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Something went really wrong, I'm not where I should be. In the first moment I thought I was dreaming after watching some sci-fi movie. A movie like my parents used to love, out of space with lasers as swords and weird looking creatures.

But this wasn't a dream, this place was cold, colder than any other place I've been to. Even in my high-tech suit, I was feeling the goosebumps and my legs shaking to keep my body warm. The control panel was broken after the crash, this gave me no chance to regulate the temperature or anything else.

I needed to get away and find a safe and warm place before anyone or anything was going to find me out there. The noises that were coming from the caves behind me sounded strange.

It sounded more like big machines working on even bigger machines, but from the inside of a mountain? I've never been to a planet like this before, I wish the stupid panel would've been working, so I could keep track of time and place.

For a second I thought the panel came back to life, but it was another familiar sound that came closer from the mountain in front of me. When I first saw it a slight feeling of safety was flashing through my body but just in a blink I got myself around the next corner and deeper into the cave. The small robot I was spotting first was now followed by someone. Thinking about it now I feel stupid for hiding, if this tiny thing spotted me anyone else could too.

While I was looking for my tr-16, one of the most updated weapons, at least in the time area I got it from, the robotic sounds disappeared. Did they miss me, maybe didn't catch me hiding?

My weapon wasn't where I put it before, but something way more important was gone too. Panic was rising from my brain down to my heart and back. Losing it could cause so much danger not only for me, for everyone around too.

I could still feel its present, it needed to be close but out of sight. Was it the panic causing me trouble to breathe, or was it this place?

I got the answer faster than I expected, the light on my chest turned from blue to red right at the moment she was looking at me. The last thing I remembered was looking into her brown eyes, then everything around me blacked out.

When I opened my eyes again, I found myself in a room with neon lights blinking almost everywhere. How was someone able to keep their eyes open in this brightness? After a very long time I felt dizziness again, while my hands noticed my space suit was gone, and I was left with the clothes I was wearing underneath. My head felt like a hammer was working in it uncontrollably.

But even with this sound in my head, I could hear her voice asking for my name almost in synchrony with my heartbeat. Once the neon lights were calming down, I spotted her standing close to a table with all my things on it. I managed to get up and grab the little black bag before she could touch it, she had no idea what it was capable of.

Until this moment I didn't realize that I was able to breathe freely without any problems, I only felt the dizziness leaving as soon as I had the stone back in my hands. It wasn't easy to separate all the things happening to my body, and even more to my heart, when I was looking at her.

She was working on my suit, and the huge screen in front of her told her exactly what to do. The panel showed only one word.

" Error "

Error, what was that supposed to mean? It usually showed everything you needed to know from the year to your health condition, but it was showing nothing except for that word.

The moment I wanted to ask her all the questions running through my mind, a signal came up from the door behind us. Someone wanted to enter, someone she didn't expect. In the next second she pushed me through another door on the other side of the room with the little robot waiting for us. I couldn't leave my things just where we left and wanted to run back when she was grabbing me by the arm.

" You're in danger, I know what you're carrying with you. If I know, they know too. You need to leave right now! "

Before she was able to end her sentence, the room behind us blew up, followed by an unbearable high pinched sound that got us to our knees. I've heard that before, when some strange men in black suits with silver stripes on the side followed me down the street. I know we needed to get up as fast as possible. I took her by the hand and pulled her with me. Around the next corner she pushed me against the wall telling me to leave right now again, she would find another way out.

My hand was digging deep into the little bag, feeling the vibration in my fingertips crawling up my hand and arm while looking into her eyes. Her eyes I couldn't stop thinking about since the first moment were now showing a mix of unbelievable strength, but also something that made me hold on tight to her hand.

Something told me we wouldn't let go of each other's hand. Just before the guards made it around the corner, the portal was open, and I pulled her closer to me, now holding her tight while she was slowly passing out. I knew this would happen, I've been through it several times in the beginning.

I was stepping through the portal when I heard her whispering quietly.

" The robot, don't leave him there! "

I kept holding her while grabbing through the portal again to reach for the robot when someone was grabbing my hand but letting go right after looking into my eyes.

" Those eyes! "

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