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The weather is different, the animals are acting strange, the gust of winds are strong...

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As the wind howled through the streets, Claire couldn't help a shift of fear. This has been going on for weeks but today was different, the gusts were stronger than ever. Claire was laid on the sofa, listening to the winds outside, falling in and out of sleep. Her two dogs, Spot and Bruce lay with her, Bruce is inbetween her legs and Spot at side of her with his head rested on her chest.

Spot and Bruce were Claires kids. She had them for 5 years, since puppies. These were her very own and I say that because she's never owned her own pets but have had plenty in the past! Growing up she always had cats, rabbits and dogs. All were family to her, but Spot and Bruce were hers. In her first home too.

Laid on sofa, Spot began to growl, his fur standing on end and after a few seconds Bruce had also joined in, and Claire could sense their growing agitation. Her eyes darted around the room trying to pinpoint what was causing them to react this way but her heart sank as she soon started to realise that it was not an intruder. It was the wind itself putting the dogs on edge, but they weren't just agitated, they were aggressive.

The gusts of wind outside had become strong whipping debris up and slamming it against the house and yet, it wasn't just the sound of the wind that was making Claire feel uneasy, as she looked down at her dogs she could feel that something fundamentally wrong.

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