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Aoki Matsumoto is a peculiar boy, an outcast both at school and out in the society. He lives a dull life according to his treatment until his life changes when he flies and his family history unfolds.

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prime Earth- Japan

Aoki Matsumoto is a student of Itachiyama junior high.

Some people are trying to debunk his video, while some genuinely wants to know how he did it. He became the talk of the town within hours. News coverages, interview offers and even talk show invitations piled up. You might be wondering who is this boy? What is this video about?...well.

He can fly.

The details are blurry but he was filmed while saving a mother and her child from a failed parachute.

It's quite easy to assume ones daily life after such exposure and the discovery of said ability, or not. Aoki was still Aoki.

Apart from religious repercussions, the legitimacy of the fact did create naysayers more than supporters, but the majority did not care because of his family background.

Flight was just the smallest peice of the puzzle, the social media sensation will die out, it always does. What lies ahead of him will change is life forever.

An evening after class, he was dragged down into a dark Ally and cornered by a group of four boys, they pinned him between two dumpsters filled with garbage,

"guys it's not voluntary, I wasn't focusing on anything, really"

Aoki mumbled while backing against the wall.

"that wouldn't do now, would it? Here's what you're going to do, hug kiske over here and shoot up this instant or else we all beat your ass, sounds good?"

One of them threatened Aoki.

Kiske came out in front of Aoki and opens up his arms ready to hug , he tilted his head up with an evil smirk , everyone else started giggling.

Aoki continued to reason with them.

"guys seriously this is not at all a good idea, I've tried, I can only carry so much, kiske is like, what 90 kgs?"

"so you're calling me fat?"

Kiske interrupted and punched Aoki.

"better watch your mouth "shitoki" scum bags like you will always remain inferior to me, don't run your mouth however you please in front of me!, I don't care if you breath fire or fart rainbows.

You are a worthless piece of shit, you'll always be the son of that bitch who killed her own father; freak!"

Kiske said and spat on the ground.

Aoki's moan echoed the dumpster filled back alley surrounded by buildings and gaps in between.

Aoki held on to his bleeding noes, he fell on his knees and dropped down laying on the floor side ways, he shut his eyes tight with pain, reflecting in his mind, why this is happening to him.

These delinquent jerks just wants to re administer their dominance over me, kind of a reality check, so what if I can fly or whatever, I'm still the same helpless, hopeless, weak, good for nothing piece of shit as always, because..., because I believe in you mom, no one else does, they think you're a murderer, but I still believe you.

He remembers his mom's words at that instant.

"You will understand one day, why your grandpa is not here anymore, Not only that...you'll understand everything, why your father left, why I have to go now, all of it, I know this hard. Ao, it's hard for me too, you're the best thing that ever happened to me, and it breaks me to let you go"

She paused and held both of his cheeks with her bruised hands.

"behave, And be a good boy, you're tolerant and humble, people may take advantage of that, but keep in mind, you're stronger than all of them" she said and lifted her hand.

She pointed to his fist and his heart "both here and here"

"Ao, you are a special child, really special... You are not what people think you are, you yourself don't even know it yet, you will be entitled greatness, I promise you, believe in yourself!" she said after which she was taken away in an ambulance.

By remembering those very words, waves of trauma whaled over him.

Aoki's lips quivered, tears rolled down his cheeks, he heard the laughter of those bullies drilling his ears, he curled himself on the ground bringing his knees close to his chest and covering his face with his hands, while the bullies started kicking him and calling names.

He opened his eyes slowly, Through his fingers he saw In a distance, in between the buildings stood a cloaked figure with a hood, that person Stood there just watching with folded hands and leaning against the wall, only a bright shines of his red eyes was visible through the darkness inside his hood , Aoki expected him to come over to help...but on second thoughts the man seemed more scarier than the bullies.

Right then one of the boy pulled Aoki's bag away from him.

"You want this?, then make kiske fly"

A gentle breeze blew by Aoki's ears , like someone's worm breath.

