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Where Hyunjin only wants to be loved, Jisung falls for a stranger, Felix falls for someone who will never love him back, Minho is confused, Chan thinks he had everything figured out but maybe not so much, Jeongin just wants to be left alone, Seungmin is the new kid at the private school and Changbin... Changbin decides to bet Hyunjin he can't stay in a relationship for at least three months before their senior year ends. notes; Hello and thank you for clicking on this. Before you start reading you should know English isn't my first language, I apologize for any mistake

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Chapter 1

Hyunjin had never been one to like parties.

It wasn't because he didn't have friends or was bad at talking to strangers. But every time he would attempt one of these parties, he would feel lonely as he saw that everyone had someone to be with. He knew that if he really wanted to, he could find someone to make out and even sleep with for the night, but that wasn't what he wanted: he wanted a long-lasting boyfriend. He had been in relationships before but it never lasted long, and it never felt as Hyunjin thought it should feel like. He'd never experienced that movie-like kind of love even though he would put so much of himself into it. And he wanted that kind of love so badly.

This party was different. It was the summer before his senior year in his private boarding school, that kind of High School that was very expensive, where they were a bunch of stupid rules that students had fun trying to figure out ways to break. One of the main rules was of course: no public display of affection, which took out the fun of the parties organized by the school, which were the only parties they were allowed to go to anyway. But in this party, there were no rules, and Hyunjin couldn't help but stare at the couple that was making out drunkenly to the point where it was simply disgusting to watch, and he wasn’t so sure if it was pleasant even for them. All Hyunjin could think about was the fact that he had never known such a feeling that made him want to make out with someone in such an awful way.

‘If you keep staring, you'll look like a perv’

Hyunjin looked at the guy reeking of alcohol who had just sat next to him. His brown hair had never been messier, but it wasn't like Hyunjin was going to bother telling him how awful he looked.

‘Leave me alone, Han.’

‘I'm trying to help, you know.’ Jisung looked at him with a big smile on his face. Of course he was teasing him. ‘You should be thankful, I'm putting aside my reputation to talk to you, to help you.’

‘Well, I don't need help, and certainly not from you.’ Hyunjin quickly got up from the couch and walked outside of the house, hoping to find a familiar face. However, he didn't walk fast enough to not hear Jisung's last words: ‘don't be such a grumpy fuck, Hwang’

The party lasted for a couple of more hours, the time for people to pass out or leave. Jisung passed out on the couch curled up to a bottle of vodka, which was an unpleasant view but something Hyunjin had definitely photographed for future use. By 7 a.m., Hyunjin and Changbin, the host, were the only ones awake and well, and even though Hyunjin was about to fall asleep on the floor out of exhaustion, Changbin had asked him to help gather all the bottles so it wouldn't look like such a mess when his parents would come back home. He also had prohibited him from going to sleep without him which Hyunjin had rolled his eyes at but didn't really mind, especially knowing Changbin was nice enough to invite him to stay to his house for a few days before the start of the school year.

‘Send me that picture you took of Jisung and then delete it,’ said Changbin as he gathered some bottles in the kitchen and Hyunjin just stared at a couple that had fallen asleep cuddling. ‘It's too good to be wasted on stupid fights, and that's exactly what you'll do.’ But Hyunjin didn't answer. ‘Jinnie?’

Hyunjin looked at Changbin tiredly. ‘Hmm? Whatever, I don't care.’ He paused and looked back at the couple. ‘I want a boyfriend.’

Changbin laughed amused as he kept cleaning up with the last drop of energy he had in him.

‘Binnie’ Changbin looked at Hyunjin and even though he never had had darker circles under his eyes, he still looked handsome, which annoyed him deeply. ‘What?’ he simply replied, not giving him too much attention.

‘Be my boyfriend.’

Changbin sighed. ‘I already told you no, Hyunjin.’

‘Think about it! We would be amazing together! We've been roommates for the past three years and we get along amazingly. You're literally the person I get along with the most. The only problem is your annoying best friend but I'm willing to turn a blind eye on that. Apart from that, we're perfect together.’

‘No, we're not.’

‘Why not?’

Changbin approached Hyunjin and looked directly into his eyes. ‘You're forgetting one thing.’ Changbin could read the incomprehension in his friend's eyes and he decided to play with him, so he pressed his lips against Hyunjin's for a short instant, confusing him even more, but it wasn't like it hadn't happened before. ‘I don't like you that way... And you don't like me that way either.’ He took a step back and laughed slightly as Hyunjin rolled his eyes.

‘I really wish I did.’

‘We would be too powerful together.’

Hyunjin laughed as Changbin put the last bottle he could find with rest. They went up to Changbin's room and got quickly into bed. Changbin naturally cuddled Hyunjin, wrapping his arms and legs around him. Hyunjin was used to it by that point.

‘I just really want a boyfriend, you know.’

Changbin growled tiredly.

‘Hyunjin, it's 7 in the fucking morning and I'm tired. We'll talk about it for the millionth time tomorrow, yeah?’

‘I just don't get it--’

‘I swear to god, Hyunjin--’

‘Why is it so hard?’

Changbin flicked Hyunjin in the arm, causing him to whine loudly. The good thing about him being that sensitive to pain was that Changbin didn't need to go the extra mile to hurt him so he would stop being annoying. The problem was that he was dramatic and loud.

‘You know what's your problem, Hwang? It's that you don't really want a boyfriend. You like the idea of a relationship but you've never lasted longer than two months with someone because you're more in love with the idea of a boyfriend than the actual boyfriend. So maybe when you'll actually like who you're dating, then it'll last.’

Even though the room was dark, some light peaked through the curtains and Changbin could see Hyunjin pouting.

‘That's not true’

‘Yes, it is.’

‘No, it isn't.’

‘Ok, then prove me wrong.’

‘The fuck are you talking about?’

‘If you don't have a boyfriend for at least three months by the end of the school year, you'll have to admit that I'm right-’

‘But you're wrong’

‘-and you'll stop complaining about it. Deal?’

Hyunjin stayed silent for a couple of seconds, thinking about it. The whole thing didn't make much sense, it actually made zero sense, but he had pride and would never ever admit that Seo Changbin was right and actually knew him more than himself. He could keep a relationship three months, it was easy, he had never done it before but it wasn't impossible. He just needed the right person he wouldn't get sick of and that wouldn't get sick of him.

‘What do I win?’

‘A boyfriend.’

‘No. If I win and I'm single again, you have to help me find someone, deal? Oh! And you can't complain about me talking about it.’

Even though Hyunjin couldn't see it, he was a hundred percent sure Changbin had just rolled his eyes. His roommate eventually sighed, exhausted.


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