"They were sleeping together wasn't they?" Alain said as he reads Esmeray's face. "They might have been" Esmeray said as she became more angry. "Well darn..." Alain said as Esmeray clenched her fist.

Esmeray then left her room angry stomping towards Kalea. "Esmer-" Kalea was saying until Esmeray slapped her really hard. "You traitor!" Esmeray yelled as she was kicking Kalea's stomach.

"Esmeray!" Her father yelled as Esmeray stopped kicking Kalea. "You have to understand! That is my decision!" Esmeray's father yelled at her. "But..." Esmeray was saying until she stopped talking.

"Just go Esmeray you did enough!" Esmeray's father yelled. "No... It's okay" Kalea said as she gets up slowly. "It isn't! What my daughter did is absolutely not acceptable!" Esmeray's father said.

"She just need time" Kalea said as she walked up to her now fiance. "Fine. I'll give her time to understand" Esmeray's father said as Esmeray just stands there more angry.

"NO! I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS! YOU ARE MY FATHER AND SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND!" Esmeray yelled as everyone's attention went to them. "You will not yell at me Esmeray!" Esmeray's father yelled back.

"Guys please...." Kalea begged as Esmeray looked at her. "SHUT UP!" Esmeray yelled as Kalea had tears in her eyes. "DON'T TALK TO HER LIKE THAT!" Esmeray's father yelled as he slapped Esmeray.

Esmeray then looked up to her father in fear clearly in her eyes. "Esmeray....I'm sorry...." Esmeray's father said as Esmeray got up and ran away. "ESMERAY!" Her father yelled as Esmeray was still running away.

"Everyone leave this instant!" Esmeray's father commanded as everyone left. "I told you she just need time darling" Kalea said as she took her fiance's hand. "What she did was not okay darling" Esmeray's father said as they walked back inside the castle.

It goes back to Esmeray stopping in the forest sitting on a tree branch. "S-She knew.... Didn't she?" She asked herself. "All along she knew!" Esmeray yelled at no one but herself.

"Everything was fine until mom died" Esmeray said as she walked towards a lake. "She was always there to help me in the worst times" Esmeray said as she smiled at herself. She swears she saw her mother reflection in the water.

"Maybe-I guess I do have to accept the marriage he has with my friend." Esmeray said as she kicks some rocks out of her way. "He always loved mom very much. He promised me to never remarry ever again. And he lied!" Esmeray as she started crying again.

Some minutes later Esmeray returns to the castle and makes it into her room with no one knowing. "I'd rather run away then be here" Esmeray said to herself. "And I would rather you not to run away" Alain said as he came into her room.

"I was where I always was in the forest" Esmeray said as Alain chuckled. "I know Meray" Alain said as Esmeray's eyebrow raised. "Meray?" Esmeray asked confused. "Your new nickname" Alain said as Esmeray eyes rolled with a smile on her face.

"I see you liked the name" Alain said as Esmeray just nodded her head. "Can you stay with me?" Esmeray asked. "Sure" Alain said with a smile. "Then come lay with me" Esmeray said as Alain lay in the bed with her.

"I love you" Esmeray said with a smile. "I love you even more Meray" Alain said with his own smile. "I love you even more" Esmeray said. "I love you more, more, more, Meray" Alain said as they both just started laughing.

"I wanna get married to you Alain" Esmeray said as Alain was shocked. "R-Really?" Alain asked as Esmeray nodded. "Yes really. I love you so much and I don't wanna lose you at all" Esmeray said as Alain gave her a small peck on the cheek.

"That's all I get?" Esmeray asked as Alain laughed then gave her a lovely kiss. "That's what I wanted" Esmeray breathed out after they got done kissing.

"Really?" Alain asked as Esmeray rolled her eyes. "Yes" Esmeray said with a smile. "Do you think I can leave this place without anyone knowing?" Esmeray asked. "Maybe" Alain said not really knowing.

"I want to go somewhere where I won't be found at all. A place that is beautiful and amazing" Esmeray said as Alain smiles softly at her. "You are beautiful and amazing Meray" Alain said as Esmeray blushed.

"U-Um...Thank you..." Esmeray stutter out. "Your welcome my beautiful, lovely, Meray" Alain said as Esmeray blushed even more. "S-Shush it!" Esmeray said embarrassed.

"Fine, fine, Meray how about we go to sleep?" Alain said as Esmeray was already falling asleep. "You already missed dinner" Alain whispered. "I don't care" Esmeray responded.

"Okay then" Alain said as they both started going to sleep and cuddle up together. "You are very beautiful princess Esmeray" Alain whispered as Esmeray smiled.

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