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Clare wants her step-dad, but how to get him? Read more and find out 🤍✨❤️

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Please Daddy!

Clare sat on the edge of her bed, looking through a photo album. It had been a year since her mother passed away, and since she had no other family, she stayed with her stepfather. She was 18 now, technically she could have lived on her own; but since she had never finished school, didn’t own a car, the only work she could get was at the liquor store up the street, it was easier to stay with Rick until she could figure out what her next move should be. Plus, Rick had been in her life since she was 11. She called him “Dad”, they had good relationship, and it was a comfort to be around someone who had known and loved her mother almost as much as she had.

She heard the jingling of keys and the front door opening, she knew Rick had arrived home from work. She quickly put the photo album back in its drawer and went out to greet her stepfather. “Hey, Dad! How was work?”. He turned to her smiling, “Hey, Sweetie. Actually, work was great! Dan Barnes retired today, and I got tapped to take his place. I’ll be overseeing all operations at the factory.” Clare ran to him and jumped into his arms, giving him a tight hug, “Oh my god, Dad! That’s so great! I’ll cook your favorite steaks for dinner, and we can celebrate!”

He released her from the hug and said, “Well, I was thinking that since the new job also comes with a pretty great raise, we could go out to dinner someplace nice. Make a night out of it. What do you think?” Clare nodded, “That sounds great! Where should we go?” Rick seemed to think about it for a moment, “How about Tony’s Bistro?” Clare widened her eyes, “Isn’t that place really fancy? I don’t have any clothes that fancy.” Rick smiled and pulled out a wad of cash from his suit pocket, “Here, take my car and go buy yourself a nice dress. I still have to take a shower and change out of these work clothes. I should be just about done by the time you get back.”

Clare was excited. She had never been to a restaurant that nice. She knew exactly which store she wanted to go to and which dress she wanted to get, she had walked by and seen it in the window of the Rose Boutique at least a dozen times in the past month. She couldn’t believe that she was actually going to get it and go someplace nice enough to ware it and show it off.

When she got home, she could still hear Rick in the shower. She went straight to her room, changed into the dress, put on some makeup, and began to style her hair. When she finally saw herself in the mirror, she couldn’t believe what she was looking at. The long emerald green dress looked amazing against her milk pale skin, her light brown eyes looked bigger and more seductive with eyeliner and mascara, and her long auburn hair fell in curls almost to her waist. She was please that though she looked like a ‘girl’ an hour or two ago, now she looked like a ‘woman’. She spun in front of the mirror smiling.

There was a knock on her bedroom door. She turned from the mirror and said, “Come in!”. The door opened and for a moment Rick stood in the doorway with his mouth open, stunned into silence. When he regained the ability to speak, he said, “You look amazing!”. Clare smiled and blushed. Rick walked further into the room until he could gently grip her upper arms with his hands, “You look more like your mother every day.” And he kissed her on the forehead. With his lips pressed to her forehead, smelling his rich cologne and the firm but gentle grip on her arms, Clare felt a bit lightheaded. He stepped back from her, smiled, and offered her his arm, “Shall we head out for our night on the town, Madam?” She smiled and took his arm. It pleased her for some silly reason to be treated like a lady instead of a girl.

The evening went by quickly and delightfully. After a wonderful dinner, they went to a movie, and then took a walk around the town square. On their way home, Rick pulled into the parking lot of the local Bevmo and told Clare to wait in the car while he ran in for something. A few minutes later he returned with his purchase, which he put in the trunk, and away they went. The car was extremely quiet, but it was a peaceful relaxed silence that didn’t really call for talking. Clare stared out the window, watching the shadowy woods go by in a fast but lovely blur. Rick’s voice broke the silence, making Clare jump. “Did you have a nice night?” Clare looked at him, smiling, “Yes, it was wonderful.” Rick smiled while still looking at the road, “What was your favorite part?” he asked. Clare thought about it for a moment and then said, “Walking around the town square. People walking around in normal clothes looked at us like we were some rich important couple. I mean, I know we are the same as them, but it was nice to feel fancy and adult-ish for once. I know I’m 18, but sometimes I still feel like the world sees me as a kid.”

A few moments later they were pulling into the driveway of the house. Rick got out and came around to open Clare’s door for her and offer her a hand out of the car since she was wearing high heels and a long dress. After he helped her out, he went to the trunk and got out his purchase from Bevmo. “What did you get at the store?” Clare asked as Rick made his way back around the car. “A little treat to celebrate our night out.” He winked at her, “and if you want to feel like an adult, I think this will help too.

He opened the front door, letting Clare enter ahead of him. She swept by him, and immediately went for the sofa where she began taking off her high heels. “The dress is comfy, but the shoes… Uhg! I don’t know how some women can stan to wear heels every day!” she said while looking up at him with a joking smile on her face. He smiled back down at her, “Well, you get comfortable. I’m going to go unwrap the surprise. Maybe you could put something on the TV.” and he walked out of the room.

