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A Young teen pregnancy and the story unfolds..

Drame Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © DO NOT COPY
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Chapter 1: Surprise!

“Thanks dad!” We're the words I used when I got my first computer. Until I hit 12, until I hit puberty, until I met life. A care-free 12-year old optimistic girl ready for adventure with straight A+’s my parents couldn't be more proud, no that wasn’t the case. I never really questioned guys in our house so my parents never really questioned me about it. I had a friend named Harriet, black mithoptic glasses she couldn't see the crumbs on her lips, a short dress and light lip gloss on. She was the talk of the town. She had a boyfriend named Pat and they'd be happy with their relationship if

only I'd stay out of it. I always wanted a boyfriend so at dinner I asked my parents. “Can I please!” I told them “Yes!” One of my parents said “No.” The other. “So yes?” I said and later they argued for hours until finally coming to the point where they split up…so….

I just heard “Lisa I don't know who you are anymore!” and they split because of bills and other adult stuff. So there I was, parent less, well one less short and boyfriend less. The next day we were in class before the teacher came in. Louise and Andrew, and none knew why but they were both talking about their boyfriend's and what they could do now that they had one. In my head I was throwing a parade for them, in there they were laughing at me that I didn't have one. The conversation went too far, Louise started talking about Bruce, her boyfriend who wanted kids and I panicked for her and discussed it with her after class and mind you we were only in the 7th grade.

I was 14. I told her “you can't have kids.” And she took it as a threat and went even further to saying, “too late.” Showing a little knot-like thing on her stomach. “Oh my-” I’m Christian mind you I couldn't say God, oh my, you know. But anyway I saw her stomach and smacked Bruce right in the face similar to the Will Smith incident when I found him. He was with another girl and Bruce was 16 and Louise was 14 two years apart I said “how could you?” Bruce looked like Elvis Presley with his leather jacket, footloose shoes and socks, oh how I hated him. Bruce smiled and said “that's the name of the game.” With a hay prop from our theater class in his mouth. I snatched it. “You know Jordan has to use that for his performance on Friday.,” “Tell him it was used by an icon.” He imagines.

His pride was gonna comeback to haunt him. From now on whenever I went to school I buttoned up, kept my jacket and hood always up to not attract attention in any way and wore baggy, dingy clothing. After all, I didn't wanna become Louise. Her words recapitulated, repeated in my head every minute of the day, I listened to the voice, listened against it. “Too late, too late, too late.” I told no one. The next day my mom insisted on driving me to school and she saw a girl, Louise walking in the school building hand in hand with Bruce. She covered my eyes until she noticed her stomach got bigger and not her being fat either and since she had me she would know.

“Who is that?” My mom asked, pointing. “Look mom, she's pregnant!” I blurted out. “What!” My mom came into the school and told the principal, I'm not like most kids. I wasn't gonna stop it, as long as my name stayed out of it. Turns out since Louise had the kid in her stomach, she couldn't get it taken from her so she was allowed with it and her parents didn't care. When I saw Bruce, I told him. “You gonna take care of that?” “Does it look like I am?” He told me in denial. “Yes, she can't take care of a baby.” “Look, this was her idea, Stephanie.” “I'm Asia.” “Oh, my bad Ruthy.” He made me sick. I was gonna help her. When my mom came out of the building she said, “Stay away from Louise.” I respected her wishes that is until Bruce cut ties like my dad did my mom after an argument with Louise and suddenly, she was all alone.

She belonged to the world now. A few weeks later the baby came, and they named it, they meaning her and Harriet because we were no longer friends anymore because she claimed that I stole her life story. Harriet was so smart she got offered a scholarship to a better school and again Louise was alone. She cried almost every day and one day I was walking home. I had 3 bucks on me for food because my mom was working late. I saw babies diapers and thought of Louise. I brought her some and had no more money for food and news spreaded that Louise's parents had kicked her out even though they had no problem with it and her onto the streets she went.

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