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Follow our beloved characters as they embark on an epic journey through time and space. Join them on their adventures through countless eras and dimensions, as they face unimaginable challenges and obstacles that test their strength, willpower, and love for one another. Witness how their bonds grow stronger with each lifetime they share, and how their stories intertwine in a web of fate and destiny. Through tragedy and triumph, heartbreak and joy, this is a tale of devotion that transcends time and space. Come along on this epic fanfiction journey, and see how their love story endures through a thousand lifetimes together.

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Chapter One

Zainab strutted through the halls of her university, a small smirk playing on her lips as she watched the other students hurry to stay out of her way. She was known as the spoiled badass of the college, the girl with an attitude that just wouldn't quit.

As she approached her classroom, she overheard a conversation between two of her classmates. They were discussing the chemistry between Jungkook and his professor Lisa, and how they shipped them together.

Rolling her eyes, Zainab shook her head. "Please, those two are never going to happen," she scoffed. "Besides, Jungkook is much too childish for someone like Lisa."

But little did Zainab know, Jungkook was standing right behind her, having overheard everything she had just said. He clenched his fists, feeling his temper rise at the spoiled girl's words.

"Excuse me?" Jungkook spoke up, grabbing Zainab's attention. "What makes you think you know anything about my relationship with Lisa? And why are you talking about it so casually with others?"

Zainab stood her ground, not backing down against the angry student. "Why do you care so much? You're just a student, you can't do anything about it anyways."

Jungkook felt his anger rise to a boiling point, his patience having run out. "You have no right to speak about my personal life like that," he growled, taking a step closer to the girl in front of him.

But Zainab was just as short-tempered as Jungkook, and she wasn't about to let him talk to her like that. "And you have no right to shout at me like that! Who do you think you are?" she snapped back.

Their argument continued, getting louder and more heated with every passing minute. But things took a turn for the worse when Jungkook's frustrations got the best of him, and he slapped Zainab across the face.

The sound echoed through the hallway, causing a stunned silence to fall over the students who had gathered to watch the fight unfold. Zainab's hand flew to her face, tears gathering in her eyes as she stared at Jungkook in disbelief.

The student immediately realized what he had done, regretting his actions as soon as he saw the hurt in Zainab's eyes. He tried to apologize, but the damage was already done.

Zainab stormed off, heartbroken and humiliated by the encounter. And Jungkook was left to deal with the consequences of his actions, knowing that he had let his temper get the best of him.

As days passed, Jungkook began to understand the magnitude of his mistake. He knew that he needed to make things right with Zainab, to apologize for what he had done and to try and make amends.

But he also knew that their encounter had a deep impact on both of them, forever changing the way they saw each other and rewiring the paths their lives would take.

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