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The beast attacks a small village, leaving destruction in its wake.

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A peaceful village set deep within a forest, surrounded by tall trees and thick underbrush. It was quiet, with thatched-roofed houses clustered together. The houses was made out of wood, with smoke curling from their chimneys. The streets were narrow with no signs of modernity. The villagers went about their daily routine tending to their garden and live stock. In the center of the village was a small wooden church where the villagers gathered to prey, the air was fresh and clean, with the smell of pine needles and wood smoke adding more charm to the place, however... after the arrival of the beast the village became deserted as people locked themselves up in their homes.

The beast was a terrifying sight to behold, with black fur covering its massive body, it stood atleast seven inches tall, towering its victims with ease, its eyes glowed red in the darkness, adding to its sinister appearance. Its massive paws were lined up with razor sharp claws, capable of tearing through flesh and bone with ease. It's fangs were long and sharp, dripping with saliva as it roared despite all this, there was something mysterious about this beast, as if it came from another realm entirely

Villagers had heard stories of a monster that lived in the nearby mountains, but nobody had ever seen it before. Some believed it was a demon that had been summoned, whilst others thought it was a curse from the forest spirits. Regardless where it came from it was clear that the beast was here to destroy.

As for why it came to the village, no one knew for sure. Some speculated it was hunting for food, whilst others believed it was seeking revenge for something the villagers had done to anger it. Whatever the reason, it didn't matter. It was destroying the village.

At first there was only the sound of rustling trees and morning birds chirping in the forest, but gradually, the villagers started to notice something strange was happening, the forest had grown suspiciously quiet and animals began to scatter in frenzy, suddenly they heard the roar of the beast as it crashed through the forest charging towards the village.

The ground shook as it pounded towards them, there was panic and chaos as villagers ran in all directions, trying to escape, it burst in the street causing villagers to scream in terror

As the beast continued it's rampage through the village, it indiscriminatly attacked and killed anyone in its path. One of its victims was a beloved lady who devoted her life to helping and raising the children in the village. Many children and even adults were stunned by this, many who saw her as their mother.

She had been trying to save some children, when the beast suddenly appeared, and she found herself face to face with the creature, despite her fear, she stood tall and held her ground, trying to protect the children behind her, the beast snarled and lunged towards her, its massive jaws snapping with deadly force, the woman tried to dodge but the beast was too quick, and its claws pierced her chest causing her to scream in agony. She fell to the ground, withiring in pain and the beast let out a triumphant roar.

As the lady fell, the children scattered, some running blindly and frantically without looking, in their panic, some fell over and were trampled underfoot by other children, whilst others were knocked to the ground, and some didn't get back up, adding more chaos and confusion...

The remaining surviors in the village were desperately searching for a way to stop the beast, which had become more ferious and unstoppable with each passing moment, as the beast prowled through the village, it headed towards the church, where many of the villagers had taken refuge. Admitted the chaos and destruction, there was one brave man who stood tall, determined to stop the beast once and for all.

This man was a tall muscular blacksmith, with a beard that reached his chest and had fierce determination in his eyes, he had witnessed the beast and its rain of terror, and the destruction, he was willing to try end it here and he knew the church was the perfect place to make a stand and decided to use the holy place as a trap.

As the beast approaches the church, the man Adam, bolted inside, shouting and taunting the creature to follow him, once inside he lit a fire, engulfing the church in flames and smoke, with him and the beast inside.

As Adam and beast continued their struggle, Adam trying to avoid the attacks, the flames blazed around them, growing higher and more intense by the second, Adam was determined to slay the beast, even at the risk of his own life, and he did fight with all his might and strength but the beast wasn't so easily defeated and as the struggle continued, it landed a fatal blow, killing Adam instantly.

Despite Adams bravery and sacrifice, the beast was also consumed by the flames of the church, burning to ashes as it died. But the fire didn't stop there, it spread and spread, engulfing the whole village in a deadly embrace.

It destroyed the whole village, and surrounding area the surviving villagers will never forget Adam or the lady who helped raise and protect those kids, Shauna, but they had to leave their ravaged village behind and start anew.

Meanwhile deep in the mountains...Another beast roamed, much bigger and in search of her baby...

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