"THEN LETS MAKE HIM FLY!" A female voice whispered in Aoki's ears.

All of a sudden they all stopped, Aoki was trying to get up, his face became blank, a strong breeze blew all around them; dumpster doors closing shut with loud noises, the cloaked man unfolded his hands and stood stright, the wind was heavy, it revealed a few scars across his face as

he held on to his hood from falling back.

"Mel, you idiot" he said.

The atmosphere became darker.

Aoki pushed his hands against the ground to get up.

But his palms were not touching the ground, he pushed against thin air and raised up, The strong wind pushed his hair down covering his eyes he stood up, both his feet not touching the ground as he was slowly and steadily moving upwards. He turned towards his bag and the boy who was holding it.

"So if kiske flys ...you give me the bag, right?"

Aoki asked with a strong voice it almost seemed like someone else was talking along with him, like a double voice. The boy nodded.

Aoki raised up looking down at the boys and the boys were walking backwards slowly, looking up at Aoki except for kiske, he was furious!

"Don't act all high and mighty you worthless basturd come down here and fly me"

Kiske shouted taking a step forward.

"So kiske are you ready to hug me?"

Aoki asked...this time his voice was synchronised with a females voice louder than before.


The cloaked figure whispered.

Aoki moved Swiftly and grabbed kiske, he flew away with really fast, the speed was unregistered by others, they just saw Aoki and kiske disappear right in front of them, they all looked around with immense confusion, suddenly they heard kiske's screams of excitement from up above them, their confused faces changed, they clapped and cheered and pulled out their phones to started recording.

They were a good 200 feet above the ground.

Aoki was neither speaking nor moving.

Kiske felt a little whiplash but he pulled it together.

He looked around holding on tight to Aoki, the hight with no fixed enforcement to stand on is scary to think of, but it was thrilling at the same time, kiske yelled a few more times and turned towards Aoki and said.

"Fly around you moron, this is boring, come on"

Aoki stayed the same without responding to kiske.

Kiske was frightened a little, Aoki's vibe was not reassuring to kiske.

"Okay then take me down this instant , I can't stand your breath"

He Demanded him while hiding his nervousness.

Still nothing from Aoki.

People from the buildings near by stood on their balconies pointing at them and started talking to themselves.

The fear started to really hit kiske.

"This isn't funny man, look, get me down I'll give you your bag, how about that huh?"

Said kiske now really scared.

Aoki looked at kiske with his eyes glowing green through his hair and a sinister grin on his face.

"Oh I have my bag with me alright"

Aoki said with the same female voice layered with his.

The boy who thought he was holding Aoki's bag realised he didn't have it anymore.

Aoki removed his hands off of kiske.

He starts to slip.

His fun turned into a serious problem quickly.

Kiske continued to threaten Aoki with violence while Aoki interrupted.

"you darn ugly pig; You still can't look past your fucking superiority complex even at the brink of death, You consider begging to me is so shameful that you rather die?"

He said with the female voice dominating more this time.

The Cloaked figure is hesitant to interrupt for some reason he clinched his fists in anxiety.

"you.., you won't get away with this, You will pay if l die, your life will be a living hell... I'll make sure of it, If you don't hold me, I... "

"Shut the fuck up you fat ass"

Aoki stopped him.

" you're going to die, there's nothing to make sure of anymore, you know how I may let you live?. Beg me; beg me for my mercy, lick my boots while your down there you darn dirty filth, that's right that's where you belong; hanging on my legs, holding for your dear life beneath me.. Yeah, that's what you get, all these years kicking me around like a dog's chew toy, now who's the low life?"


Kiske shouted.

"I beg you , your right I'm all that you say now PLEASE just hold on to me, I'll give you anything"

Kiske plead holding on to Aoki's shoes.

Aoki looked down, And stopped smiling, he glared at Kiske for a bit.

He Only Heard one thing over and over again in his head at that very moment.

"You'll always be the son of that bitch who killed her own father; freak"

And the face of kiske without an ounce of regret, Aoki imagined kiske smiling at him.

