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A table, witnesses, a culprit. But what did Carla, 22 years old, do at the "Party Gala Show" and why is she covered in blood ? A model young girl, who loves letters, no one can recognize her anymore. Who is right ? Her family ? Her friends ? What if it's nobody ? Who really knows the story of Carla Garneur ? A story with short chapters that immerses you in the search for the truth.

Thriller/Mystère Tout public.

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Note: Before I start, this is my first story in English. I am basically French. I apologize in advance for any mistakes.

Full of blood, she looks at the void of the dark room. Opposite her was a dark-skinned, strict brown with a bun. She wore a gray fitted jacket and a black skirt as bland as the room. She was typing long sentences on her Apple computer as dark as her skirt.

-Your name ?

-Carla. Carla Garneur.

-Your profession ?

-I am a student but I also work at Niva, the cosmetics company, on a temporary contract.

-Why Carla ? Why did you hurt all those people ?

-Because they deserved it.

-Why did they deserve it ?

-Because we are animals in a too comfortable dream.

The tall blonde straightened up and put her fists under her chin. She stared at the policewoman with an unhealthy gleam in her eyes and a shiver of disgust ran down her body. This look, she knew it too well. But with such a strong intensity... It was rare. Was it the situation that was terrifying? Or the disenchanted soul reflected in Carla's eyes ?

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