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Dizha and Takhzhul, a devoted and hardworking Uugnan couple, stand witness to Uugnan Empire history in the making. In the process, they become the founders of a new Warrior House and a centuries-long legacy of pilots; a legacy that would take its place in history alongside the legendary Chulmu Fighter Pilots.

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Meet Dizha And Takhzhul

Takhzhul and Dizha Sorkhu were an Uugnan couple who lived on Phashtu, seat of the Uugnan Empire.

Takhzhul, 40, had four teen children, two sons and two daughters, from his first marriage. That marriage had ended in divorce six years earlier.

Dizha, 30, was quite petite, barely 5 feet tall, slender but curvy and, like most Uugnan women, quite buxom.

She hadn't been married before, but had left a bad relationship two years before meeting Takhzhul.

Like all Uugnans, their hair looked as if it had been singed off and was slowly growing back. Men's sideburns and chest hair looked the same.

Each ear was pointed and had 4 sections that lay flat against the sides of their heads, appearing as if they had four ears for each ear.

They had 3 raised ridges that started at the top of the nose above each eye up to what would have been their hairline. The ridges looked like encapsulated brain matter.

They had ridges where their eyebrows would be, and black eyes.

Uugnan men had deep, resonant voices, while Uugnan women had pleasant, feminine voices.

Takhzhul was a gentle bear of a man. He was tall, 6'3", and quite muscular with a six-pack.

They'd been married for nine months. He was good to her and loved her very much. She was a good wife to him and loved him very much as well. They were each other's best friend.

He and his ex-wife were on good terms, and worked hard to keep it that way for their kids' sakes.

His children and ex had never fully accepted Dizha. Part of that was due to his ex-wife having both lingering feelings for him and regrets for cheating on him and leaving him for another man. They were cordial to Dizha nonetheless.

His children, while cordial, basically just tolerated Dizha, ignoring her for the most part when at his house for visitation or at family get-togethers.

He and Dizha got along fairly well with his ex-wife's current husband, despite the fact that his ex had cheated on Takhzhul with him and then left him for her husband.

Takhzhul was a good and honorable man, and very hardworking. He was a fighter pilot stationed at the Uugnan Empire's main military base.

He occasionally flew visiting dignitaries and civilians around the planet and solar system, and held the rank of Colonel. Takhzhul was also a Group Captain and squadron leader.

Dizha was a botanist in charge of the Uugnan Empire Flight Academy's hydroponic garden, training future starship and space station crewmembers about raising crops in deep space.

She also had a small hydroponic garden at their home where she grew most of their herbs and vegetables.

Takhzhul regularly told her she grew the biggest, juiciest, best-tasting tomatoes he'd ever tasted! He also loved the spicy peppers she grew.

He enjoyed gardening as well in his spare time. His specialty was roses, a flowering bush from Federation Directorate territory.

With Dizha's advice and assistance, he'd recently found a way to grow them on Phashtu and in deep space as well. They created a hybrid he called Dizha's Smile. It was a pale pink and purple, and had no thorns.

"It's beautiful and sweet, just like you, Dizha, and not at all thorny like some folks can be!", he'd say, then give her a hug and passionate kiss.

In addition to gardening, they had quite alot in common. They both enjoyed traveling, hiking, cooking, reading, alien languages and cultures, as well as music from alien cultures all over the galaxy.

Both were major coffeeholics, practically mainlining caffeine!

They also had the same snarky, bawdy, even risque sense of humor. Many of their off-duty tshirts and tank tops showcased that sense of humor.

Both enjoyed dirty jokes as well as a good fart joke, having learned them from some of their human colleagues on cultural exchange from Federation Directorate.

They'd met 13 months earlier at a concert and poetry reading at a coffeehouse, and had hit it off instantly. Within one week they were officially a couple. She'd moved in with him one month afterwards.

He'd introduced her to his family one week later at a family holiday gathering. His kids were polite but distant to her. Deep down they'd hoped a miracle would happen and their parents would get back together.

Meeting Dizha, it became crystal clear that would never happen. His ex-wife and her husband, on the other hand, weren't as distant as the kids. She grudgingly admitted to herself that Dizha was perfect for him, despite their ten year age difference.

The two became Promised, the Uugnan equivalent of being engaged, three months after meeting, and married in a private ceremony in front of an Adjudicator.

Other than the Adjudicator, they were the only ones present. They'd told his children about their wedding date, but the kids didn't want to be there. His ex-wife and her husband wished them both well, though.

Following Uugnan tradition, no rings were exchanged. It was a very simple ceremony.

Takhzhul gently took her hand into his and squeezed it, smiling at her. He then put his other hand over their joined hands. She did the same.

They nodded to each other, as if privately agreeing to something.

“I Takhzhul, son of Atokh of the Warrior House of Sorkhu, choose and take you, Dizha, of the Warrior House of Otemh, as my beloved wife, my life's mate, my heart and life's companion.

"Forsaking all others, I will remain faithful to you, until death parts us.”, he said.

“I Dizha, daughter of Charkha and Bishkha of the Warrior House of Otemh, choose and take you, Takhzhul, of the Warrior House of Sorkhu, as my beloved husband, my life's mate, my heart and life's companion.

”Forsaking all others, I will remain faithful to you, until death parts us.“, she said.

They then put their foreheads together for 3 seconds, and kissed passionately. They were now legally Takhzhul and Dizha Sorkhu, Uugnan husband and wife.

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