Aoki was completely not himself at that moment, anger and vengeance boiled and poured out of him.


He Said and remove his shoe using his other leg completely disconnecting himself from kiske, who fell down face first and screaming like an animal, he snapped a few electrical lines generating sparks.

The cloaked man disappeared from his position.

And appeared in front of Aoki.

"You went too far Mel"

He said and head butted him.

The green glow in Aoki's eyes went away as they shut... Aoki fell backwards going unconscious a shockwave of wind exploded out of him.

Kiske hit the ground and his brain splattered all over with steaming hot blood spreading around his body , his head was completely disfigured his skull broke open in multiple locations with brain sticking out and squirting blood.

Kiske was dead.

All of his friends started screaming and vomiting loosing their minds by witnessing this in a very close proximity.

The Cloaked man landed next to kiske's body with unconscious Aoki on his shoulder, he placed him down and removed his cloak, he was a bald man with a pony tail worth of hair behind his head a scar going from above his right ear over his right eye till his left cheek was predominant, he was fairly muscular and buff, his clothes looked ancient and periodic, what looked like darkly coloured fabric rolled around his body similar to a Bandage.

He sighed looking at the freaked out boys, he snapped both of his fingers, suddenly time stopped completely, only he was moving , birds frozen in the air, noise and wind everything stopped except for the man, it was dead calm, he walked up to those boys and placed his thumb finger on all three of their foreheads one by one, his finger was glowing when he did it, then he went behind them and Karate chopped their heads as his hand touched their heads they disappeared, he made all of them disappear the same way one by one.

Later he turned towards Kiske's body, he slowly strolled around it observing and thinking, he crouched down close to it and touched the pool of blood, which was still warm, he proceeded to draw a circle around the body using the same blood and moved away.

" Esrever emit yb eraper " He whispered.

All the blood went back into his body, the brain matter that came out of his head flowed back in and sealed the wound, his head was re figured and he was completely back to life, he made kiske disappear too, the man was very worked up, he snapped both of his fingers again and everything resumed, the flow of time was continued.

He turned to Aoki.

"Seriously, I'm doing way more than what I signed up for"

*** Few Hours later ***

Aoki wakes up at a roof top of a building, he feels heavy headed, he raised his upper body slowly, his vision was foggy he rubbed his eyes and looked around.. He saw the same cloaked man on top of a water tank looking down the City.

Aoki slowly got up and tried to leave silently.


The Cloaked man called out.

Aoki stood where he was.

"I'm sorry that you had to save me from them, I'm used to this, and as usual that punch might have knocked me out, I truly appreciate your help, but I should go now I have a diseased mother alone at home, it's getting dark now"

Aoki said quickly, And bowed but then he realised that the man somehow knew his name, Aoki felt a little curious, but he was mostly scared and wanted to leave.

"I have to talk to you Aoki" the man said.

"Sir please, I don't want any trouble, I have nothing to offer you, I'm worthless, I'm weak, as you saw today, and I get dragged around for that everyday, today wasn't anything new"

He paused and inhaled.

"I accepted this, After all, I'm living, walking, talking, eating 3 meals a day and have a chance to attend school. Not everyone can say that, I'm grateful, but.. I've had enough Today, I want to go home, Please"

He said as he still bowed, tears dropping from his eyes.

The man stood up and floated down in front of him.

Aoki lifted his head as the man landed.

He was very much surprised, he didn't know what to say.

"Am I seeing things?" he said with gaps in between every word.

" No I didn't drug you, You don't have the slightest idea of what's possible, do you?, I was there and everywhere.. in every day of your life, for the last 17 years!, I was non existent, alone, looking at you, expecting you to see me, nothing. You walk right through me, until today, I know Aoki, I've seen it all, all that you have done, all that you have been through, I've seen, It's all going to end now, hear me out, I have a very important information for you Aoki, you are not who you think you are, greatness awaits you, you have been chosen by the gods as the next successor of the legendary line up of individuals known as the Eternal Combat Masters"

The man said with pride.

