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Children wants Jesus and Mary to be their King and Queen of their group in a setting where Jesus is not known yet publicly. Got inspired by Jesus so I wrote this fiction.

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Note: I was inspired of Christ that I wrote this fiction.


Chasing each other was fun.

Ishmal, Deniv, Farapim, Sevri, Medina and Kylina were playing in the fields while Pital and Hugal who were twins were fishing with Yana. They were all seven years old and they all came from poor families. Smiles and laughter echoed gently from the place where they are.

It was all ordinary when a pink light shone on the fields. Then came another seven year old named Alessa, a child who came from the future. She was dressed with a purple dress and she came tumbling towards the ground. The nine were amazed at the sight and we're excited to meet the girl who came out from the pink light. They all stopped what they're doing and went towards her.

"Hello!" Ishmal said to Alessa. The nine introduced their names and so did little Alessa. The nine wanted to strike a friendship with the new girl so they asked her to play with them. And Alessa did play with them. Alessa was not thinking of home. She came here on purpose and that is to have fun.

After they played, the kids watched the river and began to talk. Little Ishmal was the first to ask little Alessa a question.

"So where did you came from? That pink light was amazing!"

"I came from the future!"

The nine nazarine children were shocked and immedeately got excited. They believed her.

"What does the future look like?" Yana asked.

"Well, it's quite amazing." Alessa smiled.

"Were we liberated from the Romans by the Messiah?" asked Faraho, eyes gleaming.

"Messiah? All I know is that my parents told me that the Messiah's name was Jesus, the Christ?"

"Jesus?" they all echoed in unison.

"Yes. His name was Jesus."

And Faraho asked again, "Did Jesus libearated us from the Romans?"

"I've read children's history books. You were liberated from the Romans. In fact Jews in the future are free from Romans. And Romans aren't there anymore in the future."

The children were overjoyed. And then Alessa added, " But Jesus wasn't the one who liberated you. Jesus, the Messiah, liberates us from our sins. There are other things the Messiah does, but that's one of His purpose why He's born here on earth."

The children were enlightened. They trust Alessa for telling this and they believed every word of it.

"I want to meet the Messiah!" Medina exclaimed.

"Where do you think He lived?" asked Kylina.

"My dad told me Jesus lived in Nazareth." Alessa answered.

"How about we find Him and thank Him for being here?"

"Don't You know He's the King of Heaven and Earth?" Alessa said.

"He is?" Sevri's eyes widened.

"Yes!" Alessa confirmed.

"We'll make Him the King of our group for now!" Ishmal, who is the leader of the group said.

The children agreed on what he said.

"Let's give Him a coronation and a party!" Hugal said.

"But we're poor! We can't afford that!" Pital said.

"Then we'll do it our own way!"


That afternoon, the children decided to ask the folks living in Nazareth if they knew where Jesus was. It was until they came on Mary.

"He's here."

Alessa threw a hand to stop them and they form a circle to discuss everything secretly. Mary found this strange but she gave them time. The children were talking in whispers.

"That's the Queen Mother of the Lord! In our future, she is in heaven with Him!" Alessa exclaimed in a hush and whispery voice.

"How did she became Queen?" Pital asked Alessa.

"Dunno', but just trust me on this!" Alessa said.

"Should we thank her? Should we give her flowers?" Ishmal asked. They only have one flower each however.

"We should! She said yes to carrying our Lord in her womb!" Alessa said.

Everyone was bewildered and they wondered how did their King got into their Queen's womb. And Alessa told them to trust her on this, and they did.

"How about we agree that we give the flowers to our Queen? And give her the flower crown?" Kylina said while pointing at Alessa who holds the flower crown.

And they all nodded.

They faced Mary again and Ishmal said, "We would like to give you flowers and a flower crown!"

Mary was a little shocked and had a smile on her face. She asked them, "Why me?"

The children gave a look on each other, knowing something Mary didn't knew. "'Cause you look like a queen to us."Alessa said smiling.

Mary smiled.

And then suddenly Ishmal said, "Will You be the Queen of our group?"

Mary was bewildered. "Why me?"

"Please??" the children gave her puppy eyes.

Mary couldn't resist the cuteness of their faces so she agreed. Each of them gave Her a flower while saying thank You and she was crowned by a flower crown as the Queen of their group called the Nazarine children of Jesus and Mary or N.C.J.M., if Alessa calls them.

"Is Jesus coming tomorrow?" the children asked.

"Yes, He is." Mary answered them with a warm smile.

So the next day, they returned to the house of Mary. Jesus was doing carpentry work when the kids came. There was a soft knock on the door.

"It's them!" Mary exclaimed excitedly.

Jesus, who was told about the children, got a little excited too. Jesus opened the door and there stood the children.

"You're Jesus?" Alessa asked Him.

"I am He." Jesus replied, a smile on His face.

The children let out cheers and clapped their hands.

"Please! Be the King of our group!" Pital pleaded.

Jesus' heart leapt with joy. "Gladly!"

And the children gave Him flowers and put around His head the flower crown. The children clapped and cheered once more happily.

"Are you dangerous?" asked the twins.

"To all of you, I'm not. But to others, I am."

All the children let out an ooooh sound.

After that, Alessa would sometimes return to the past to see the Lord. From that moment on, amongst the group of children Alessa had made friends with, it was kept secret for it was not yet the time the Lord will preach and reveal Himself to the public.

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