Clare finished taking off her shoes, found the remote, and started channel surfing for something interesting. A moment later, Rick came back in the room with two glasses in his hand and a bottle of some dark amber looking liquid. He sat down on the sofa beside her, placing a glass in front of each of them, and then filling each glass about halfway full of the amber liquid. Clare smiled, “Is that alcohol? I’m not old enough to drink.” Rick turned slightly so he could look her in the eye, “Your 18, you may not be old enough to buy alcohol, but your old enough to drink it. In some cultures, kids can drink alcohol when they are 16.” He lifted the glass and handed it to her, then picked up his own glass. “To the promotion and a great night out!” and he clinked his glass against hers. He downed his glass in one swallow while Clare only took a small sip. The liquid was sweet and almost tasted like rich cherries. Once she knew that it wasn’t bitter and actually tasted quite good, she lifted her glass and downed the entire contents in one swallow.

Rick smiled, “That’s my girl!” and he poured more liquid into her glass. She sipped it this time, enjoying the amazing flavor, “I thought alcohol was supposed to be bitter and taste terrible?” she asked. Rick downed another glass and shook his head, “Most of it does, but there are a few items on the market that don’t taste bad at all. You’ll eventually get a feel for what you like or don’t like. Come on now! Empty the glass and I’ll pour you another!” Clare smiled and then swallowed the remainder of her drink and Rick refilled her glass.

Nearly an hour had passed, along with a few more drinks. They talked, joked, laughed and overall had a wonderful time. Clare was feeling quite dizzy and lightheaded, but she liked the feeling. It was like being a little sleepy while sinking into a warm bath. Rick leaned towards her. Her heart was suddenly hammering, she thought he was leaning in for a kiss, but just when she thought their lips would touch, his fingers touch her cheek right below her eye. Rick pulled back, holding his finger up in front of him to reveal an eyelash on the tip of his finger. He smiled and said, “Make a wish!” Clare blushed, closed her eyes as though making a wish, and gently blew the eyelash off of his finger. Rick was beaming at her, “What did you wish for? Let me guess, a new car?” he said jokingly. She smiled and shook her head, “Nope, I just wished for a refill.” she said while shaking her glass at him.

What she failed to admit was, that for a brief moment, she wished that he had kissed her. She had always thought he was a nice looking man, but around the time she turned 15, she had started to think of him as handsome, even attractive. In one part of her mind she felt terribly guilty because he was supposed to be her ‘dad’… but another part of her mind whispered, “but he’s not really your dad, it’s just paperwork.”… and an even more prominent part of her mind said, “why would he want you anyway?”

Rick said, “Are you okay, Sweetie?” Clare realized that she had been staring off into space for a few moments, and said, “Sorry, just got lost in thought for a second.” Rick looked concerned, “I hope it was a good thought.” he said. Clare smiled and sipped her drink, “It was a mixed thought, nothing worth sharing.” She finished her drink and sat her glass down on the table, “I think I should probably go to bed.” she stood up. The world swam for a second and she swayed, and before she could fall over, Rick caught her. “Okay, Sweetheart. Let’s get you to bed.” Rick put his arm around her waist and started guiding her to her bedroom.

By the time they were in the bedroom, Clare’s vision had cleared a little but she still felt dizzy. She turned to Rick, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and burying her face against his chest. She mumbled, “Sorry I’m such a lightweight.” Rick had wrapped one arm around her waist and the other arm around her shoulders so he could stoke her hair, “Don’t worry about it. It’s always like this for the first few times.” For what seemed like an hour but was probably only a couple of minutes, Clare kept her arms wrapped around Rick. He smelled so good, his arms were so strong, he made her feel so safe. And then she noticed that with the lines of their bodies pressed together, she could feel something… She realized that she could feel his cock pressed against her, it was hard, and even through their clothes, she swore that she could feel its warmth. Feeling his erection pressed between them made her body tighten, a warm rush and tingling started between her legs. She pretended to hug him tighter as an excuse to move her hips more firmly against him so she could feel the bulge in his pants. Rick gave her one quick squeeze, patted her shoulder and stepped back, “Let’s get you into bed.”

