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There are truths that are simple, insignificant even. And then there is the truth of what I feel when I see her. A truth that would cost me everything, leaving me with the wish to lie my heart away.

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The First Dance

I am speechless.

She is standing on the top of the grand staircase. Waiting for her full name and title to be announced. Her eyes are scanning the crowd. I just want them to find mine. I want that moment of intimacy where there is only her and I in this world. I want so much more for both of us. So much more than this fantasy.

She grabs the skirt of her ballgown, wearing a small, beautiful smile on her lips. Careful not to trip she begins her descend. Stunning. The seducing red of the dress hugs her figure. It makes me want to touch the silky-smooth fabric. What is underneath it. Her red hair falls over her shoulders inviting a glance at her delicate collarbone. Her hands trail along the ornate golden railing. The movement shows the shimmering gloves she wears, the jewels on her fingers. Jewels so unique and valuable no mortal could wrap their small mind around it.

My breath hitches slightly as she finally looks at me.

I was waiting for her. Ready to let her take my arm to guide her to the dance floor. She gives me a small mocking smile, as if she knows how desperately I want to hold her in my arms. I have been lying awake just imagining how it would feel being so close to her. How suffocating her presence would make me until she would become my air.

Looking at her now, I realize how much of a contrasting couple we would make. Her darkness, the subtle seduction, the colorful and magical appearance that was enticing her surroundings. I am wearing my white suit, somehow feeling out of place. Too strict, too unfeeling, too perfect. I have never had her way of moving with ease. There is nothing sultry about my face, my body, just carved lines of perfection. I have never wanted to be corrupted more.

I force my face to remain calm, not to return even a half smile. I am to be her escort for the night, nothing more. I take a small breath. Anxious not to inhale too much of her intoxicating scent, which grows more intense the closer she approaches. There are eyes all around us and we are the center of their attention. This is not the right place for daydreams.

“Well don’t you look ravishing, my lord,” she seems like a tiger on the hunt.

I bow my head in thanks, trying not to reveal my true thoughts about her.

She lifts her brow as I do not repay the compliment. Now it is my turn to give her a mocking smile.

“You seem convinced enough of yourself that I do not need to comment on your appearance.” She rolls her eyes.

“Well, shall we get the dancing over with, my lord”

Good. I have annoyed her. Something she and I can concentrate on. With that to focus on it will be easier for me to speak without revealing truths. I guide her in the middle of the dance floor. Waiting for the conductor to start the creation of angelic symphonies.

Before succumbing to her entirely, I let my eyes wander over the rest of the company. “As above, so below” – the eternal motto of this event sent shivers down my spine. I feel both the fiery and icy traces of views on my back. It makes me want to run from them. What a delicate subject this unearthly balance is. Something we must honor even though we might not want to.

As the music begins my focus shifts back to her entirely. The steps are almost body memory. My hand presses her a little more closely to my core than it should have. Traitorous hand. The ends of her mouth curl upward. This is what she wants, to make me suffer. I loosen my hand, trying to make it not seem too obvious.

I am going to need a cold, cold bath after this. I lifted my hand so she could twirl and was astonished to find her hand caressing my face in a smooth movement right before she moved away to follow the required dance steps. My heart stops a beat, unsure if I had imagined it. I need to remind myself to keep dancing. To keep moving as both angels and demons look down on us.

The last sweet strokes of the violin end the enchanting music. She breathes deeply. One hand above my heart of starlight.

“Did you have fun?” she gives me a half smile. “I did,” there is no shame in admitting this truth.

She beckons for me to follow her with a small movement of her head. With the other ball guests now focusing on finding a partner themselves to find their personal balance restored, I do not see a need to stay. She guides me to the enormous balcony. Only the dark sky as our witness.

She sighs. “Have you had any sinful thoughts this evening, my love?” I halt at that affectionate trap. “Have you?” I counter. “Please, I am sin,” her eyes twinkle. I chuckled, there was no overlooking that. The devil was sin. Gorgeous.

One would think an angel should be immune to this scheming.

No matter how bright the blood flows in my body, my heart is fully blackened because of her. A blackness with a terrible cost, a fate worse than death. Though nothing would be worse than her knowledge of my feelings. The knowledge of her success that has the greatest archangel wrapped around her finger. A terrifying fact that I could never reveal because everyone would know its truth.

How much I wish angels could lie, then I would lie my heart away.

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