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'One chaser will start it all. Whoever he catches, shall chase alongside him. The last one untouched will be the last one living' the alien stated. Now the whole world is in a deadly game of survival.

Aventure Tout public.

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Chapter 1: Project, Chase Tag

John was walking down the street, whistling a beautiful tune that even the white birds that flew past him would be jealous of. He was walking his big, black dog, stepping in the recked pavements that the city mayor promised to fix almost a month ago, but had done nothing until now.

Though, he was cheerful, spending time with his dog which he loved. His feet loudly stepped on the ground, and his dog would bark now and then. The buildings left and right had closed windows and doors, but the road was filled with life. Motorbikes and cars passed ry now and then, mothers with their toddlers on walks, and other dog owners, whose dogs would bark at each other whenever they went close.

John was getting entertained by all this life and noise that went on in this rather, small city. He loved his city as much as he loved his country, Greece. And as he kept walking his dog, he took a glimpse of the beautiful sky for a minute, to admire the clouds that formed weird shapes.

And this minute was all it took. His hand felt very light as the collar of his dog touched the ground. He quickly looked down, scared that his dog somehow broke his collar and would now run away and John wouldn't be able to catch it. He had done it another time when his then very old collar had snapped, and his dog ran away to catch some birds. John ran after it and, thinking this was a game, the dog kept running away until he finally managed to catch it, some blocks away.

But this wasn't the case. As he looked down, he saw that his dog had disappeared. Panicked, he looked around but couldn't see it anywhere. He got sweaty and tried to calm down, realizing how everything had changed.

He looked at the rest of the people there. The mothers panicked as their toddlers disappeared, like everyone else's dogs. And everyone was wearing blue clothes. The socks and the shoes to the hats and hoodies. Shocked and speechless, he looked down at his clothes with his eyes wide open only to see that, he also wore blue clothes.

He felt like he was going crazy, with the thought of trying to see if that was a dream in his mind, but he couldn't move. He blinked. Even before he opened his eyes, he started hearing many loud voices out of nowhere. Once he opened his eyes again, he stared at the millions of people that were suddenly all around him.

He couldn't help but also notice that he wasn't in his little city anymore, but in the capital of Greece, in the central town square, which is called Syntagma Square. Everyone else looked as shocked as he did, looking at each other, everyone with their blue clothes, yelling, trying to find their loved ones.

Some started leaving but he wouldn't let them. A large hologram appeared in the sky. A creature, that looked more like a knight than a living being, was looking at the people. It was black, with his face fully covered by its tough skin. It could see, breathe and smell through a connecting hole in his face, that looked like a "Y". Its skin seemed like it was made of obsidian, and two horns could be spotted on top of its head while its body seemed like he was wearing some kind of armour.

"Listen here, humans!" he said dominantly, making everyone stop talking and stand like idiots, waiting for him to end his speech.

-I am a Zordeir, an "alien" as you would say, and I come from the planet Gorbor, a planet that you have not yet discovered. I do not want to be tiring, so I will be straightforward.

He took a small break and then pointed at the humans, saying:

-You humans are the key for me to pass my class! You will become my project in my ART class. Not... not art as if painting or whatever, as if Altering-Reality Tools. So listen up! You will play a game of Chase tag, where only one will survive, and the rest will die!

He took another break, and the pride in his voice could be easily understood. With all the little, underdeveloped beings below him, he felt like a God who would decide the fate of his species. Though he would decide the fate of the people indeed.

-I present you the rules! Starting with one chaser, whose clothes are red, whoever gets caught, the colour of their clothes will also change. Since if you catch someone... you kill them, more or less, the chasers will become mostly mindless zombies. I don't want your puny morals to get in the middle of this.

The tone of his voice became darker as he explained the rules in detail and saw the panicked and terrified faces of the people.

-All of the elder, young, disabled, and injured people have already vanished as well as all kinds of animals since they will be useless in such a game. Every vehicle, tool, and so on is now unusable and you people, are immortal. You can't be pierced by sharp tools and guns won't work, and if you fall off somewhere you will faint, the height of your fall determining the time you will be unconscious.

-Finally, your ability to burn or drown is also gone and you no longer need food or water to survive. As you can see technology on other planets has evolved to the point that a teenager like me can be as powerful as what you call "God". How weak can you be, as that the being you worship and think of as the ultimate being is nothing in front of me?

Actually... it is certain that he thinks he is a God.

-Well, one of you will be able to see how superior we are as the winner will no longer stay in the empty place this planet will soon become, but come with me on my planet. Anyway, the fastest man on the earth has now become the first chaser, and you all have 5 minutes to hide, the limits being this entire country. RUN!

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