Rick pulled the covers on her bed back. Clare attempted to sit on the bed and nearly fell over, she giggled, “Aren’t you going to help me get into my pajamas?” Rick smiled and said, “How about I just set your pajamas on the bed for you so you don’t have to walk as far.” He went over to her dresser and pulled out one of her large sleepshirts. Clare fake pouted at him and said, “Can you at least get the zipper in the back of the dress? I has to use a string just to pull the zipper up when I was putting it up.” Rick leaned over her and began to unzip the dress. Clare’s eyes had settled on the bulge in his pants while he was leaning over her. She had an almost irresistible urge to place her hand on it. When Rick has gotten the dress’s zipper down, he leaned back, kissed her on the top of her head, and then went out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Clare managed to slide the dress off, but by the time she was done, she felt dizzy again and allowed herself to fall back on her bed in nothing but her panties, the dress hadn’t needed a bra. She smiled to herself thinking about Rick’s cock against her body, the fact that it was such an inappropriate thing to enjoy seemed to intensify the warm tingling between her legs. She slipped her fingers into her panties and began to touch herself. She was able to slip her fingers into her pussy with ease since she was already soaking wet from the inappropriate fantasies that were playing through her mind. She thought about what it would feel like to have Rick sliding his cock into her virgin pussy. She squirmed at the touch of her own fingers and the exciting thoughts and images that flooded her mind. She climaxed while imagining Rick’s cock spasming inside of her and filling her tight cunt with his juices.

Clare woke the next morning, still feeling a little dizzy, but mainly noticing a slight headache starting right between her eyes. She lay for a moment, remembering the night. She smiled while remembering some fabulous dreams she had had involving Rick, a bare skin rug, and little to no clothing. She remembered him hugging her and holding her close, the feeling of his rod pressed between them. She thought to herself, “Did I just imagine him having an erection while he was hugging me? Was it the alcohol playing with my mind?... Or was he truly aroused while having me in his arms?” She was lost between confusion and hope. Finally, she decided that she would see if their closeness would result in him getting an erection again, and if it didn’t, she would know it had been her imagination running away with her horniness.

She got out of bed, put on and oversized Tshirt and some fresh panties, and went into the living room. Rick was sitting on the couch, still wearing pajama pants and a white tshirt. The TV was on but he was looking at his phone. When he heard her enter the room, he smiled, “Hey, Sweetheart. How are you feeling?” Clare had a wondrously mischievous idea. She said, “I have a bit of a headache, but other than I’m fine.” She walked to the couch and sat down at the opposite end from him. As he set his phone down on the arm of the couch, Clare set her plan into action. She let her body softly fall to the side, resting her head in his lap, and before he could react or say anything, “Is this what a hangover feels like?”

Rick’s body was stiff for a moment and then slowly relaxed until he rested his hand on her arm, “Yeah, it’s pretty common.” Clare groaned, “I can’t seem to fall back asleep, but I just feel like I want to lay down all day. Let’s watch TV until my head doesn’t feel like it wants to slide off my shoulders.” Rick stroked her hair and said, “Okay, Honey.”… Clare was so pleased with herself, she had managed to lay her head in his lap right above where his penis would be. It didn’t feel hard right now, but she was sure that if she just gave it time that something would happen.

After about 10 minutes, she thought that it was possible that his lack of erection might be from lack of movement. She reached her hand behind her and pulled a blanket from the back of the couch and made a wriggling effort of trying to cover herself with it, thus allowing her to rub and wriggle her head over his crotch until she got the blanket comfortably over her. By the time she had settled into stillness again, she was thrilled to find that his cock was swelling. She should feel his hard shaft against her ear, her cheek, and the corner of her mouth. She was thrilled that his pajama pants were so thin that she could feel the perfect outline of his cock against her face. Rick said, “Are you comfortable, Sweetie?” his voice sounded strained. Clare nodded her head, using it as an excuse to rub her face against his cock. Rick gave a slight movement that might have been him concealing a shudder. Clare could feel that warm tingling between her legs again.

After a while, Rick said, “Well, Girly. I’ve got to get up and run some errands. You stay here and relax.” He scooted his hips out from under her and stood. He moved to quickly for Clare to protest or to even try to see the tempting bulge in his pants. He went into his room and closed the door.

Clare did spend the rest of the day relaxing on the couch. At one point she had even let her hands wander under the blanket to play with herself while thinking about the feeling of his cock against her face. She felt excited and scared, but she was certain now that Rick found her arousing and that she had not imagined his erection pressed against her last night. She came up with a plan. She went to the liquor cabinet and found one of Rick’s bottles of vodka. She knew it was a strong drink because her friends back in school had talked about getting drunk at parties where vodka was the main drink of choice. She wanted to get Rick relaxed so she could see if she could push the mutual desire even further.

When Rick got home that evening, Clare was on the couch, still in her Tshirt. He looked at the coffee table with the bottle of vodka and it two shot glasses. Clare smiled up at him, “You’re about 3 shots behind if you want to catch up.” Rick smiled but looked surprised, “I didn’t think you would be ready for more after how you were feeling this morning.” Clare grinned, “I took a nap and woke up feeling much better. But last night was so much fun, I thought we could do it again.” Rick set a shopping bag down on the small table near the door and sat down beside Clare on the couch. Clare poured him a shot, which he downed quickly, and she refilled his glass. “Come on now, catch up!” she said. Rick swallowed the next shot, which Clare filled again. He looked hesitant. Clare said, “Oh come on now, don’t tell me that you can be out-drunk by an 18 year old.” She gave him a competitive grin. She was feeling particularly mischievous since she hadn’t actually had any of the vodka. Her plan was to stay less intoxicated than him so she could focus while he relaxed and let his guard down. Rick gave a smile, ignoring the shot glass, picked up the bottle of vodka and took a huge swig. Clare smiled, “Now we’re getting somewhere!”

