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Are fairy's real? Are they evil? Jessica only 10 years old, finds one and befriends it.

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Jessica is 10, she lives with her parents in a small house, in a small town. Her towns, surrounded by trees and songs of birds, Jessica was a radiant little girl. Always smiling and curious about the world around her.

Whilst playing outside one hot day, Jessica fumbled across a small figure lying on the ground. Curious, she approached it only to discover it was a fairy, barely breathing, the fairy had a twisted withered face. It's once beautiful wings were now tattered with holes, it's eyes were deep, dark and void. It's skin was rough and patchy, covered in warts and scars, it's hands were bony and claw like, and its teeth so jagged and yellow, without thinking, Jessica scooped the small figure up and brought it back to her house.

Initially, Jessica wanted to show her mum the fairy, but when she did, her mum brushed her off saying fairies were not real. Jessica was disappointed but didn't want to argue with her so she took the fairy up to her bedroom to care for it.

Once in her bedroom the fairy started to laugh, wickedly, and as Jessica looked on in horror, it suddenly latched onto her body. She tried to resist, but the fairy's magic was too strong and slowly but surely, it started taking over Jessica's mind and body. She found herself no longer in control of her actions, every decision she made was now manultiplated by the evil fairy.

Under the fairy's control, Jessica's mind became twisted and dark, she was forced to do unspeakable things, things she never thought was possible. The fairy commanded her to kill her own mother by slitting her throat whilst she slept, Jessica was horrified at the thought of carrying out such a terrible act, but under the fairy's spell.. she had no choice but to obey.

A few hours had gone by, and now the commands were louder and more uncontrollable, her mum was fast asleep and Jessica, trembling with fear and dread, she crept into her mother's bedroom, clutching a sharp knife that she had gotten from the kitchen just prior to this, like she's sleepwalking. Zero control, but she can see, hear and feel everything. Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest she thought it was going to burst, but it was too late to turn back. She was too powerless to stop it.

As she stood over her sleeping mother, the knife raised high above her head, a single tear rolled down Jessica's cheek. She knew, what she was about to do was wrong but she had no control over her actions. With a trembling hand, she bought the knife down, slitting her mother's throat in one swift moment

Jessica passed out, almost instantly as soon as she cut her mother, eventually waking up surrounded by strangers, Jessica had suffered from mental health from a very young age, it had taken over her mind and pushed her to violent ends, the doctors in the hospital explained to Jessica that the fairy was all just a delisuion.

Her dad had raised concerns when he hadn't heard from her mother the next morning, but had delt with Jessica's delusions in the past, yet none this violent. They did seek medical advice, she sometimes went through phases were she was emotionless, dissociated, but she was only 10.

She spent her life in the hospital, receiving treatment and fighting her illness. She made peace with the fact that the Fairy was just a product of her mind, and that she was the one responsible for the tragic events...

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