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In the 21st century, most people consider monsters and children's nightmares to be superstitions, but "B", a ghost decides to expose the terrifying world of monsters...

Paranormal Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © Joel Bash

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Jackie: «Edward, answer! Edward, do you have my voice?? Hello?? Help!!»

Major Greg: «Ms. Berdson, this is the entire audio file that we found on your son's phone, all the files that were there were deleted, even the main programs of your son's phone.»

Mrs. Bradson: «Isn't there anything else?» Major Greg: «Marie, you know if there was something else...» Marie Bradson: «Emerson, my son is missing, I have no news about him, I can't... I can't sit down and wait for him to come back... will he come back at all?... is he even alive?» Yes, Marie Bradson told the police 4 hours ago that her son has not returned since he went out; Jackie Bradson and his friend Edward Lemick are both missing.

Now the Lemick and Bradson families are experiencing a critical and inflammatory situation, Jackie's sister spends 3 hours every day and prints the missing person's notice, Edward's father goes to the same dog park every day at 4 in the morning where his son and his friend are lost; I must say that they have disappeared and only one audio file is left of them, Edward's brother sleeps crying every night; Who is responsible for all these anomalies? Or rather what, I'm telling you don't look for anyone, his name is "B", a wandering spirit from the dead body of Jackie's brother, Brian Bradson.


8 hours and 6 minutes in the morning :

Marie Bradson: «Emerson, still couldn't find him?» Major Greg: «Marie, we were able to understand exactly why this file was left and that we found Edward's body.»

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