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John b and Sarah end up together in the end of season 3 but will their lives just be happy from there on. Sarah will give John b some shocking news that will change their lives forever. Will their friends support them in the way. Read to find out.

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The news that will change their lives

A strange girl pulled up outside the chateau, she had long blonde hair and she was reasonably tall for a girl. As Kie and Sarah looked at her more she has the same Smile and the same nose as jj had. “Does jj have a twin or something?” Kie said. “ I don’t really know but whatever it is it must be related too jj!”

“Hi girls! I am jj twin sister Sierra. Do any of yous tell me or show me where Johnb is?” So she was jj twin.

“ why do you need my husband?” Sarah Barely ever calls Johnb her husband but she gets protective of him easily “ jeez relax I just wanted to get too know him a bit more, i mean we yous to be so close with eachother."

“Hey we’re home!” Johnb announced. Sarah ran up and hugged him “I missed you!” Sarah exitedly said,” but can you take me and kie too the shops I really need to pick up something?”

“Fine, but you realised that you could of just told me and jj to pick it up for you right?” Johnb asked.

“Yeah sorry it was just personal and I didn’t want jj too hear.” She says

“Can I come too? I would love too get to know you Johnb even better then I already do!” Sierra said flirting with him.

“ no! You can’t come, no one even likes you anyways!” Kie said, to her not regretting it at all. “ kie, that’s my sister why are you being so rude to her today?” Jj asked kie. She just rolled her eyes and went into the van

“So What did you wanna pick up?” Johnb asked Sarah. “ it doesn’t really matter, babe.” Sarah said while looking at sierra in the eye. Sierra just rolled her eyes and started to mutter under her breath. “Well that’s a new nickname!” Johnb said under his breath a-bit . They got to their local shops and parked up. “ do you want me too come with you or not?” John b asked Sarah.

“It’s fine kie and sierra can come with me, right sierra?” Sarah said.

“Actually I think I will just stay here with Johnb!” Sierra says back at her. After a couple of minutes of arguing the three of them just went in. “Hey Sarah, can you stay back for a minute?” John b asked her. “Sure, what did you need?” She replied . “What’s wrong? You’re acting really strange, especially with sierra even when she being nice too you!”

“She is just getting on my nerves a lot especially when she trying too flirt with you! And I am just worried about something and it is just stressful!”

And with that she slammed the car door shut and went inside theshops.

“Kie, did you pick that thing up?” Sarah says while nodding her head at the pregnancy tests. “ yeah I got the pregnancy test for my mum!” Sarah was relieved she had thought of an excuse for why they needed to buy a pregnancy test.

“ sierra you can’t tell anyone about this, why mum wants it a secret!” Kie says still making the lie up as they go. Sierra just slightly nods her head. “Here shove it in your pocket!” Kie says, “And we can make a run for it.” They run out of the door as fast as they can without being caught. “Go John b, we stole something!” Kie shouts. He starts to speed up to ninety miles an hour till they got back.

As they got back Kie and Sarah ran too the bathroom to take the test. “ Sarah you okay in their, just come out when you are ready!”

“Yeah I will come out in a second!!“ Sarah walked out with the test flipped so she couldn’t see it. “ I can’t look, can you Kie?”

“Yeah sure sar!” Kie flipped round the test and has a sympathetic look to her eyes “I’m so sorry Sarah!” Sarah burst out in tears.

A little while laterSarah walked into the living room to see Johnb playing his silly games.“John b can we talk?” Sarah asked him. “Can it wait, or not cause I’m kind of busy right now sarah?” He replied.

“ no it can’t really wait john b!” Sarah said loudly. “Ok, sorry boys I’m gunna have to leave be online in about 1 hour.” He told pope and jj, “what’s up sarah?” Sarah could hear her breath catching up too her, she started to cry heavily. John b went over too her and hugged her tightly “what’s wrong, did someone do something?” He asked her. “Yeah you did something!” Sarah shouted, “hey what did I do?!” He snapped back.

“ you got me pregnant at 16!” Sarah cried out loud. John b was too stunned too even speak at this moment in time, he just walked out too try find jj.

Sarah cried for hours till she physically couldn’t. Mean while john b went too jj’s house and told him what happened, he even cried for a bit. “ what am I going to do jj?” John b said.

“Why you asking me I have never knocked up a girl before? You’re just going to have to suck it up for now till she has calmed down!” He replied.

“ I can’t become a dad at sixteen jj are you crazy? But I can’t just leave Sarah, I love her too much!” John b went back too his house where he found Sarah curled up in a ball crying her eyes out. He instantly felt bad about leaving for an hour and went over and hugged her till she fell asleep.

It’s the next morning, and John b made pancakes for the pouges. “Hey, good morning babe.” Sarah says while looking at Sierra again. “Morning, can we talk in a bit?”

“Yeah of course John b!” They eat breakfast and leave to talk in private. They go to a little tree house in the woods.” What did you wanna talk about?” Sarah asked. “What are we going to do Sarah? About this baby I just don’t know if I can be a dad or not sar!” Johnb started to cryby now, “ hey, it will be okay, John b!” Sarah went over and hugged him tightly, “we will get through this I promise John b!” They hugged for a while. “Wanna go watch a movie?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, of course sar”

After the movie John b went to meet jj for a while. Topper went up to them while they were finished surfing “Yooo, John b man heard you got my Sarah pregnant, is it true bro?” John b just ignored him “you gunna talk or not, I bet you’ll leave her and she will come running to me!” John b swung a punch at his eye “shut you’re mouth topper!” He had him pinned up against the wall by his throat, “ you don’t tell anyone or I will kill you, You understand!”He screamed.

“Yo you want my gun?” Jj asked as he pulled out his gun from his trousers pocket. “Jj put it away, I thought Kie chucked it in the ocean?”

“I fished it back out again!”

John b went home with a black eye and some blood on his hands, Sarah approached him at the door “John b what did you?” He didn’t answer he just walked straight passed her to the bedroom, slamming the door shut. “What’s his problem?” Kie said

“I don’t know, I think the word might have gotten out that I’m pregnant!” She replies with a single tear drop running down her face “Oh I would hate to be you right now.”

“Gee thanks Kie!”

“Sorry!” She said with a smile on her face.

Sarah walked into the bedroom, “hey you okay? Jj told us what happened.” He stayed silent. “Do you want a drink or something? I can go make you one.”

“No thanks Sarah.” Sarah leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. “Well do you want to be alone or can I stay?”

“You can stay if you would like." sarah stayed for a while till they got tired, " I'm going to sleep. goodnight john b love you!" no reply for a while, " john b are you ignoring me or something?" sarah looked at him "john b, john b! Kie help!" she screamed. "what is wrong sarah? why you shouting it like midnight?"

"it's John b, he not waking up! I think he was shot in the stomach!" sarah cried hard. they called an abulance to come get him.

five minutes has passed by and the ambulance is here. "where is the patient?" the doctor asked jj.

"I will show you!" jj said while running to sarah and john bs room. back outside the paramedics started to talk to Sarah and kie, "does anyone know who shot him? or why he got shot?" she asked.

"no, he wouldn't talk when he came back from surfing!" sarah replied. her eyes where flooded with tears right now, kie hugged her tightly so she wouldn't have to watch john b get put into the van. "noooooo!" sarah screamed "he is the only family I have left!" sarah ran after the ambulance, till she dropped down to her knees and cried till she couldn't no more.

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