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In the far-flung future, the Yggdrasil project was created to save what was left of humanity, but with corruption reaching the top and stagnation halting the project, it's up to an unlikely resident to take up the mantle of the founders and raise the tower even higher.

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I don’t know who I’m writing this to, nor do I have the privilege of finding out anymore.

My name is Beta Clark and I’m one of the founders of Yggdrasil; that giant tower that reaches toward the sky. Me and my team- the rest of the founders- are in danger and we need you, whoever you are, to finish building our legacy.

Maybe I should start from the beginning since it’s been over a hundred years since this tower started construction.

We found a small trove of defunct old worker bots in a crystal cave currently under the base of the tower while scavenging for any useful parts. We were going to keep moving, but it turned out that the old bots were somehow powered by crystals.

After a few years of research, Scarlet figured out how it worked and we set to work creating a paradise. The only problem was that the bots only worked around the crystals and the crystals' energy seemed to start draining once they were away from the cave we found them in. With that in mind, we started building up instead of out.

This, somehow, seemed to work as the energy condensed on the spot only seems to rise almost like a beacon into space. We did figure out how to expand the energy radius of the cave outward, but that makes the energy output weaker.

Long story short, that’s how everything in the tower works; crystals. They’re a part of everything in some way. Even me.

You see, Hector figured out how to make us immortal. Well, he said immortal, but...

Anyway, we wanted this tower to be a symbol of humanity and a beacon of peace in this otherwise apocalyptic environment. Some people, however, only see it as an opportunity to gain more power.

We designed the tower to be modular so it could be built upon forever. Nothing has been built in the last seventy-five years since the current hierarchy was put into place. The rich stay at the top while the poor scrounge around at the bottom.

I had no part in the creation of this class system. I wasn’t even asked, frankly. While everyone else went up, I stayed near the bottom just in case something like this happened.

The rich people at the top don’t want the tower to grow. The comfortable space on the floors they live in now would be passed onto the people below them. In that case, the poor won’t be so uncomfortable and it opens up an opportunity to renovate the lower floors once they’re less crowded. This will make them harder to exploit.

Enclosed with this letter are my I.D. card and a building module. Use them to build the tower higher than any of us ever could. Be careful, however, because if anyone finds out it’s you, your life will be in immediate and grave danger.

Move around and keep yourself hidden. Once the people above start looking, they will find you. Just make sure you’re not who they’re looking for.

Oh, and while you’re at it, look for us if you can. We can help. If we’re still alive. I don’t know where the rest are, but as I stated earlier, I’m near the bottom. Search around the Royal Slums, find someone named Zeta, and ask about the Babylon project if you want to find me. You’ll know them if you meet them.

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