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Set in future Britain, teenage girl named Mary must defend her home from an evil Queen Maria and one day faced the cruel and unjust Capitol empire.

Fiction adolescente Tout public.

#teenagers #britain
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Young woman

When Mary Katherine woke up, the other side of her bed was warm. Her arm streched, trying to reached Elizabeth Anne, her 6 year old sister, who was sleeping on the other of the bed, next to her mother.

She got up and took a bath. The warm tap of water was waiting for her. She scrubbed her arms and legs. She poured the whole bucket of water. She nearly swollen it.

She wore a long blue dress, that she got on her last birthday.

Mary went to the forest. The forest was green. The birds sang. Everyday she would go to the forest before her family woke up. No have been to the forest before. She called 'Mary's Forest.'

She was the best hunter. She never missed her target. She was very good at picking the right berries.

Her father taught her how to be hunter, so she and her family won't strave to death.

She was looking for an animal to hunt using her bow and arrow. She was about to hit a deer, the first deer that she have seen in years, when a friend, Dash, shouted her name. This made her angry as she missed her shot.

Dash laughed "Come Mary, I got something for you. Even better than dead animals."

He took her to the meadow. He gave her a French bread and bottle of water.

"Can I ask you a question?" he asked


"Why this place that we lived is called Greensleeves?"

"I don't know. But I do know that it was named after a song, it was written by King Henry VIII of England, some say it was for his second wife Anne Boleyn. All 12 houses were named after English folk song or famous person."

While they were talking, they heard noise and screaming sounds from the town.

They quickly got to the town and found this.

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