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Out of this world stories from a team of no so common team of unexpected characters and their humble ways to change the world; their own way, their own pace. No way they would hide their face, but for sure; bringing up their humbleness and easy going way of solving everyday problems that this nowadays always never really cared way of life on this world…. And this life…. Check it out- you might find yourself here… Making a better world One Step At A Time….

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ONE: Starting Starting Point? Come on…

Changing times are coming. The weather, the time, prices going up, computer games getting more complicated, school holidays ending? Meh….

Many countries started to feel that there was something missing…. In their lives. Values slowly decaying, love once again, out running...away?


Somewhere, in a far far away galaxy, above and beyond, at a place where only the risk and adventurous dare to go, and unimaginable creatures join forces to create a better world and an amazing way of life, where race, age and acknowledge is not a hurdle; only cooperation and common sense is the main goal, and of course peace, is the main goal for this group of crazy lunatics just started to be considered.

Similar to other stories, a group of particular picky eaters and problem solvers or if I may say problem starters, in the verged of being label outcasts, decided to redeems themselves…., their way.

There wasn't any written book on how to fight and fix bad people.

You will notice you don't need to have a tough look or being a bad ass to be important in life.

This entourage will either take tell you life lessons and stories that will make you think you don't need to have special powers to be a hero…..

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