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This is a fanfic based on a ship not everyone had to like it or accept it but it’s a very interesting write and ship not that I like it myself

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After many long years of being imprisoned which I get out of the jail ceil that had me captive. As I escaped I found out a certain hero has a quirk that could make anyone turn back their time making them younger again so I go to find him. That hero at the time is doing his job helping others and just over all being a nice and kind person but he had no idea that his fate will soon be in my hands. I found the hero working in the city and went over to him forcefully taking his quirk. Then using it on myself to making me young again and now I am in my 30s where I didn't have all my scars where at a time I had more energy. I then go out for a run liking my younger body now which at that time Toshinori is walking through town. His health had seemed to improved since he had to retire but he still looked weak and skinny. He had his blue and red jumpsuit on and began to jogging through town which he had his long hair bangs tied back in a very messy ponytail. I then ended running when I see you and join you, "Taking a nice run?" I ask with an evil smile.

The voice alone sent shivers down his spine which he hid well that I couldn't tell.

Quickly he turned and to stared at me which made him stopping in his tracks.

"H-how...!?" He asked kinda confused but shocked at the same time.

I stop as I look at All might and smile evilly, "Mhm what's wrong Toshinori?" I ask widening the smile.

"How did you...!?" He asked as hid the slightest panic in his voice as he stared directly at me.

"Mhm haven't you figured it out? my it's been a long time since I looked like this" I say as grab all might wrist tightly. He made an attempt to pull away but his strength was no where near enough to do so.

"Let me go!" He snapped at me as he glared at me with his blue eyes shining angrily.

"Mhm, what are you going to do especially with no quirk and your poor little wound All might" I say as I feel your side where his wound is. He jolted and tensed up as he glares at me but not saying anything.

I chuckle, "You can't do anything especially without that little student of yours Izuku Midorya"

"Leave him out of this!" He snapped angrily as he got close to my face.

I chuckle, "Really want me to leave him alone?" I ask testing him.

"I wont let you near him!" He glares at me confidently.

I evilly smile, "What if I told you that he is my son then what?" I ask pushing him slightly into a wal.

"Y-your....." He started as he had a rather shocked expression on his face. "It....it doesn't matter! Leave him alone!" He finished glaring at me not really believing what I said.

I chuckle evilly, "Oh come on now Toshinori, tell me what would you do if Izuku was my son tell me what would you do?" I ask wanting to see the complete despair on his face.

".....theres nothing...I could do....." He answered as he looked away for me then looks at me with certainty, "Except find comfort in the knowledge he'll never be like you!" He declared.

I chuckle, "Mhm we will see tho he reminds me of me when I was young thinking of possible hope there was and under a teacher quite like you" I say as if I was reminiscing about the old days.

All might looks at me trying his darnedest to keep calm.

"I assure you he'd never be like you. He's very kind." He says in a low deep tone to make a point.

I chuckle and teleported us to a secret place, "Oh you have such high hopes but tell me when did you ever get to be yourself huh?"

"Myself?" He asked a little confused by what I meant but mainly focused on our new location.

"That's right the time where its only you and be you" I say as I grab a whip.

"I'm always myself." He says sure if himself.

He watched my movements while also scanning the room for an escape route. I Chuckle, "Of course" I say as I hit your good side hard when you see there is no way out. All might let out a loud yelp mixed with a groan as he wrapped his arms tightly around his sides.

He glared up at me which made me chuckle a bit evilly and I whip him again harder as I come closer to him.

"Stay back..." He spoke a bit quiet his voice a little shakey as he stepped back. I smile evilly as I walk towards him whipping him hard on his body. He managed to just barely move out of the way of the whip only getting hit a little but I smile at his struggle to keep away from me. I whip him as hard as I could till I got bored of him trying his best get away from me so I grabbed some rope on a wall of mine.

"What are you...?" He asks as he sees me grab the rope down from the wall.

I grab him after getting the rope, "Shouldn't you know All might? What I am honestly" I grab then grab his wrists roughly and pinned him hard into the wall behind him. All might grits his teeth a bit and tugged at his hands.

"I meant what are you doing...." he asks me now staring at me correcting the question his was originally asking. "I know what you are..." he threatens me in a dark tone.

I chuckle, "I going to make you suffer badly" I say in an even darker eviler tone.

"Think you can do that?" He asked me trying to sound brave and confident.

"Oh I think I can in ways that even you will be begging me" I say deeply.

"I will never beg you for anything!" He snaps ignoring the fact that he's completely at my mercy.

I tie his wrists tightly, "I don't think you understand the scale of what you are under right now" I say threatening him by touching his weak side.

His midsection tensed up and he began to struggle a bit against the ropes.

"I don't think you understand that I'm not afraid of you!" He yells confidently.

"Mhm play the act all you want but I know deep down you fear me, like your previous master before you she had to leave her family out of fear of me" I say darkly.

He glared at me fiercely, "Nana didn't fear you either!" He snaps at me.

I chuckle darkly as I place my thumbs on my checks like Nana did, "Is that why she told you to smile?" I say mocking him.

He tries to lunge at me but he couldn't since his hands were tied and I had him pinned to the wall.

I chuckle at the attempt, "Oh there is much that you don't know about OFA that I do"

"Of course there would be! You or your brother, technically made the quirk!" He tried to calm himself down as it is obvious that I am beginning to annoy him.

I nod, "Your right tho I didn't know my brother had a secret quirk and now it's the only power that threatens me but I wouldn't need to worry now that you don't have it" I say darkly.

"Tch..." He looks away from me and a bit annoyed that I reminded him that he is I'm quirkless again.

"So what if i don't have it anymore...i can still be useful!" He says trying to be strong.

"True you can be very useful" I say as I grab him then dragging him to a bed. I smile evilly as he tries hard to pull away and shifting his wrists in the ropes trying to ignoring the burns the rope will definitely leave as he struggled. I throw him down on it and began to tie him to the bed frame.

To be continued........

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