Aoki looked up to him with filled eyes as the man's speech about greatness reminded him of his mother's words, he knelt down in front of him and wiped his eyes with his shirt sleeve, and chuckled...


He said with a warm smile. All this time he thought that those words were of a loving mother and is only a display of motherly love like everywhere in the world, but now hearing the same from someone else, makes it different, those words actually does mean something, the value of those word elevated.

Aoki felt something, deep down, this strange situation, was more real than anything else in his entire life, so he wanted to believe it, believe him!

But there was much more to know.

"Wait. Who Are you?" he asked the man.

"I'm Tarou Zanguro an Airentine, My attribute is time manipulation, I'm also the lieutenant of the 3rd defence team, I was dispatched here 17 years ago by my captain in attendance of the supreme Province"

Tarou said.


Aoki asked in utter cluelessness.

"I didn't understand a word you just said.

17 years?!, really?"

Im overwhelmed with information right now!

"Wait but, wha ...h, okay all that seems like, unbelievable, I can fly so. Nothing surprises me anymore, but still, You?!, ah my head hurts!" He cried

Aoki, walked around with a lot of confusion, doubting weather any ot this is real, but he still has that gut feeling, Aoki realised that he also has his real life to go back to,

What if none of this is real?

"sssssoooo I need some time to process this, Mr...Zanguro... sir?. But before all that I really need to get back home... It was nice meeting you"

Aoki Said as he turns around to leave.

Tarou held Aoki's hand and chopped on his head.

Reality warped, every source of light was elongated and stretched around them everything other than light turned into darkness.

"Waohaaahhh...noo..no WhAT iN ThE HeLl iS THiS"

Aoki yelled as it happened, he closed his eyes tightly, and when he opened, both of them were in his bedroom.

"Never do that ever again...!" said Aoki breathing heavily. He sunk into his chair, and sighed.


Aoki reflected on all the information.

"17 years, you were waiting, you had hope, you believed in me, why, why did you waste away all those years here? For me?, who am I? Is it because I can fly?, am I an alien host or something?"

He asked Tarou, who looked outside the window with a gentle breeze on his face, he looked relieved and relaxed.

"The answer to that is beyond both of us, and no your not an alien host, but I'll tell you something, it wasn't my choice, the gods chose you, and I'm just serving them, But in my 1764 years of life, those 17 felt really really long, You know what?, I wouldn't change a thing, I agree with the god's decision , you deserve to be the chosen one Aoki"

Tarou said as he climbed outside the window looked at Aoki and smiled then jumped down on to the roof.

Aoki followed him to the window and started asking.

"1764 years old? You..?"


Tarou interrupted and said.

"you are only going to have more and more questions as I speak, So get some rest, There's always a tomorrow"

Tarou disappeared with a smile.

He landed on another building afar and looked at Aoki.

"I like him"

A woman from behind said to Tarou.

"Is that why you made him kill his own classmate today?

Tarou asked without looking back.

"I was just getting used to being a mage's spirit again after a while, plus you covered for me perfectly, I knew you would, But expelling me out of his body was rude"

She said as she approached Tarou and placed her hands on his shoulders..

"A mage will choose his spirit, he has zero experience what so ever, I'm not letting you near him until he learns to channel"

Uhh whatever, Zanguro!

She replied with negligence.

"Anything else Mel?"

Tarou asked.

"Oh yes. One of your colleague entered prime earth.."

"Which one?"

"The worst one"

"I knew it, he's up to no good I'm sure"

He said with frustration.

"Don't use "good" in the sentence describing him"

Mel said with her eyes half shut.

"That's all the information I have, I'll be back when the spirit vacancy is open again, and quit stalking, 17 years wasn't enough for you?"

Mel said in a mocking tone and turned away.

"Did he really wanted to kill him or was it you?"

Tarou asked looking behind his shoulders slowly.

Mel stopped.

"I heightened his emotions, that's all, his mind was in his own control"

She said as she turned towards Tarou again.

