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Aria has only had one relationship. She’s Avoidant of getting involved in another relationship. However, one night she runs into her old teacher from high school. The two have sex and begin a relationship that’s forbidden and leaves her wanting more.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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I didn't want to come tonight. Parties haven't been my thing in a very long time. After graduating high school I began turning my life around. I've focused hard on my studies. I haven't had fun since junior year. My best friends Zoey and Stella convinced me to come to the local tavern with them. We're all on spring break this week. We've all been friends since high school.

Now things are slightly different. We don't spend time with each other as often. Zoey and I decided to go to the local college while Stella decided to get a job at the local club. Back in high school we would party hard. Unlike me, My friends never got addicted to anything. Sitting here at a tavern is slightly uncomfortable. I stopped underage drinking junior year and cleaned up my act in order to graduate. I ordered a soda and so did Zoey. Her and I are both nineteen. Stella is twenty one.

The three of us sit in a wooden booth in the back. Stella orders a few shots of Tequila. There's a flat screen playing tonights basketball game. There's a ton of men drinking here tonight and watching the game. I sip on my soda as Zoey catches us up on her latest college boyfriend failure.

Zoey's dated at least twenty guys since freshman year. None of them ended up being more than arrogant jocks. She is determined to find the one guy who she can change. The man that will change her life forever. She is a hopeless romantic. However, she has shit luck. Zoey is a very down to earth person as well. She is easy to get along with. She has the best grades in every class. Zoey is a good person and gorgeous.

Her long dirty blonde hair curls at the end. She wears pastels and light colors that compliment her fare skin. Her breasts are flat and her butt is a handful. She has dark blue eyes and shes tall and slender. Zoey's good heart is what really makes her stand out. She is president of the Animal and Environmental Rights group on campus. Any guy who can't value her is a fool.

"It's INSANE that he dumped you for a cheerleader!" Stella scoffs. "You have way more character than a boring cheerleader."

"I thought this guy could be different than the rest." Zoey sighs as she shoves some nachos in her mouth.

"Men are so stupid sometimes." Stella says. "Its probably why Aria hasn't dated anyone since high school."

"Chad was the first and only boy I dated. I realized in high school that dating is futile." I state.

"Both of you have no clue what its like." Zoey groans. "You guys could pull any guy if you wanted to."

"That might be true but I'll stick to girls." Stella says.

Stella has always been gay. Since middle school she's had multiple girlfriends. She dresses adrogynous and has more of an edgy personality. She was apart of field hockey so she is slightly built. Her straight black hair is braided to her waist. Her hazel eyes have a hint of green. She's got c cup breasts that she constantly shows in her shirts. Never for a mans attention though. She's body confident and strong willed. Stella is also an intellectual. She was number one in debate club for three years.

Our parents forced all of us to do a sport or a club in high school. It was the main reason we partied on the weekends. We needed an escape from all the pressure. My first three years I hid and lived in Art club. Once I joined community college I went to Art club again.

We finally recieve our dinner after a forty minute wait. Stella takes out her phone and shows us pictures of her club she works at. Stella is one of the best strippers there. She tells us about her work wife whom she has a huge crush on. She even shows us pictures of her. She is gorgeous. It's no wonder Stella is attracted.

The tavern is a revolving door of people for a little while. People come and go. I keep my eye on the front door from time to time. Tons of cute people have arrived. I haven't had a relationship since Chad. It's simply something I don't want to go through again. Nothing but false promises and fights. Yet I find myself checking people out from time to time.

Suddenly, a man I could barely recognize walks in. His hair is shaved down now and his blue eyes are still beautiful. I recognize his voice as he orders a beer. It is my Junior and Senior year English teacher. Mr. Banks is wearing a tshirt and jeans. He's grown out his beard now. He looks so different. I used to have such a huge crush on him back in high school.

He always encouraged me. Listened to me. A rush of lust washes over me. We're both adults now. Old forbidden thoughts enter my mind. He made school worth it sometimes. I looked forward to his classes every day. He always made sure I was okay. He's in his late thirties now and I am nineteen. The age difference alone is forbidden.

I hope I look more mature compared to high school. I dyed my hair a dark auburn. I also cut it to be shoulder length. My acne is gone and I grew an inch. My chest has fully filled out now. I reached a D Cup earlier this year. I'm not thin but not heavy. I am midsized. I watch as he drinks his beer at the bar. I wonder if he'd recognize me. He finishes another drink then goes outside. I tell my friends I need to use the bathroom and quickly follow him out the door without him noticing.

He stands outside smoking a cigarette. I stand there awkwardly. He looks at me. I don't know what I am doing. I reintroduce myself. Mr. Banks's eyes light up when he realizes its me. We make small talk. I catch him a few times looking down my shirt. I'm wearing a low cut dress with a hot pink bra underneath. You can see hints of my bra. I lean into him as he talks about the old days I had with him. His eyes stare at my chest.

"Do you have a car?" I ask.

"Yes. Why?" He questions.

"It's a little cold. Can we continue conversation in there?" I pout.

He nods and I follow him to his car. Once I sit in his passenger seat I begin to have racing thoughts. Forbidden thoughts. I find him still enjoying the view of my chest. Impulsively, I take his hand and have him grope my breast. Startled, he looks at me with an eyebrow raised. I reassure him. In the heat of the moment he begins to touch my breast by himself.

He slips his hand underneath my bra and flicks my nipple. My heart races in my chest. He pinches and gropes me for a few minutes. Next, he unsnaps my bra and pulls up my dress. My huge breasts fall naturally and he can see my matching pink lace panties. His fingers trace up my thigh slowly and teasingly. He lowers my panties off. I can't believe this is happening. It feels like a dream.

Mr. Banks touches my clit. My nipples are hard and my breathing is heavy. He proceeds to rub it nice and slowly. This man knows what he is doing. He begins to slide one of his fingers in my drenched pussy. The finger hurts a little. I rarely masturbate and I haven't had sex in a while. He slides in two fingers to stretch me and make me relax more. I ask him to unzip his jeans. He happily obliges.

He unzips himself and takes out his hard cock from his boxers. Its huge and thick. The tip of the cock is a light pink and is dripping precum. Mr. Banks tells me to straddle and ride him. I proceed to straddle myself over him. When I slide his huge cock inside me it fully stretches me out. It hurts a little again. He begins to thrust up into me as I ride him back and forth.

His cock feels too good to be true. I could get addicted to this. Every time I move it seems to go deep and hit the correct spots. We stay like this for twenty minutes before my friends text me asking if I'm okay. I ignore my text messages. At this point all I want is to climax. He fucks into me nice and rough. Mr. Banks whispers sweet things into my ear. Telling me how good I'm being. Then, with one rough thrust inside he cums. As he cums he moans my name. His warm cum fills my womb.

I slowly get off of him, slide my panties back on, and we part ways. My mind is racing. I enter the tavern and tell my friends that I had needed fresh air. They had very worried expressions on their faces. The rest of the evening I dazed out. All I could think about was Mr. Banks. He had no problem fucking a former student. I wish I had gotten his number.

At the end of the night I go back to my small studio apartment. It was the closest to my campus that I could afford. When I arrive at home I take a shower and wash myself thoroughly. Luckily I take birth control to help monitor my periods. I'm hoping I don't get pregnant. I try to calm myself while I am in the shower. Once I dry off and hop into pajamas I feed my hamster Wabbles. I make sure she is well taken care of before i head to bed. I fall asleep with Mr. Banks on my mind.

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