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I hope you like it...and it is a true event that had actually occurred with my aunt....PS Rimi Pipi and it is terrifying

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Bhangarh Fort


It is a story based on Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan. It is known as the most haunted place in India. This is a true event which I will write about today.

One night when I was in my hostel, suddenly my friends and I decided to go somewhere. We often were not allowed to go somewhere far. So we took permission from the guard and told him that we'll just go for sightseeing near by next morning.

The next morning we drove of to Bhangarh fort, even after being aware of it being the most haunted place in India. When we reached there the guard said that it will open at 8:00 a.m. and hence we have to wait. There was another group who had come to this fort, we had overheard their conversation and learnt that there was a door at the back of the fort which was always open. So we all went there at its surely was wide open!

Then we quickly went inside. Our two friends, Rahul and Sameera were behind the group... They were very brave and did not believe in any kind of ghosts. So they were slowly walking and discovering the whole place while others including me were a little frightened yet excited.

After sometimes Rahul and Sameera could hear some footsteps. They did not care and kept on walking. The foot steps went on and on. They thought it was just the other group. Suddenly the foot steps stopped. In front of Rahul and Sameera were Ankita and Ninad, they absolutely hated haunted places as they were too scared. Suddenly the footsteps could be heard behind Ankita and Ninad and in front of Rahul and Sameera. Wait what! "how is this possible" exclaimed the four of them. Then they all quickly gathered up together and went with the group.*Sigh in relief*

After sometime those weird foot step noises were gone. Then we went upstairs and saw a priest worshipping Khatu Maharaj (get to know about him at the end of the story). And after that there was another flight of stairs going downstairs. When we were going downstairs using those stairs, we could hear the voices of many children playing, water splashing, laughing, chattering, swinging and it all sounded so realistic. But as we went down nothing was there. The pond where we were hearing noises of water splashes was absolutely still, the swing was half broken and we were awestruck. After that we decided to go back to our hostel, just then we heard those footsteps again but this time it felt like they were wearing ghungroos, ah great as if we weren't already frightened enough!

We went to our hostel as quickly as possible. But something absolutely strange happened with our friends, Rahul and Sameera. Inside their backpacks they found a small blue colour pouch, it seemed very old, it was wrapped with a piece of paper. Inside it wa--- was a piece of bone fragment some parts of it was covered in blood...🩸🦴

When we showed it to Rakesh uncle, our hostel guard he ordered us to throw the bone near the lake. But go there the next morning he said, don't go there now it is dangerous. And that was the very first thing we did that morning....


I hope you like my story...

This story is inspired from a real life event that happened with my aunt: PS: Rimi Pipi.

I was literally in absolute awe when I heard this story from her. As my opinion this isn't any ghostly event... But a paranormal incident. Have a good day 😊


Khatu Maharaj- a Hindu God who is venerated especially in western India.

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Arisha Roy I absolutely love to draw and write stories 😃 I am currently 12 yrs old I hope you like my stories I particularly write horror stories So if ur a scaredy cat you bettah run away 🤣🙌🏻

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