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Hi I'm Yn, aka trouble maker , im the one always causing trouble and you witness my mom shouted cause i broke her flower vase,well i might not to go home this afternoon because my booty will get whooped for sure.


I was just walking to my new school and by the way if i heaven't told you yet, I transferred to a new school because i got suspended in my last one because they caught *me drinking alcohol*

When i go to school i heard some student shouting FIGHT , FIGHT,FIGHT... and some girls pretty sure shouting, *Go jimin opppa beat that ugly ass*

I ran to the crowd and saw two guys beating each other . I didn't know what to do, i can't just stand here.


And thats when i knew i could have just stand there, but i fucved up.

Then a guy walked up to me , well the one who beat up the kid, poor little dude.

What are you doing woman do you wanna get in trouble,the guy said

I'm already trouble myself so you, you... i couldn't think of what to say.

You what ? the guy stepped closer smirking. or your the one who's gonna be in trouble .

pffft , what the fuck does she think she is ? is this a joke, guys let's go.

everyone left except this short jameless ass dude.

well fuck this right ?

Ya do you know who I am ? The guy said

No why would i ? i said to the guy while giving my best serious face.

I admit his quite handome sexyand hot and cut--- but he's attitude is not , he's literally the guys who thinks he's the King

Ohh so your new here ? the guy said


The guy stepped forward.

Stay here *he said *

I can't hear you

Are you deaf , he said

i said stay there or -

Oh sht yn hmm - OR what?

He stepped forward again and i looked at him with a smirk

I stepped on his foot making him groan in pain and ran away

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Zainab Syeda I'm 14 years old girl who love writing, I don't want to be an author but still it's my hobby to write books ☺️

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