"his mother is a very sensitive topic!, That's for sure, because he genuinely surprised me when he let that kid go"

She added.

"I wouldn't otherwise..."

"Yeah I know"

Tarou cut her off as she spoke.

Mel was thrown off by that, he never interrupts her.

"And Mel, keep your ears open, A portal mage has gone missing, There is also prisoner on the loose, there could be a strike soon according to my calculations"

She listened carefully, jarred by his strong sense of seriousness as he spoke about Aoki, she nodded and disappeared with a blast of wind.

Tarou looked at Aoki's house.

Lights in his room went off.

"Hinaro sama, He's all that you dreamt of and more!"

Tarou said to himself with a smile as he disappeared too.

3 millionth universe :
Post-apocalyptic Italy

Shallow sea water sparkling in the sunshine.

An elf on a Pegasus is flying over it with a prisoner on its back, the horse flew low tracing a splash lines with its legs in the water surface, it was flying towards an half submerge piece of Roman style architecture having white pillars holding the huge roof up barely, it's Huge in scale and size, it is unevenly placed on the sea bed tilted to a side, the structure really felt bigger and bigger as they approached, they flew inside and landed on a stone raised from the water, refusing to go any further, the elf gets down and pulls the prisoner down too, they both jump into the water and swim towards the steps leading to a higher level, The elf climbed the stairs dragging the prisoner, they reached a tilted room, where the chandelier is hanging to the right, everything in the room has been cornered to the right side exept for the chair on top of the podium where a man sat sipping on wine, the man is a human in suit with a long over coat, his hair is perfectly combed, and his face was charming and pleasant. The elf threw the prisoner in front of him as he struggled to Balance himself to stand straight, the prisoner rolled over and clashes at the furniture in the corner, the man in the chair chuckled, the elf was going to bring him back.

"Let him be" the man said.

"Who is he anyway?" he adds.

"This is the portal mage we abducted, he is refusing to open the portal to that time mage's location"

The elf explained.

"That "time mage" has got an apprentice now, a combat master candidate, am I right?"

"that's our latest and last information yet sire"

The elf replied.

The man let's go of his wine glass, it fell towards the pile of furniture, He stand up and his chair fell to the side too, he levitated, gesturing his hands on the prisoner,, he telekinetically lifted the prisoner along with a chair and a cutlery knife, the prisoner floated in front of him on the chair and was fixed on the ground, the knife was floating pointed right on his throat.

The man removed his over coat and dropped it , he lifted both his hands and screamed, the entire infrastructure was shaking, the base of it was slowly leveling, the floor was gradually inclined to the natural center of gravity, he screamed louder applying more force, veins were visible on his forehead, the chandelier slowly pointed straight down, and soon the ground was even and he was able to stand without any discomfort, the man dropped his hands down and sighed, he looked up and cracked his neck.

"Ok , now , why won't you open a Portal, Mr portal opener"

He asked with a joyful tone.

The prisoner with fear cried out.

"Please, leave me alone, I don't want any part of this, please just let me go"

The man gestured his hand again, the knife stabbed the back of the prisoners hand, he screamed.

"Now, don't make me ask again" he said to the prisoner seriously this time.

"The location you're asking for already has a portal from Heavensworth, a planet can't have 2 portals opened on at the same time, it's catastrophic"

The prisoner said in pain.

"So what do you suggest us to do Mr portal opener?

Because Useless people should be disposed of according to me"

He said as the knife went from his hand back to the prisoner's throat, he screamed again.

"Wait, wait!, I can open a portal inside the current portal, you can use the existing one to the same location"

The prisoner said as he cried in pain.

"Fear brings out the best ideas, doesn't it Armslong?"

The man asked.

"Yes sire" the elf replied.

"Now take this man to the Armoury and get him ready to make the portal as soon as possible, I'll crush that boy with my own bare hands, and that will be just the curtain raiser of the massacre to come, and this time, Hinaro sensei won't be there to stop me"

He said with a sinister smile.

To be continued

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