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This is story about four friends and there friendship whose been tested by the destiny and now will they going to survive in this or will they going to lose everything in this and going to becomes enemy's of each other just like there parents. find out everything about them in this story .

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Khao , neo , dew , sky were four friends just like there parents but the difference is that now there parents are enemy's of each others and want to take that chairman post of the company which was started by there parents ages ago .

but when its come to there kids its completely different they are best friends of each other and can do anything for each other at any moment even if its giving up on that chairman post which there elders are fighting for because for them there friendship is more important than the chairmanship .

but what will happen when this time there parents are not but destiny her self wants to test there friendship because they say when you wish for something you have to pay for something in the exchange of that wish .

Now let see together what's going to happen to them will they going to survive or going to lose there friendship for forever .

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