They talked, laughed, and gave each other good natured ribbing about who could drink more. Clare asked, “What did you get when you were out shopping today?” she pointed at the bag near the door. “Some new ties for work.” Rick said. Clare got up off the couch and walked over to the bag, looking inside it. She pulled out 5 new ties, holding them up to the light so she could see the colors and patterns. She walked back over to the couch with the ties hanging off her arm. She held one up, looking at the tie then looking at Rick. “I think this will bring out your eyes the best.” she said as she threw the rest of the ties on the couch where she had been sitting before. She put one knee on the couch next to Rick’s thigh and then swung her other leg over his lap until she was on her knees straddling his lap. She lowered herself onto his lap. His basketball shorts felt silky against her thighs. She wrapped the tie around the back of his neck and began to tie it for him over his Tshirt while she wiggled and adjusted in his lap.

Rick looked shocked, confused, and a little cross eyed from Clare being on his lap with her face so close to his. Clare made a point of leaning in to him while adjusting the back of the tie so that her breasts were pressed against his neck and chest. She could feel him getting hard against her pussy. His hands had automatically gone to her hips when she sat on his lap. She leaned back, pushing her pussy more firmly against his hardening cock. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. He smiled back at her and asked, “What do you think? Is this the winner?” Clare smiled at him, “Yep, this one is sure to get you at least 5 more promotions in the next month.” Rick laughed, which made her squirm a little on his lap.

She decided to throw caution to the wind. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. Rick froze for a moment. And then kissed her back. The kiss went from a firm press of lips to an exploring on tongues. Clare kissed him as if she is starving, and the taste of his lips were the first meal she had had in days. Rick’s hands had lowered until he was almost touching her ass and the edge of her shirt. He pulled back from the kiss, “Clare, I don’t… I mean I’m not sure if”… She kissed him softy and whispered, “Please.”

He kissed her back, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight to his body as they explored each other’s mouths. Clare began to grind her pussy against his cock as he held her close. Even through the cloth, his shaft was pressed between her pussy lips. She ground on his lap as though she was trying to fuck him through the clothes. The constant grinding was moving his shorts lower until the head of his cock was poking out of the top if his shorts. Before long, it was only her panties keeping a burier between his cock and her pussy. He could feel her wetness through the cloth, she was soaked. He began to thrust his hips into her and at one point the panties slipped to the side, pressing her bare pussy to his cock. They both froze and looked down. The head of his cock was sticking out of her slit while the shaft remained pinned between his own body and her wet slit.

They looked into each other’s eyes, smiled, and then resumed their kissing as she grinded her pussy against him and he thrust against her. At one point, she had slid up his cock far enough that his cockhead had pushed up against her opening. Rick said, “Honey, are you sure? We can stop if you want. This doesn’t have to go any further.” Clare spoke with her lips brushing his, “Please, Daddy. Please! I want this sooo bad. I’ve wanted it for so long”.

Whether it was her saying “Please, Daddy.” or her admitting that she had wanted this long before today, he let all of his doubts go. He slid his hand between their bodies, gripping his own cock and angling it until the tip was pressing into her opening. She began to lower her body, pushing until the head was inside her. She shuddered, it felt better than she imagined. His cock was so thick, so hard, so warm. Her pussy was so tight it felt as thought it were trying to hug his cock as she slid him deeper inside of her. When he was in as far as her body would allow, she pulled back from kissing him and whispered, “Fuck me, Daddy.

Rick, while keeping his cock buried deep inside of her, stood and lifted her with him. He stepped around the coffee table and then knelt on the floor, laying her on her back while he stayed buried inside her hot wet cunt. He let his body weight fall against her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He thrust in and out of her as hard and as fast as he could. With his cock stretching her pussy and bottoming out at the end of her love tunnel, she began to groan and whimper in ecstasy. Her orgasms built and built, and when it broke over her body, drowning her body in waves of pleasure, she shrieked, “Daddy! Yes Daddy! Yes! Yes!”

Rick could feel her pussy spasming around his cock, and with her screaming in pleasure for him, he couldn’t hold it anymore. He shoved his cock deep inside her and rather than pulling out, he repeatedly thrust into her, feeling his cock head pushing against the end of her. His cock erupted, spurting wad after wad of his seed into her wonderful little cunt.

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