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Princess Alisa is sick and tired of having her parents dictate her life, so she does everything in her power to stop it.

Fantaisie Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Introduction To My Life

My name is Princess Alisa Leanders of Cordonia, and this is my story. I am 23 years of age, and yet my parents are still dictating my life, which is really frustrating. But that is not the worst part. They have taught me that all my life I will be marrying someone from another country that I do not know, and have never met. This is only for my family's gratification.

I do not want and have never desired to marry for the crown and politics. Do you know what I would rather do? I would rather marry for love. I can not believe that everyone in the royal family has to be subjected to this kind of life. Shouldn't I be allowed to choose who I want to marry? In my opinion, that is yes.

Everything in my life has been dictated, from what I will wear, to how I act. I honestly wish that I was a normal person. Not a royal princess. But that is not what I was dealt with in life. Even my supposed friends, are only with me because of my title. Do you know what that is? I am the highest royal princess, the one who will be queen when I marry.

One day while walking around the castle grounds, I noticed how all of the commoners were very happy. I just wish that for one day, I would not need to worry about the world, and how they perceive me. While lost in thought, I did not notice how the most handsome man in the world walked up to me. As I looked up, I noticed his bright green eyes, his silky blonde hair, and his suit.

"Where did he come from?" I thought to myself. "Hello, your highness. How are you doing this morning?" He asked me with curiosity in his voice. Wait, what? "I asked about your day." He replied to me without any anger in his voice. I am sorry sir. I was lost in thought. "It is okay. Do not worry about it." Anyway, my day has been busy so far, especially with all the preparations going on. "The royal ball, right?" Yes, it is actually where I am supposed to meet my betrothed. "Oh. If you don't mind being forward, I like you very much. I thought that we might have something going on. It just saddens me to see your face so sad. How can put a smile on your face?" As he said this, I could not help but start blushing. You are already doing that sir. But before I go, what is your name? "My name is Alexander." I will see you again soon. And with that, I entered the castle.

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